Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 873

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Even Nathan Snow, who was going to run for prime minister next year, was present.

“Joel, what brings you here at this hour?” Old Master Snow asked with a grin.

“Old Master Snow, I have an urgent matter to talk to you about.” A look of exasperation washed over Joel’s face. “If I had another choice, I wouldn’t have brought my daughter here. Jason, considering we’re acquaintances, I hope you’ll keep an eye on your son.”

Jason was stunned. He had two sons. “You’re referring to…”

“This afternoon, Rodney came to Hackett Institute and caused trouble for me.” Catherine turned on her phone and showed him a video. “This is the footage I got from the surveillance camera. Take a look at it. He crashed into me and destroyed my car.”

The other members of the Snow family came over to watch the video on the phone. All of them saw Rodney pulling Catherine’s hair while dragging her out of the car. He even strangled her after he hit her car. From the footage, they could see that he brought a lot of people along as well.

Old Master Snow, Jason, and the rest turned grim in an instant.

The Snow family was faced with a critical issue at this moment. If such a video spread to the public, Nathan would probably be disqualified from running for prime minister next year.

“What actually happened?” Jason soon pulled himself together. “There must be a reason behind this.”

“President Snow, given that you’re a reasonable person and also an outsider, I’m going to be frank with you. Sarah was kidnapped yesterday. It happened that the person who got caught was my bodyguard. Because of that, Rodney was convinced that it was my doing.

“In fact, I find this incident strange. I was in Hobart the past few days. When I came back, Rodney crashed into me with his car and even tried to seize me to… get his people to force themselves on me. ”

Jason’s face darkened at once. It was even darker than charcoal now.

Every generation of the Snow family was strict with themselves and had reputations as clean as a whistle. Little did Jason expect that he would have such a cocky son.

Catherine continued helplessly, “I tried to reason with him, but he continued to suspect that I was the one behind Sarah’s kidnapping. I wouldn’t mind if he wanted to call the police, but he must have evidence. Even the person whom he caught didn’t claim that I gave the instructions.

“I wanted to have a word with Young Master Snow, but he couldn’t be bothered about me. All he did was criticize and punch me. Honestly, I don’t think my bodyguard would kidnap Sarah. There might be a misunderstanding regarding this issue.”

“Miss Jones, is it true that you didn’t kidnap Sarah?” Old Master Snow suddenly asked with a deep voice. “As far as I know, you have a personal vendetta against Sarah.”

“Elder Snow, if I wanted to kidnap Sarah, I would’ve asked my bodyguard to do it. I didn’t have to hire someone else to do it.” Catherine gave a bitter laugh. “What’s more, I’ve been on friendly

terms with Shaun these days. We even went on a trip together two days ago. Why would I be bothered to kidnap Sarah and cause my relationship with Shaun to turn sour?”

The Snow family was smart. After hearing Catherine’s words, they realized that she was right.

Besides that, Old Master Snow still remembered that Shaun had come to pick her up in person the other day.

Joel said with a snort, “My daughter wouldn’t kidnap Sarah. On the other hand, Sarah is extremely wicked. Despite knowing that Shaun and Cathy were already married back then, she still approached Shaun and shamelessly seduced him. After the two of them were caught by the reporters, a lot of people criticized Sarah as the mistress.

“But Shaun made Catherine announce that they were bound by a marriage contract and they had gotten a divorce due to his illness. She was also forced to say that he was truly in love with Sarah. When in fact, Shaun and Catherine only divorced last month. If you don’t believe me, you can go to the registry office and check their date of divorce. ”

Upon hearing this, many women in the Snow family were indignant about it.

Wendy was astonished. “This means that Sarah has been the mistress during these two years. I didn’t expect Shaun to be playing the field. He has gone too far.”

“Sarah was his first love and also his childhood sweetheart. I only have myself to blame for falling for someone who was secretly loving someone else.”

Catherine said dejectedly, “You guys might not know that Shaun was really planning to marry Sarah before this, but… I guess you all saw how the police had taken Sarah away during their wedding. ”

“Yeah. Sarah didn’t marry Shaun in the end, and I heard… She was having an affair with another man?” Jason coughed lightly and replied.