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Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 101

Read Mated to the Alpha Twins [by Jane Doe] Chapter 101

“How are we supposed to come up with an escape plan an hour before our final meeting? ” I hissed once we were all within the confines of our suite.

“Sweetheart, my parents and I have been mulling over escape plan’s for at least a week now.” Kade chuckled, crossing his muscular arms over his chest. “Ever since we found out the High Table wanted to meet you; we began planning. Garrett and Julian have been helping as well. I’m sure they’ve come up with something by now.”

Alec was draped across the sectional; the sporadic flutter of his eyelashes was the only sign that the sedative was beginning to wear off. All eyes snapped over to Alec when a husky mumble came from his lips. Tori was at his side in seconds, checking him over in a way she had done three times now.

When I had ran away, Tori began an apprenticeship under her dad. The time she didn’t spend looking for me was dedicated to nightly shifts at the hospital.

“It’s wearing off faster, he should be lucid within the hour.” Tori said, her words reassuring me.

The first thing I planned on doing was getting some food in his system, then I’d contemplate hunting down Marcus Novak and removing him from his position at the High Table.

‘If only your little fantasy were achievable.’ Kade’s thoughts melted into my own, and I flushed at the laughter in his voice. “Though, I did enjoy the part where you mercilessly blew the head off of Marcus Novak.’

“If you don’t like my fantasy-” I began, but was interrupted as the door to our suite swung wide open.

The twin’s parents were first to storm inside, faces hewn and eyes worried. The door had been locked, but they had a key of their own to get inside. It made it safer to just have constant access to one another, especially with what happened at the last hotel.

Their mom’s blonde hair was pulled up into a neat wrap, and though her sleek skirt and blazer were professional, I could see how shaken up she was. Their father was much better at hiding his emotions, just like his sons. His onyx hair was swept to the side, and his navy suit made his eyes seem even darker. Their eyes roamed the room for half a second before settling on Alec. There was no surprise there, only aching, mind numbing relief.

“I knew it–you’ve got him.” Their mom exhaled; her eyes wide as she looked at her unconscious son. The hand that was placed against her chest trembled, even though her eyes hardened considerably. It was her husband’s hand on her shoulder that kept her from running forward, to embrace the son she thought she had lost. Surprisingly, when she turned to speak, it was me she spoke to. “Do you know who took him?”

“Marcus Novak was responsible.” I answered without hesitation, trusting them well enough to know that my words would never leave this room.

“That man–uses his money and power to breathe down our necks, to keep us under his foot.” She huffed, fury brimming in both her emotions and eyes. After a deep breath, she continued. Her movements were a bit rushed, which led me to wonder if something else had happened. “Listen to me, I don’t know how you rescued him or when, but the entire hotel is on silent alert. There are guards everywhere right now, posing as employee’s and witnesses. I think–I think he knows you’ve rescued my son.”

“No matter how this last meeting goes, I won’t rest until Marcus is permanently removed from the High Table, and stripped of his position as Alpha.” I promised her, in fusing all of the courage I could muster into my words.

The door opened again, letting in Garrett and Julian. While I wasn’t surprised to see Julian flash me a grin and a wink, I was surprised to feel a very distinct lack of anger radiating from Garrett.

“What is that look for, Aurora?” Garrett drawled slowly once we locked eyes. His blue and brown eye mirrored my own, as did his chestnut hair and full eyebrows. The corners of his lips twitched just an increment as he continued, “You are well aware I have a mate a s well, yes? I am very aware of the lengths one would go to for such a person.”

I wasn’t sure what to say at that, but felt a bit uncomfortable as a strange feeling ran through me. Garrett would never be named father of the year, but he had left his mate and daughter to come and help me. Even if it were for selfish reasons, he’s stuck with me thus far.

“Marcus Novak says there’s been a breach in the hotel security, and that one or more intruders may be in the building. It’s quite clearly a coverup, disguising the fact that his captive has now been rescued.” Garrett told Kade and I, his eyes flitting over to where Alec lay. “While I’ll never be fond of my daughter being in danger, I realize she was not given these abilities to live out an ordinary life. I expect you to protect her at all costs, but I am–relieved to see that your brother is alive.”

I could feel how those words physically pained him, but once they were spoken, the smallest flicker of respect ignited in Kade’s eyes.


