Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 11

Read Mated to the Alpha Twins [by Jane Doe] Chapter 11

The final bell pulled me from my hectic thoughts. I pulled myself from the empty teachers desk and wobbled over to the door. My legs felt shaky, and the sensitive spot between my legs was slightly sore.

It was a short walk to Tori’s locker and much to my surprise she was already there.

Tori’s first words had me nearly falling over.

“Woah, what the h**l happened to your neck?” Tori gaped, her eyes locked on something I couldn’t see.

“W-What?” I gasped and Tori stepped aside, gesturing to the mirror hanging on her locker door.

I stood on my tiptoes and peered into the mirror, choking on my own breath at the dark bruise-like spots that ran down my neck.

The f*****g twins had left hickeys all over me. There was no way I’d be able to hide this from Melissa, or the people at work. I never had hickeys before, but I knew they didn’t go away in 24 hours.

Tori pursed her lips and eyed me knowingly, “The twins?”

I clenched my teeth together and fought against the furious blush that stained my face. Apparently my reaction was a suitable answer.

“If I give you this, I want a detailed explanation.” Tori cocked her ginger eyebrow and held up a bottle of concealer.

“Deal.” I huffed, grabbing the bottle from her hands.

“Now explain.” Tori placed a hand on her hip while I flipped my hair forward.

I shook my head, “Not here. In your car so I can put this on my neck.”

We hopped in Tori’s car and she helped me dab the creamy liquid on my neck. It wasn’t the perfect shade, but it hid the spots just fine.

“I’ll pick you up one in your shade.” Tori nodded to herself, and I was forever grateful.

While I wanted to decline, I valued self preservation more. Frank would be incorrigible if he saw my neck coated in hickeys. Being called ‘s**t’ and ‘w***e’ would be the least of my concerns.

By the time I was done explaining what happened in the empty classroom, we were parked in my driveway.

Tori had been speechless the entire time, a look of shock lingered on her face.

“I’m horrible aren’t I.” I groaned, “Can’t even control myself.”

Tori shook her head, “I don’t think most girls would resist them either, myself included.”

“That’s the thing though, I want to resist them.” I sighed, confusion swirling within me.

Is that really what I wanted?

It had to be. It had to be what I wanted. A year from now I won’t be in this town anymore. Alec and Kade were players, the twins who took what they wanted. For whatever reason they set their sights on me.

This back and forth was exhausting, but I needed to make a decision and try to stick to it. Kade and Alec weren’t good for me. I had always looked out for myself, and now I needed to more than ever.

“Oh, almost forgot.” Tori grinned sheepishly, “I got you something.”

I pursed my lips and stared at her, “I don’t want it.”

Tori contorted her face into one of mock offense, “You don’t even know what it is. Tsk tsk, and I thought you liked surprises.”

“I hate surprises.” I raised my eyebrow at her, “You know that.”

“Well, that s***s for you but I happen to love surprises.” Tori smirked, pulling out a small box.

“Tori-” I groaned, but was cut off by the flaming red head.

“Listen here miss.” Tori glared at me, “You are going to accept my gift, and you are going to like it.”

I gave her one last weary glance and peeled back the bright wrapping paper on the box.

“It isn’t even a holiday.” I murmured grumpily.

“It’s give a friend a gift day, b***h.” Tori snickered, a grin playing on her lips as I looked at what was inside the box.

A phone; an actual phone. Not a chunky flip phone like the one Melissa got me. This phone was shiny and new, set with a huge screen and multiple camera’s.

I shook my head furiously, “No, not a chance. I could never afford to pay you back for this, and I can’t even afford my own phone plan.”

“You don’t have to pay anything back, Aurora.” Tori shook her head, turning the phone on for me. “And it’s already on my phone plan. Everything’s paid for.”

“Why would you get me something like this?” I frowned. It made no sense. Tori had only known me for a whopping total of two weeks.

“I told you, my family has money.” Tori shrugged, “And besides, you’re my friend.”

I could tell she was holding something back, but I decided not to question it.

“Fine, I’ll accept it.” I clenched my teeth together, “But the minute I have the money for my own phone, I’m giving this one back. Got it?”

“Yes ma’am.” Tori grinned, giving me one of those one-armed hugs. “By the way, my number’s already in there.”

I went inside feeling a little teary eyed, tucking the new cellphone deep in my book bag.

This morning had momentarily been forgotton when Melissa approached me again.

“So, did you think about what I said this morning?” Melissa asked softly, forcing a carefree smile to her face.

Another sharp pang, “Yeah, I did.” I lied through my teeth. I had tried to forget about this morning the second it happened.

“And?” Melissa grinned at me.

This time Frank was listening in on the conversation from his recliner, a fresh beer in his hand.

I paused for a moment and thought it over hastily. The money would definitely be useful for my college fund, even if I only got half.

“Sure.” I nodded, “I’ll call her, but on one condition.”

Melissa’s smile twitched for a moment and I stiffened as she wrapped a single arm around my shoulders. This made me more nerve wracked than anything Alec or Kade did.

“What’s your condition?” Her voice was cool, even.

“I want to stay home until Saturday.” I pursed my lips. It was only two days of school, I could make the work up easily. Plus, it gave me plenty of time to think about Alec and Kade.

Melissa nodded, “Alright, deal.”

My Mother- Melissa, was hugging me.

It’s just a fluke, my mind repeated. My defenses shot up and did what they could to protect me when the inevitable happened. Melissa had what she wanted, sooner or later she’d go back to treating me like vermin.

“I gotta go do homework.” My voice sounded strained and hoarse, “I’ll call her when I get upstairs.”

“Alright hon.” Melissa called as I turned and scrambled away.

My lungs and heart were on overdrive as I flopped down on my bed. I knew it sounded silly, but Melissa had that affect on me. Even after living with her for years, some part of me wanted a Mom.

Every time Melissa needed something from me, she’d turn all nice and caring. Over time I learned she’d never change, she’d just continue manipulating me. It was nice though, for a moment. For those short hours I had an actual Mom.

Once my breathing finally stilled, I called the Social Worker.

The call went straight to voice mail and I recited the line Melissa had told me.

I was just a bratty kid who made the entire thing up. Of course I was getting my checks, of course they helped me. I was just mad at Melissa.

Once my homework was finished I took an extremely long shower, basking in the hot water. My defenses slipped for just a moment, remembering what it felt like to be hugged by Melissa- by my Mother. I let a few tears slip down my cheeks and gave into the hollow feeling in my chest. Five minutes passed and I raised my defenses, pushing Melissa from my mind. