Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 700

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Everyone present had high ranks. They all understood that it was child’s play for a president to suppress a small cosmetic chemist.

Besides, if Freya had really plagiarized, how could she become a top cosmetic chemist with a world-renowned reputation?

People relied on strength to speak.

Facing the crowd’s gaze, Rodney secretly clenched his fists that were on his knees. His beautiful face had almost turned ashen.

“I wasn’t too informed about the events of that year. Maybe… the people under me caused some kind of misunderstanding.”

After a while, Rodney could only put on a bold face and explain.

“Is that so?”

Freya smiled sweetly and said in a joking tone, “President Snow, your lack of awareness ruined me. But I have to thank you. You were the stumbling block on my way to success. If not for you, I wouldn’t have met Master Simpson after leaving the country.”

Then, Freya talked about some of her opinions on cosmetic brands.

Rodney originally wanted nothing more than to kick her, but for some reason, the more he listened, the more absorbed he became.

He had to admit that Freya Lynch had become experienced and knowledgeable. He was indeed much better than the cosmetic chemists in his company.

At the end of the forum, a reporter suddenly said, “Ms. Lynch, I remember you. Three years ago, your incident with Thomas Neeson from Neeson Corporation caused a huge buzz. I heard that you seduced Thomas—”

President Hatch’s expression changed as he glared at the reporter. “Where are you from? Don’t talk nonsense.”

“I’m telling the truth. It caused a sensation at that time. Ms. Lynch was defiled by Mr. Neeson and sent to the hospital,” the reporter whispered.

The crowd went into an uproar, and their eyes when they looked at Freya also turned strange.

The beautiful smile on Freya’s face remained. She lifted her long legs and walked down from the stage calmly, approaching the reporter step by step without the slightest hint of panic in her eyes.

“I always say that women must strive to be self-reliant. When your position is too low and even if you never did anything wrong, upon encountering someone who relies on the power and authority behind them… the culprit who humiliates and bullies women will become the victim in the end.”

“Ms. Lynch, you mean to say…” There were also other reporters who slowly stood out and asked.

Freya said coldly, “This is the truth behind what had happened back then. I refused Mr. Neeson many times when he stalked me, so he held a grudge and broke into my house. He violently beat me up with the intention of assaulting me. Fortunately, my friend arrived in time.

“Although I was fine, my friend and I were injured and admitted to the hospital. As you all know, Thomas Neeson’s younger sister is backed by Hill Corporation’s president. She’s about to marry into the Hill family soon. At that time, how could I compete with the Hill family?”

A reporter shouted, “In other words, are you trying to say that it was President Hill who supported Thomas Neeson and framed you?”

Freya said faintly, “If you don’t believe me, you can dig up all the other affairs that Thomas Neeson had been involved in over the years. Years ago, a university student was forced to jump off the building and he was brought to court by her family. In the end, he relied on his younger sister and got away scot-free.

“These few years, he had also forced plenty of women to undergo abortions. Until now, no one from a respectable family is willing to marry him. How could I have liked a piece of garbage like him?”

Everyone s****d in a cold breath.

They all knew that Thomas Neeson’s younger sister was about to marry Shaun Hill. Freya’s remarks were tantamount to calling Shaun out.

Rodney could no longer hold back. “Freya Lynch, I suggest that you pay attention to your words. Don’t think that you’re untouchable now that you’re famous in the cosmetics industry.”