It felt like months since I had heard his voice, and every muscle in my body reacted at the sound. I pivoted, turning so fast that I nearly stumbled into the coffee table. My knee’s hit the plush carpet, and my hands came up to hold the sides of his face. His stubble brushed my palms, and his eyes fluttered as he mumbled my name again, and again.

“He’s going to be awake soon.” I told everyone in the room, not bothering to turn my eyes away from Alec. His brows were furrowed, but relaxed as I trailed my fingers through his hair. “We can’t leave–not yet.”

“The final meeting’s been moved up, Aurora.” Julian said, frowning when I whipped my head around to stare at him. “We’ve got only twenty minutes to arrive before we’re counted as late.”

“He’s getting everyone together, possibly trying to flush us out.” Kade grimaced, giving his unconscious brother a long look. His voice was hard and flat, “It’s not safe to leave him here. Not when Marcus can send a squad of men to come and take him back.”

There was another knock at the door that captured everyone’s attention. Whoever was at the other end knocked once, then twice, then continued in a rapid succession of taps that sounded almost like a song.

“Expecting someone?” Garrett asked, narrowing his eyes at the source of annoyance on the other end of the door. He walked over to the peephole and glanced out before turning to Kade and I with a look of confusion on his face. “It’s a girl, her hair is–is purple?”

“It’s Ava! Let her in.” I snorted at Garrett’s comment turned question.

As soon as Garrett unlocked the door, Ava came storming in. Her tangled headphones skidded across the carpet as she practically ran inside. After brushing several purple strands of hair from her forehead, she cocked an eyebrow at all of us.

“Um, hello. Were you trying to get me caught? ” Ava scoffed, placing her black painted nails against her chest. “Seriously, I’m the one doing you a favor. I’m not the one who wants to play baby sitter to a kidnapped Alpha with a narcotics addiction. Consider that next time you keep me waiting in the hall for eons.”

“There is so much to unpack with that.” Tori sighed, sitting down on the couch beside Alec’s slumbering form.

“You know this wolf?” Garrett asked a bit snidely, giving Ava a look that she returned in triple.

“Duh, she knows me. She wouldn’t have let me in if she didn’t.” Ava sighed, rolling her eyes before glancing down at Alec. “So–is he gonna be all comatose all day, or am I gonna have someone to talk to?”

“What–what are you talking about, Ava?” I asked, utterly clueless as to what she was talking about.

“What do you mean, what am I talking about?” She retorted, clearly in a bit of a mood today. “Zayne asked if I could baby sit your beefy mate while he’s drugged up, so that you could go figure out whether or not the witless five are going to let you live past sundown.”

“He never told us that.” I frowned, turning towards Kade. “Did he send us a note?”

“Not that I or any of the guards have received.” He replied, looking just as troubled as I.

“Take that up with him the next time you guys meet, but I’m here now. Let me do what I came here to do.” Ava insisted, already beginning to untangle her seemingly indestructible headphones. “Besides, it’s not like you couldn’t use the help.”

“Is there a reason you’re particularly snarky today?” Tori asked, just as bold as Ava. There was no malice in Tori’s eyes, just partially amused curiosity.

“All of the employees are busy with this stupid meeting.” She began with a huff. Her eyes widened a bit as she registered what she said. “Not that your life isn’t important or anything–but do they really have to vote on it? Either way, Zayne failed to mention there would be no one escorting me through the employee areas and up to your suite. So, I was stuck hiding under a food cart until they dropped me off at this floor. Do you know what’s in the bottom of a food cart? Food. Old, disgusting food.”

“There’s a shower and spare clothes if you wanted to wash up.” I offered, grateful for Zayne’s help even if I refused to trust the cowardly man.

“I’m sorry–but are you sure you trust her to watch Alec?” The twin’s mom asked, rightfully worried about her son.

Ava turned and looked at me, clearly waiting for my answer. I didn’t exactly trust Ava, and I think she knew that, but she would also gain nothing by harming Kade. Our kind were being enslaved, used as weapons for cruel Alpha’s with severe superiority complexes. They could sit behind their walls and watch atop their thrones as wars are fought and won with the blood of the many. Even though we didn’t trust one another; we knew without a doubt, that we were both on the same side.

