Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 855

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Shaun was clearly upset, but why did Catherine not comfort him softly, or explain herself?

As long as she begged him and promised not to go out with the opposite s*x in the future, he could force himself to forgive her.

However, this woman’s attitude was really too cold.

“Catherine Jones, I don’t think you realize it, but since you’re my woman, it’s not that easy to break up. I’ll throw you away if I don’t want you, but it’s impossible for you to initiate a breakup.”

Then, he slammed the door and left.

In the room, Catherine called Logan helplessly. “You were photographed by a reporter. Hide for now and don’t show your face. I’ll contact you if something happens.”

The next day, Shaun did not contact her.

She went to the Yule family villa to accompany Lucas. When she arrived, Lucas was fiddling with a Lego Star Wars set.

“Did Grandpa buy this for you?” Catherine looked a t the box. It was a limited edition, so it should be quite expensive.

“Uncle Wesley gave it to me. He came to the kindergarten to see me yesterday.” Lucas looked up and smiled, revealing a row of pearly whites.

Catherine was surprised. She knew that Lucas rarely smiled, but he was laughing now because of Wesley’s gift. It showed that he was really fond of the gift.

Wesley was always like that. He remembered what the two children liked, and was gentle and attentive.

Her heart suddenly became heavy.

She knew that Wesley had always been watching her silently from behind. He was afraid of

disturbing her plan and rarely came over to find her.

“Lucas, do you like Uncle Wesley a lot?” Catherine asked gently.

“Mommy, I know that he likes you and will be good to me,” Lucas said seriously. “The most important thing for me is that Mommy is happy and won’t get hurt.”

Catherine lowered her head and kissed her son’s forehead.

Joel came over with a smile. “Lucas is the most sensible child I’ve seen. He’s so sensible that it’s stressing me out.”

“Yes. ” Catherine touched her son’s head. “Dad, are you feeling better?”

“A trace of toxins was removed recently, so I’m much better.” Joel sighed. I went to Yule Corporation yesterday and found that your grandfather… took the leading position. He wanted me to train at home for a while and said that he would watch the company. Needless to say, he must have been encouraged by Damien. Your grandfather even agreed to set up a joint venture with Campos Corporation. I don’t have a good feeling about this…”

“Dad, if you ask me, you should just let them do as they please, ” Catherine said faintly. “Just sell your shares and leave Yule Corporation. When your health gets better, you can set up another company by yourself.”

Joel’s face sank. “Cathy, Yule Corporation is Dad’s heart and soul. I spent most of my life on Yule Corporation…”

“Dad, I’ll be honest. I’m not optimistic about Campos and Yule’s cooperation. I heard a bit from

Shaun. The Campos family is best at pretending to be weak, but they want to surpass the Hill family and become the top family in the country. I’m guessing that he wants to use the Yule family as a stepping stone.”

Catherine elaborated, “Think about it. Establishing a joint venture company. The Yule family knows nothing about finance and has no familiar team or talents. We won’t know how the Campos family will manipulate it in the future.”

“Moreover, Grandpa came back and got involved. Damien and Melanie are just the same as those shareholders. If you want to regain control, you can’t fight with Damien anymore. If you fight with Grandpa, and if things go south, you’ll be called an unfilial son.”

Joel’s face darkened. He saw that coming.

Chill ran down his spine as he thought about what his father had done.

Damien and his daughter did so many things to harm Joel, yet his father still forgave them.

Catherine added, “If I have to say, Yule Corporation’s market value is high now, and the shares are at their most valuable. Getting rid of them earlier is the best idea. Dad, sometimes, letting go is also a kind of success. ”