Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 868

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Shaun continued to look at the photo. His tall and straight figure seemed to be surrounded by frostiness.

He was completely dazed.

He simply could not believe that Catherine was the one who got this man to kidnap Sarah.

“You still trust her, huh?”

Rodney snatched the photo and swung it in front of him. “Look, they’re the same. Don’t you get it yet? This is Catherine’s trap. You’ve been trapped!

“She has long since arranged for someone to kidnap Sarah. After that, she lured you to Hobart so that she could get the man to kidnap Sarah. If I hadn’t learned about it and got there soon enough, Sarah might have been k****d. This woman is too cruel!”

Shaun remained motionless. He only gazed at Chester. “What do you think?”

Chester’s eyes carried a complicated look. “I think… what Rodney said makes sense. Catherine has a

motive, and what’s more, she knows the kidnapper. I previously reminded you that she might have a hidden agenda when she decided to be with you again.”

“If you still refuse to believe it at this point, you’re basically fooling yourself. I’m guessing you can’t bring yourself to treat Catherine harshly. I want to take revenge on Sarah’s behalf. I’ll send Catherine t o the police station.”

Rodney turned around and dashed out of the ward.

After being dazed for a moment, Shaun immediately went after him.

Shortly after, Rodney entered the elevator. Shaun had no choice but to go down the stairs, quickening his pace.

At this moment, Catherine, who had not managed to find Logan after a long time, sent a message to a number in the States. [Quickly come back to Australia, Austin Lord. Logan might be in danger.]

After sending the message, she drove back to Hackett Institute.

At the same time, there was unease growing within her.

In the two years she knew Logan, Catherine had never failed to contact him. After returning to Australia for such a long time, it was her first time feeling helpless. After all, Logan was her right- hand man.

As soon as she parked her car, a sports car suddenly whizzed toward her. Before she could dodge it, her car crashed into the wall behind her. The airbag was deployed, protecting her, but blood was surging inside her.

Subsequently, she spotted Rodney striding out of the sports car opposite her. He opened the door of her car and dragged her out directly.

“Catherine Jones, I’ve long since wanted to k**l you but I kept putting up with you. Yet this time, you actually dared to harm Sarah. I won’t let you off the hook for this! ”

With a ferocious expression, Rodney stretched out his hand to squeeze her throat.

Catherine closed her eyes, trying her best to control her head so that she would not feel so dizzy. After that, she lifted her hands and attacked Rodney.

The two of them soon got into a fight. Rodney asked his people to subdue her.

“I’ll personally pay you back for what you did to Sarah.” Rodney pointed at her in exasperation.

“I don’t have the faintest idea what you’re saying! ” Catherine found it ridiculous. “Are you suspecting that I kidnapped Sarah?”

“If not you, who else would have done it? Even the person under you has been seized.” Rodney tossed the photo at her. “Look at this person. Do you know him?”

Catherine lowered her head and saw Logan being tied to a shelf. There were whip marks all over his body, and his handsome face was severely wounded.

Her eyes suddenly conveyed a sense of grimness. “

Where is he?”