Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 78

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 78

“I know that I’m your wife by law, but have you ever treated me like one?” Catherine scoffed. “In your opinion, I’m nothing more than a shameless woman, more inferior to anyone you know.”

Including Ethan and Rebecca.

If that was the case, why did she have to compromise?

Shaun was infuriated by her overbearing behavior. “It’s good that you know that…”

“That’s right. I didn’t know this before and kept thinking I might stand a chance. Just leave me alone from now on! We’re only in a contract marriage anyway. We wouldn’t even have crossed paths if I hadn’t forced myself into living here.”

“At least you remember that you forced your way into this.” His tone was harsh. “I don’t want to have anything to do with you either. I just don’t want to be contaminated by the d***y disease you bring home after contracting it from elsewhere.”

Ha… D***y.

She felt the blood rushing to the top of her head. Her body was visibly shaking by now.

She had planned to stay until Fudge gave birth to the kittens.

After all, the cat had taken a genuine liking to her. However, she realized she could not stay here for another moment longer.

The corners of her pale lips twitched into a sarcastic smile. “Sure, in order not to contaminate Mr. Hill’s home with my d***y presence, I’ll move out then.”

“Is this another one of your tricks?” A cold smile spread across his face. He did not believe she would actually do so. She had spent so much effort trying to sleep with him, after all.

Ignoring him, she peeled her hand from his and rushed home. She retrieved her suitcase and began packing her belongings at the speed of lightning.

She did not have many belongings here, hence it was done shortly.

Shaun stared at her by the door. Frustrated, he undid the top buttons of his shirt.

This woman was really good at acting.

She did not reflect on her own mistakes even until now. Would he have scolded her if she had not come home in another man’s car?

Catherine zipped up the suitcase and placed the credit card he had previously given her on the table.

“I didn’t spend an extra cent apart from the daily expenses.”

He was displeased at the sound of this. “Nice of you to say that. Wasn’t it me who paid for your daily food expenses and those visits to the hospital?” he said with a cold smile.

She lifted her head to look at the handsome face before her eyes. Why did he have to be so mean?

She had felt slightly touched when he rescued her from Zayn that time.

Had she been blind?

Yes, she must have been!

Why else would she have fallen for Ethan or Shaun?

“Sure, I’ll get an advance payment from work tomorrow to pay you back.” She could not bring herself to linger here for another second longer. She grabbed her suitcase and headed to the door. Before leaving, she noticed Fudge looking at her with sorrow.

Tears welled in her eyes. She lowered down to pat the cat on her head.

‘Sorry, I can’t look after you anymore.

‘Take care of yourself.’

“Fudge, come back here!” Shaun felt annoyed at the sight before him. His face was overcast like the night of a thunderstorm.

He thought the woman was simply being pretentious.

“Catherine, don’t regret your decision. Once you leave this door, I’ll not take you back even if you get down on your knees to beg me.”

“Don’t worry because I won’t do that!”

She rose to her feet and stepped through the door without looking back.

The noise of something breaking into pieces rang behind her as she closed the door.

However, it did not matter anymore.