Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 10

Read Mated to the Alpha Twins [by Jane Doe] Chapter 10

“Those perfect little lips say stop, but your body is saying something else entirely.” Kade murmured roughly in my ear, turning my head so my face was inches from his own.

Kade’s hot breath fanned across my face, smelling strongly of mint and something sweet.

I had little time to collect my thoughts as plush lips fell on my own. Kade’s hand rested behind my head, holding my lips against his.

For just a moment, I was completely dazzled. Kade’s lips were soft and firm, melting with my own in a way that showed ferocity and experience. It was as if Kade was pouring his heart out, making his desires and thoughts known against my lips. His mouth moved feverishly against my own, moving in their own written language I could not decipher.

Once the initial shock of losing my first kiss wore off, I struggled against his grip.

My body pushed closer to Kade, while my mind protested the very thought of him touching me.

I was all too aware of Alec’s wandering hands. His fingers tickled up my inner t***h slowly, causing my core to clench painfully. A clouded smirk formed on Alec’s face, and he brushed the hair from my shoulder before placing his lips against my cool skin.

While Kade’s lips worked against my own, Alec s****d and nibbled on the sensitive flesh of my neck.

“St-” I began to m****e the word against Kade’s lips, only to have Alec n*p my neck playfully. The word was caught in my throat by the sudden pang of pleasure. I had never been touched like this before, and my body was marveling in the attention.

“Open your mouth, sweetheart.” Kade murmured against my lips, his fingers tangling in my hair. I shook my head, claiming my lips together.

I had to find some resolve, some shred of control to hang onto. The twin’s knew the affect they had on me, and knew saying ‘no’ would be next to impossible. Kade was right, my lips could say what they wanted but my body showed the truth.

My legs parted on their own accord, welcoming Alec’s wandering fingers. Kade tugged on my hair, still trying to part my lips. Another swift bite to the soft flesh of my neck and I nearly opened my lips to let out a muffled whimper. Alec’s fingers trailed higher, grazing against the front of my panties. His touch was brief and gentle, but it did the trick. My lips parted in a gasp, and Kade slid his tongue into my mouth. Sharp peppermint coupled with something sweet. Kade’s tongue tasted incredible as it fought against my own. I could taste the experience on his tongue as he flicked it against my own. My l***s and strokes were tentative and shy, while his were demanding and posessive.

My will power was shriveling, crumbling into nothing under the heated touches of the twins. My body reacted to their touch, and the logical side of me bowed in response.

Alec’s fingers were rougher this time, grazing against my covered c**t. The touch sent a pulse of pleasure coursing through me and I whimpered against Kade’s lips.

Alec pushed my panties to the side, and a cool breeze washed over my exposed p***y. I jumped at the rush of cool air, and a whimper left my lips.

“Shh, you’ll enjoy this sweetheart.” Kade murmured, his voice raw and husky. His voice alone encouraged the wetness that seeped from my lips.

I had never felt arousal quite like this. While I was still a virgin, I had pleasured myself in the past and while it felt good it was nothing compared to this.

Alec’s finger ran the length of my parted lips, feeling the moisture they had stirred.

“So wet for us, little doll.” Alec murmured roughly against my neck. “Free her lips brother, I want to hear her.”

Kade gave my lower lip a final nibble as his own lips trailed down the opposite side of my neck.

My breath was coming out in heavy pants, the sensitive spot between my legs pulsing.

Alec’s finger parted my soaked lips and pressed gently against my entrance, sliding his finger in skillfully.

A breathless whimper left my lips as I experienced a new sensation. Alec pumped in and out of me making my p***y clench and grip onto his finger. His finger felt quite large within me, and I couldn’t help it when the thought of their c**k’s came into mind. What would it feel like to have him fully inside of me?

“Do you like having your p***y played with, sweetheart?” Kade murmured against my neck, nibbling along my jaw.

Alec’s thumb brushed against my swollen c**t, sending a wave of pleasure through me. The onslaught of pleasure was so strong, my head fell back and a m**n left my parted lips.

“Answer my brother doll.” Alec murmured lustfully as he used his other hand to grip my chin. Alec forced my eyes back on his own, and a harsh blush creeped up my face. It was bad enough they went against my wishes and tormented me, now they wanted to watch.

“Yes.” The word fell from my lips before I could stop it.

A low growl left Kade’s lips, “So f*****g sweet.” His tongue flicked out and ran the length of my neck.

My senses were being overwhelmed, and my body was basking in it. All I could feel were Alec and Kade’s touches. All I could hear were my breathless m***s and husky whispers from the twins. I had completely forgotton our surroundings, the school classroom left my mind without a second thought. All I could focus on was the inescapable pleasure I was being put through.

“I want to watch you c*m all over my fingers, doll.” Alec murmured, his rough voice had me parting my legs even further. “Let me see that pretty little face.”

Alec’s pace turned rougher, sliding in and out of me with doubled intensity. My breathless whimpers turned into full blown m***s as his thumb rubbed hungrily at my c**t. A familiar pressure was building within my p***y, growing at a rapid rate under Alec’s touch. I couldn’t control myself as my hips began to buck, grinding my p***y against Alec’s hand.

“That’s it, doll.” Alec murmured, his dark eyes plastered to my face. “Just like that.”

“C*m for us, sweetheart.” Kade murmured against my neck, s*****g and biting on the sensitive skin.

The bubble within me began to burst, shredding at the seams under the twin’s touches. A loud cry left my lips, a sound I had never made before, as I began to come undone on Alec’s fingers.

I could no longer hear the quiet comments the twins made, fully caught in my own bliss. My toes curled in my shoes, and my entire body stiffened as I was wracked with the most intense o****m I had ever felt.

“F**k, doll.” Alec growled under his breath, his fingers continuing their steady rhythm.

“Look at her.” Kade murmured in the same husky tone his brother had, “She’s f*****g perfect.”

My p***y throbbed against Alec’s fingers as the waves of intense pleasure began to d*e down. Alec slipped out of my throbbing p***y and l****d my j****s from his finger.

“Such a sweet little thing.” Alec murmured, watching my senses return to me.

Finally, the horror and satisfaction of what just happened hit me like a ton of bricks. My body hadn’t even put up a fight against them. It had completely given in, succumbing to their touch as though it had no choice.

A deep smirk formed on Kade’s face, “Having fun now, sweetheart?”

“Until next time, little doll.” Alec’s smirk matched his twin’s.

The two of them left the empty classroom, and I began to drown in my thoughts.

Something had to be wrong with me. To have absolutely no control wasn’t normal. I’m positive I didn’t react this way to any other man. H**l, Kyle put his arm around my shoulders last week and I wasn’t ready to drop down on all fours.

The more the twin’s touched me, the more muddled my mind seemed to get.

Whats so wrong with wanting them?

A random voice ran through my head, posing a question that had me lost in thought.

It wasn’t exactly normal to be shared between two guys, but I couldn’t choose between the twin’s. They both clearly wanted me for some odd reason, and obviously weren’t opposed to sharing. And deep down, I wanted the both of them. I wanted to be shared.

But the twins were demanding, overwhelming, possessive, and kind of dangerous.

My logical side screamed and pleaded, but there was more boiling in my head. A new side of me had emerged since we moved here, a side I had never encountered before. That side of me reacted to the twins in a pleasurable and intoxicating way.

They touch you against your will, Aurora!

The logical side of me screamed this over and over.

But why did I enjoy it so much?