Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 711

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 711 “How do you feel now that your beloved man is giving you the cold shoulder?” Catherine’s indifferent voice rang in Sarah’s ears.

Sarah turned around and stared at Catherine’s pretty face. How she wished she could tear it apart.

“Catherine Jones, don’t be so conceited. Shaun has only misunderstood my brother. Moreover, you were just criticizing Thomas without any evidence.”

Sarah soon pulled herself together. If Catherine had evidence of Thomas’ doing, she would not have come here to kick up a fuss. Instead, she would have looked for Thomas and got him into trouble.

This time, Thomas had not asked Sarah for help. It meant that he was so well prepared that Catherine could not do anything to him.

“Yeah, I have no evidence, but that doesn’t mean Shaun won’t look into it. Since it’s someone like your brother, do you think Shaun won’t suspect him? Shaun can definitely see through his little game.”

As soon as Catherine finished speaking, Sarah’s face fell.

“Sarah Langley, you can hypnotize Shaun to fall for you, but you can’t change his character through hypnosis. He’s not a bad guy, but because of you, he puts up with Thomas again and again. One or two times is fine, but when he messes up for the third and fourth times, a lot of people out there will start criticizing him for aiding and abetting Thomas. What do you think Shaun will do then?”

Catherine curved her lips upward and glanced around. “Also, this villa used to be Shaun’s and my home. You stole my place and are even using the bed I’ve slept on. Don’t you find it disgusting?”

With that, Catherine directly headed toward her car without looking at Sarah’s nasty expression. She turned around and left.

Sarah fell into utter despair.

A moment later, she took out her phone to call Thomas. “Did you get people to mess up Catherine’s house?”

“No, I only asked them to mess up Freya’s place,” Thomas replied conceitedly.

Sarah lost her cool. “Freya is now staying in Catherine’s place, so you basically messed up Catherine’s house! This morning, Catherine came here to kick up a fuss.”

“How dare she go there?! You got Brother-in-law to deal with her, right?”

Thomas added unconcernedly, “Don’t worry. Those people I got to mess up the place were previously convicted of robbery and just got out of jail. The police will only treat them as recidivists and won’t suspect me. What’s more, I’ve offered them hush money, so they’ll keep it secret.”

Sarah took a deep breath and asked, “How did you give them the hush money?”

“I asked my assistant to transfer it into their families’ bank accounts.”

At that instant, Sarah was simmering with rage. “Are you a d*ckhead? Shaun can easily find out if he looks into it.”

“Will Brother-in-law look into this matter?” Thomas was astounded. “You can have a talk with him and persuade him. As his brother-in-law, aren’t I more important than Catherine?”

“Catherine came prepared, and moreover, Shaun still has feelings for her. As my brother, can you stop being a burden for me? I’ve always told you that you can do whatever you like after I get married. Why can’t you just wait?”

Sarah narrowed her eyes after hanging up the phone.

They said incompetent teammates could ruin a team.

Although Thomas was her biological brother, she would find herself in deep trouble sooner or later if he went on causing trouble. Perhaps it was time to give up on him. He was merely a useless person. Having said that, he could be taken advantage of on the right occasion to make the best use of him.

After he left the seaside villa, Shaun called Hadley. “Go and check what actually happened in Catherine’s place last night.”

As Hadley had an acquaintance who worked in the police station, he received the information in less than ten minutes.

“President Hill, four men broke into Miss Jones’ house around 10 o’clock last night. Luckily, Miss Jones was in the hospital at that time as Joel’s blood pressure had increased. Otherwise, she would’ve met those terrifying… I heard those men are recidivists who are always involved in fights and robberies.”

Hadley suddenly paused in his speech.

Shaun’s heart sank. Even if Catherine had mastered some basic fighting skills, she probably would not have been able to defeat the four atrocious men.