“She’ll keep him safe.” I promised their mom, hoping she could see the confidence in my eyes.

Fifteen minutes later, all of us apart from Ava and Alec, left for our final meeting with the High Table.

I had left Alec a note, pinned to the coffee table by a bottle of water.


I wish so badly that I could be there when you finally woke up. Things have been a mess without you, and when they finally calm down, the three of us are taking some time off. I need to get past the fear of losing you, just as I’m sure you also have a few things to work through.

It’s best that you stay in the room while we’re suffering through the final meeting. Ava is an ally, she’s safe to be around. Marcus already knows you’ve been sprung, but not by who. Today’s the big day they debate whether or not I’m too dangerous to live, like a rabid animal.

No matter the outcome of today’s meeting–we will come back for you right after the meeting.

Always yours,


The only thing I had learned from my time within such close proximity to our species government was that we desperately needed a new one. I still had mixed feelings about Jaspar Fox, and Brayton Cliff was still a mystery as well. I knew without a doubt that Marcus Novak and Sebastian Sable both needed to go–along with their illegal operations.

From the looks of the court-like room we stood in, you could tell something was wrong. While the search hadn’t been publicly announced, there were some of us able to figure out those kinds of things. The twin’s parents had been the first to know about the lockdown, from a friend in the witness stands.

One by one, each member of the High Table walked to the raised platform and sat at their respective seats. The growing crowd of witnesses sat in rows around the circumference of the room, grouped in their own respective packs and families.

The number of witnesses had nearly doubled overnight, leaving the small sectioned off area’s overflowing with people. I had been jostled and bumped into at least thirty separate times, though most cowered away once they realized it was me.

Marcus Novak sat at the very center, as the head of the High Table. His suit was slate grey this time, just a few shades darker than his son’s. Zayne sat in his own closed off area, with a minimum of four guards at his side. He looked a bit miserable if I were being honest, but that was the usual expression on his face.

“Welcome to the conclusion of this incredible debate that will affect our world for generations to come. We are constantly making history; with every decision and choice we make. We have debated much on this matter, both during these meetings and behind closed doors. The five of us are confident that today will bring all of us, and Ms. Aurora, the conclusion we need.” Marcus Novak stood, greeting the crowd with a wide sweep of his hand. His smile was charming and charismatic, every bit the bachelor instead of the blood-thirsty wolf. “We will pick up from yesterday by calling Aurora to the stand. Here she will review the terms of our offers and make any refusals or demands she sees fit. Together, we will assess her standing in our world and determine what course of action will propel us into a safe future where our kind continues to thrive.”

This time, I did roll my eyes as some of the witnesses went into heart-wrenching applauses, with watery eyes to top things off. I couldn’t understand how a room full of werewolves could fail to see the biggest threat in the room; Marcus Novak.

I approached the stand and waited in silence as a moderator went over the details of each agreement with the High Table members. Sebastian Sable offered me nothing apart from a slithery smirk that made my insides turn. Nico Deville claimed his father had still not returned, but actually said that he had contacted him and refused to form any ties with our packs. Jaspar Fox sent me a wink at that, one so quick I had nearly missed it.

Silence enveloped the room as it was my turn to speak–to save or condemn myself.

I could save myself by agreeing to Marcus’s terms, to signing my freedom and will away to serve another. One who would take and take until I too was drained, devoid of a soul like the ones I had fed on.

I had planned what I wanted to say, and told no one. Kade was the only one who knew what I had chosen, and not because we could read one another’s thoughts. We still offered one another privacy, but Kade, Alec, and I were equals. I wouldn’t make a huge decision like this without the trust of one or both.

“I, and those I trust have reviewed your offers extensively. I am humbled by the opportunities you’ve presented my way.” I stated loudly, keeping my face and eyes neutral as they remained locked on Marcus. I squared my shoulders, and felt my voice take on a new tone. It sounded layered in a way it wasn’t before, interwoven with authority and confidence that seemed much too mature for my young years. “It is within my own best interest that I refuse all three of your offers. I might not be familiar to our customs and ways, but I do know that all life holds value. No white wolf, regardless of status should be forced to prove their right to live. Given to me at birth, I am Luna of not one, but three packs. No one, can withhold that title from me.”

