Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 856

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“Maybe you’re right…” Joel was taken aback by her words for a while and sighed sorrowfully.

Catherine saw him hesitated and said, “Dad, if you can’t let go, leave this matter to me. After everything that has happened, don’t you understand? You value affection too much. Your guilt to Nicola, your brotherly love for Damien, and your love for Grandma and Grandpa. If it weren’t for all those, would you and my mom fall to where you are today? Tell me honestly. Are you happy?”

Joel smiled bitterly. How could he be happy? Ever since finding out that Melanie was not his child, he regretted every moment.

Those people treated him like a fool and hurt him and there were no sincere apologies at all.

“Okay, Cathy. I’ll leave this to you.” Joel nodded. “ I’ll hand over all my rights to you.”

“Dad, when you start a new company, you can still open up new frontiers with a group of people who are loyal to you.”

Catherine reminded him. “But don’t make this public. Otherwise, Grandma and Grandpa will be furious if they find out.”

The next day, Catherine arranged a group to inquire about some news in the business circle.

Soon, Harvey brought her the news. “Chairman Jones, President Kawada from Delta Co., Ltd. in Japan is very interested in Yule Corporation.

Coincidentally, the president is flying to Hobart today to attend tomorrow’s international porcelain trade fair.”

“Porcelain?” Catherine raised her eyebrows.

“Yes, President Kawada is very interested in porcelain, ” Harvey explained.

“Book me a plane ticket. I’ll fly to Hobart today. ” Catherine said immediately.

Hill Corporation.

At 8:00 PM, the light in the president’s office was still on.

Those in the secretary’s office yawned and looked a t Hadley pleadingly. “Assistant Young, please persuade the president not to stay up so late and let

him go home early. We can’t take it anymore.”

“You say that as if I can.”

Hadley wanted to cry. He took a picture of the pitiful faces of everyone in the secretary

department and sent it to Catherine. [Ms. Jones, can you persuade President Hill not to work overtime so late? We want to go home. PS: We worked overtime until 1:00 AM last night.]

Catherine replied. [You’re used to it. Just go back. I never ask my employees to accompany me every time I work overtime.]

Hadley. [Not everyone is as nice as you.]

Hadley. [I’m busy. I have a flight, so I’m turning off my phone.]

Hadley. “ ”

What the h**l. Ms. Jones was not in Canberra anymore.

He quickly checked with the airlines. Ten minutes later, he walked through the door of the office. “ President Hill…”

“Don’t bother me,” Shaun warned coldly and picked up his phone, glancing at it.

D**n it. That woman had not even called to apologize to him yet.

Was she making a fool out of him?

Was this a payback for those times when he did her wrong when they dated previously?

When he thought about that possibility, his heart seized up with a fierce pain.

“No, President Hill. I wanted to inform you that Ms. Jones took a plane to Hobart. ” Hadley said weakly.

Shaun suddenly sat up from the leather chair and stared at him with treacherous eyes. “What is she going there for?”

“There’s an international porcelain fair in Hobart tomorrow. Perhaps she’s there to attend it.”

Shaun was furious. When he was annoyed to d***h a t their couple’s fight, not only did she not apologize to him, she even went to attend some porcelain fair.

Good. Very good, Catherine Jones.

“Right, how did you know she went there?” Shaun suddenly asked sharply.

“I sent a WhatsApp message to her. She…”