Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 701

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“I’m just telling the truth about that year. What does it have to do with me being untouchable?” Freya retorted with a laugh.

“Do you dare to say in front of everyone that Thomas Neeson is a gentleman, President Snow? Forget it, the word ‘gentleman’ is too much. Let’s just use the word ‘decent’. Is he even that?”


Rodney was instantly snubbed by her criticism.

D**n it. Should he just bite the bullet and say that Thomas Neeson had a decent character?

He really could not say it, though.

In truth, he had never met such a trashy person before. If not for the fact that he was Sarah’s brother, he would like to pretend not to know him.

Freya smiled and laughed delightedly in her heart.

She had been working so hard in the past three years in order to pay back the humiliation from back then.

Catherine was not the only one holding onto past resentments; she was too.

She was clearly the victim in the incident but was pinned with the title of being a d***y b*tch.

Wherever she went, she was rejected.

Even the powerful people she had contact with in the capital would send text messages to her in the middle of the night, asking how much it would cost to sleep with her for one night.

When she left, she had been like a wretched stray dog, but it was now time for her to regain her footing in society little by little.

Freya once again turned to the reporter’s microphone and said, “It’s good that you brought up Thomas Neeson’s incident. Let me announce to Thomas that I’m back! When you threatened me back then, I could only s*****w my words, but the truth will be revealed sooner or later.”

Then, she turned and left.

She stood straight with her high heels, making it so that people did not dare to have the slightest contempt toward her.

Rodney also looked to be at a loss for a moment. When he took big steps to try and go after her, President Hatch stopped him.

“President Snow, since you fired a talent like Ms. Lynch three years ago, don’t go after her anymore. I don’t think she wants to see you either.”

“Get out of the way,” Rodney ordered with a cold face.

“The formula in Ms. Lynch’s hands will belong to SE Group.” President Hatch looked him in the eye without giving in.

In the parking lot on the first floor of the hotel basement.

A sports car drove up.

Freya opened the car door and sat in the passenger seat.

Suzie immediately rushed over and kissed her. “Godmom, your performance earlier was great. You had a bit of Mommy’s aura.”

“You saw it?” Freya’s eyebrows were raised in delight.

“There was a live broadcast.” Catherine poked at her phone. “Although not many people watched it, the news will slowly spread.”

“I’ll definitely get revenge for what happened that year.” Freya gritted her teeth. “I’m not afraid of Thomas Neeson. It’s just that Shaun Hill, who’s behind him, is a little troublesome.”

“Don’t worry, take your time. Let’s work together. I already told Big V to publish what you said. Now, we’ll just wait and see.” Catherine held her hand. “Let’s go. I’ll treat you to a meal.”

In the backseat, Suzie turned around and whispered to Lucas, “Brother, is Shaun Hill our scumbag dad?”

“Yeah.” Lucas frowned and nodded.

Suzie bit her lip and said with annoyance, “Why is our daddy such a scumbag? He hurt Mommy, and he hurt Godmom too. I don’t like him at all.”

“I don’t like him either.” Lucas already marked Shaun as his enemy.