The room was silent for a few seconds before erupting in chaos. Words were screamed on all sides, slurs and praises. There were some cheering me on, telling me to destroy and rebuild the High Table. Others called me a treasonous bitch, amongst other colorful things.

During all of the commotion–I noticed something.

A small woman, dainty and fragile in stature, approached Marcus Novak. Her onyx hair was long and straight, plastered to her head. She moved slowly, meekly towards him. He lowered himself as she whispered in his ear, and never once did his facial expression change as he listened to her words. What was worse–I swore I could feel just a flicker of carnal happiness inside his cold, stagnant heart.

The commotion continued, and Marcus did nothing to stop it. My eyes flickered to Jaspar, who was watching Marcus with a guarded look on his face. Marcus motioned to one of the guards and said three words that sent things spiraling down.

I could not hear the words he spoke, but could assume what they meant when the four guards surrounding Zayne Novak surged forward and placed silver clasps around his wrists.

My mouth opened, but no sound came out. Zayne didn’t thrash, nor fight against his father’s men. His ice-coated eyes stared out just past me, to the red-head with flaming hair and eyes of moss colored agony.

Most of the witnesses were blind to what was happening, whipped up into a frenzy of my doing. Zayne was dragged from the room by the four guards who had been protecting him, the silver clasps around his wrists the only indicator that they had new orders.

“Now–let us compose ourselves, yes?” Marcus Novak said to the crowd, his smile full and renewed. He was ignoring what had just happened, even though there were few in the room who had seen the truth. The golden-haired couple were two who had noticed what just happened, and stared at Marcus with identical accusatory glares. “We must respect Ms. Aurora’s decision, and excuse her lack of manners with our system. I do believe now might be the time to discuss things further, and vote on the outcome of our future.”

The five High Table members then retreated to a private room where they would continue discussing my right to live.

“What–I don’t understand–.” Tori stammered, taking a few steps towards the door Zayne had been dragged through.

“I understand you want to go after them, but you can’t.” I told her, grabbing her shoulders with firm hands. “They don’t know who you are–they can’t know, and Marcus can’t either. He will use you to get to Zayne, he’ll use you to control him.”

“What do you think is going to happen to him? ” She asked quietly, a mess of emotions swirling within her. Even rejected and angry, she couldn’t not care about him.

“I don’t know, Tori.”‘ I answered honestly, feeling my chest tighten as I made her a promise, I hoped I wouldn’t live to regret. “If there’s anything we can do to help him–we will try.”

Minutes melted into one another until nearly half an hour passed. All eyes were alert as the High Table members filtered back to their respective seats, with Marcus at the helm.

As Marcus stood, there was a glint in his eye that seemed just a tad smug. It sends a sour feeling rushing through me, letting me know something was wrong.

“New information has recently come to light, which we have included in the decision of our final vote.” Marcus began, his pale eyes flickering down to where I stood at the stand. There was nothing short of cold, cruel, triumph in his eyes. “It is unknown to many that a band of treasonous white wolves escaped my borders recently. These wolves are powerful and dangerous, murderers of the absolute worst variety. I have kept them alive as merely a tribute to their unique abilities, as it would be a shame to snuff out a life so incredible. As many of you know, I pride myself on the security of my pack and its borders. I now have evidence that these white wolves were not working alone. Aurora and those she surrounds herself with, staged a coup to rescue these prisoners, ‘This information was crucial in deciding our course of action for the foreseeable future.”

The room did not erupt into chaos this time. There were no hurling insults or praises, screaming at the pack sitting closest to you that their opinions and beliefs were wrong. There was only silence, and that thick foreboding where you know everything is going to hell.

Marcus didn’t miss a beat. Sympathy flashed in his eyes, and his voice deepened until it was almost sorry. This was the last thing he wanted to do, his tone said.

“I have given this much thought. It is not often in a High Table member’s life to make such an important, history-altering decision. With my full confidence, I do believe it’s best if Ms. Aurora were taken into the custody of the High Table. Her abilities are simply too dangerous to unleash on our fragile world. Should she develop into a soul-eater, it would be safest for those under our protection if Aurora remains beneath our wing. We absolutely cannot allow instability within our communities, it is the poison that will crumble our castles and ultimately, put an end to our species.” Marcus said loudly to the room. His calculating eyes were still locked on mine when he said, “Guards, bring her to me.”


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