Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 862

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[Is there something wrong with my memory? Didn’t Young Master Hill marry Sarah recently?]

[They didn’t get married in the end. I heard the police took Sarah away during the wedding. According to an insider, Sarah seemed to have wronged Elder Young Master Hill.]

[So Eldest Young Master Hill is getting back together with his ex-wife? Somehow, I find Eldest Young Master Hill quite scummy.]

[Can’t Eldest Young Lady Jones do better? After all, not only is she the female successor of one of the wealthiest families in Australia, but she’s also the top architect in the world. Aren’t there any other men on earth for her to date?]

[Well, Eldest Young Master Hill is indeed good- looking and wealthy. I guess hardly any woman can resist him.]

[Why do I feel that Eldest Young Master Hill loves Catherine more? From the way he carries her, he pampers her a lot.]

[I think so too. When Eldest Young Master Hill was in a relationship with Sarah previously, it was rare to catch him shopping with her, much less carrying her.]

Sarah, who was far away in the seaside villa, flew into a rage upon seeing those netizens’ comments.

In fact, they were right. Although she had been together with Shaun for over ten years, Shaun had never gone on a trip with her, much less carried her on his back.

A hint of determination flashed across her grim eyes. She immediately called someone…

At a mountain in a town at night.

In the wooden villa, Catherine lay on the bed while reading the netizens’ comments. The corners of her mouth curved up every now and then.

Shaun gazed at her silently after taking his shower. She was wearing an oversized shirt with a big neckline, revealing the hickeys on her collarbone.

The moment he recalled creating this masterpiece, he was filled with unspeakable contentment.

“Babe, what are you watching?” Shaun approached her. When he looked at the news about him on her phone, a blush of shame spread across his handsome face at once.

“Look how interesting netizens’ comments are.” Catherine pointed at one of them and said playfully, “Everyone’s saying that you’re loyal because

you’ve only been involved with Sarah and me. When you choose to abandon Sarah, you can have me, and vice versa. You never look for other women.”

With an impassive face, Shaun tossed Catherine’s phone aside. “Is it funny?”

“Yeah. Don’t you think it makes sense?” Catherine lifted her head and fixed her eyes on him with a grin.

Seeing Catherine laughing at him mercilessly, Shaun felt a tight sensation deep down and frowned. He cupped her face and kissed her passionately until the two of them fell onto the bed again.

Catherine stopped him. “What are you doing? This is endless, just like yesterday. It’s almost like you’ve never slept with other women for several years.”

Shaun secretly gritted his teeth. She was right, but he could not admit it considering his dignity. As such, he had no choice but to m****e, “I just can’t resist your charms.”

“I thought you were going to say that you’ve never slept with other women.” With her finger wandering across his chest, Catherine could clearly sense that his body had frozen at her remark.

Shaun lowered his head and remained silent. All he wanted to do was to continue kissing her. Nevertheless, Catherine covered his mouth and began to look serious. “Since you refuse to answer me, it means that you’ve slept with Sarah a lot over the last few years, right? You guys probably slept together once a day or once a week—”