Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 705

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“You quite happily kissed this public toilet earlier.” Rodney winked. “You even made me take off my clothes and poured wine on me. I knew you liked to play exciting games like these.”

At his words, the restaurant manager and President Hatch both cast odd glances at Freya. She looked so pretty, but unexpectedly, she was so bold and unrestrained on the inside.

“Bullsh*t!” Freya’s face turned red with anger.

Rodney felt soothed the more he saw her like that, and his eyes flashed ambiguously. “Forget it, I won’t say much about certain things. After all, my present appearance can prove everything.”

“You’re nuts!” Freya snapped at him and left.

“Hey, what about the formula?” Rodney shamelessly shouted at her back.

“Dream on!” Freya walked away, and President Hatch immediately followed.

As soon as they disappeared, Rodney immediately sneezed. He started shivering as he yelled for his assistant outside. “Herbert, take off your coat and give it to me.”

D**n it, he was going to freeze to d***h.

He had not eaten either.

Herbert silently took off his jacket for Rodney. “President Snow, how did the talk for the formula go?”

“It was sh*t. We hadn’t even started talking about the formula and the woman already picked a fight with me.”

Rodney looked at him coldly. “I’ll leave President Hatch to you. It doesn’t matter what method you use, just don’t let them sign the contract. I’m going back to shower.”

After showering at the villa, Rodney became angrier the more he thought about it. He called Chester, saying, “Where are you? I’m in a bad mood. Come drink with me.”

“The usual place. I’m with Shaun.”

When he rushed over, he saw that only Shaun and Chester were there. “It’s just you two? You didn’t call Cindy and Sarah over?”

Shaun’s face was hidden in the shadows. He did not speak, and it was impossible to guess his mood.

Chester looked up and smiled. “Do we have to bring women everywhere we go? Hey, what happened to your mouth? That’s rare. Did you get bitten by a woman?”

At the words, Shaun also looked up at him lazily.

Rodney said angrily, “It’s not just my mouth. Look at my ear. It was bitten until it bled. I think that stupid girl, Freya Lynch, must have been a dog in her past life. The first thing she did was pour a bottle of red wine on me. I almost froze.

“By the way, Chester, help me do a check-up. My lower half hurts like h**l after Freya kneed me. Shaun, I finally understand the pain you felt.”

He leaned over as he spoke.

Chester rolled his eyes in disgust. “Get lost. I’m not an andrology doctor, but don’t worry. Shaun couldn’t walk straight when he was kneed back then, but he ended up fine in the end. I don’t think you’re worse off than him.”

Rodney mumbled, “That’s good. Freya and Catherine really are basically sisters. Even their moves are the same. Did they have the same mentor in the past few years?”

“Maybe.” Chester looked at Shaun meaningfully.

Shaun lit a cigarette. When he recalled a certain person’s fiery appearance, his mouth subconsciously curled into a smile.

“Shaun, what are you smiling at?” Rodney asked.

“Nothing.” Shaun pursed his lips. He originally just wanted to come out and relax because he was upset, but when Rodney came and messed things up, his heart became even more annoyed.

In Hackett Institute.

Catherine brought the two little ones home after playing all day.

“Mommy, I wanna play tomorrow too.” Suzie hugged Catherine and refused to let go.

“Okay, we’ll go to the aquarium tomorrow.”

Catherine was drawing a bath for them when the hospital nurse suddenly called her. “Ms. Jones, please come to the hospital now. Mr. Yule’s blood pressure suddenly rose tonight. He took the medicine earlier but it hasn’t come down.”

“Okay, quickly inform the doctor about his situation. I’ll be right there.”