Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 699

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10:00 a.m.

In a five-star hotel.

After Rodney handed over the invitation and went in, SE Group’s President Hatch welcomed him with a spring in his step.

“President Snow, welcome, welcome. I knew that you’d come today. I heard that Osher Corporation had invited Garan several times but was always refused, so I didn’t have many expectations when I invited her. But who knew that she readily agreed?”

“Congratulations, President Hatch. Your laugh lines are already showing.” Rodney smiled wickedly. “But she only came to attend the forum, not to cooperate with you. Don’t celebrate too soon, President Hatch.”

“That’s not necessarily true. Garan has also agreed to the invitation tonight where we’ll talk about the formula.” President Hatch laughed. “Sorry, President Snow. If we get the formula, our product sales for the next half of the year will definitely surpass yours.”

Rodney’s thin lips moved.

President Hatch patted his shoulder. “But President Snow, you won’t mind, right? The Snow family has so many industries. It’s just Osher Corporation. Even if it’s crushed, you still have many companies in other industries you can take over. We might even be able to become partners then.”

Rodney frowned fiercely, his face as cold as ice.

Yes, the Snow family was in many industries, but at the same time, the Snow family had many children and grandchildren. Osher Corporation was founded by him. If he screwed up the brand in his hands, he would be laughed at by the rest of the Snow family.

He had to win Garan over.

As an important guest of today’s forum, Garan would only appear during the finale.

At 11:30 a.m., the host clapped his hands.

“Let’s welcome the world’s most promising genius cosmetic chemist, Garan. Garan needs no introduction. At the age of 25, she was taught by Master Simpson, the person who started the luxury makeup industry.

“Today, Garan is working with many top international brands. Last year, the Sapphire series eye cream she developed exceeded 13 billion dollars in global sales, taking the world by storm.”

Under the crowd’s gaze, a woman wearing a long plaid dress elegantly came up to the podium.

The woman had delicate features, a straight nose, and well-defined eyes. She looked exquisite and beautiful like a blooming rose.

Rodney fiercely squeezed the disposable cup in his hand, causing the water to spill out and wet his sleeve. However, he did not realize it.

He never expected that the world-renowned top cosmetic chemist would be… Freya Lynch.

She was the woman he had once looked down on.

The arrogant words he had said this morning seemed to slap him in the face.

On the stage, Freya’s gaze swept over him before falling to everyone else. With a smile, she said, “Hello everyone. I’m Garan, also known as Freya Lynch.”

The audience froze, finding the name somewhat familiar.

“Yes, I used to work as a cosmetic chemist in Osher Corporation, but it didn’t take long for Osher to accuse me of plagiarism and misconduct. They had all the cosmetic companies in the country blacklist me. I basically couldn’t find a job in the country back then.”

Freya smiled as she talked about her heartbreaking past. She suddenly looked at Rodney. “President Snow, after three years, I wonder if you still think that I plagiarized? If I did, would I have the status I have today?”

Everyone immediately looked at Rodney with looks that held slight… disdain.