Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 874

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“Yes. When Sarah was in a relationship with Shaun, she was having an affair with a d**g addict who was also a foreigner. If I’m not mistaken, they knew each other from her time overseas. Every week, Sarah would go to his apartment and sleep with him. The person who m******d the man hasn’t been found. Previously, the police suspected Sarah, but they didn’t find any evidence incriminating her.”

This statement astounded everyone in the Snow family.

After all, they were under no illusions that Rodney had been protecting Sarah in secret.

Although Sarah’s tarnished reputation had caused an uproar lately, it was just a rumor, after all. The specific details of the incident were unknown.

“Are you sure that you’re telling the truth?” A somber look washed over Jessica’s face.

“Actually, Young Master Snow is aware of this matter as well, but he treats Sarah as a goddess. Sarah probably fooled these men by claiming that she had been forced to do those things.”

Catherine spoke in a weak tone, “When a man has been bewitched by a woman, he’ll believe whatever she says. What’s more, the fact that Shaun chose not to marry her in the end proves that I’m not lying. Hardly any man can accept being betrayed by their woman.”

The Snow family remained silent. The other day, Shaun had said that he would rearrange the wedding sometime later. However, it was not mentioned anymore. When the Hill family was asked about it, they were vague about it.

When Joel realized that his daughter was almost done, he said coldly, “ I came here to tell all of you these things considering the relationship between us over the years. Also, I understand Old Master Snow’s character. I hope that all of you will keep an eye on Rodney. I showed you the video about his illegal and arrogant behavior to remind you that if this video is in the hands of those with ill intentions, I’m afraid Nathan won’t be able to run for prime minister next year.”

With an elegant and handsome face, Nathan asked nervously, “Brother Joel, the footage…”

“I’ve asked the security guard in the neighborhood to delete it,” Joel responded in a generous manner.

The Snow family let out a sigh of relief upon hearing it. They also expressed their gratitude toward Joel and Catherine.

“Thanks, Joel. ” Old Master Snow then said with a sigh, “It must’ve frightened you, Catherine. Don’t worry, I’ll keep a watchful eye on Rodney and teach him a lesson on your behalf.”

“Thank you, Elder Snow,” Catherine said earnestly, “Actually, when Freya tricked Rodney previously, the outsiders had talked about the Snow family but you guys didn’t make a fuss about it. I can tell that you guys are reasonable people.”

The Snow family was gratified to hear it. Then, Wendy said, “Miss Jones, you’re quite a pitiful person. It was very immature of Rodney. In fact, I don’t like Sarah as well, but it seems that Rodney has been bewitched by her and can’t live without her.”

Catherine sighed. “When one loves someone without complaining, aren’t they just the same as someone who has been bewitched? Looking at it from another perspective, we can say that Young Master Snow is an affectionate person. Sadly, he fell for the wrong person. If he meets someone who cherishes him, I’m sure the woman will cherish their relationship.”

“You’re right.”

Wendy nodded in satisfaction. After all, Rodney was her son. She did not wish to hear an outsider belittling him. Catherine’s words gave her a huge sense of contentment. “Unfortunately, we feel that Sarah treats him as a backup but he doesn’t seem aware of it.”

“Aunty Wendy, Sarah is a clever person. Now that Young Master Snow won’t be inheriting Snow Corporation, she won’t accept him unless she’s desperate.”

Catherine darted a profound glance at Nathan. “Of course, if Sarah and Shaun still haven’t gotten married next year and Uncle Nathan becomes the new prime minister, you’ll see Sarah going all out to marry into the Snow family.”

The Snow family was startled.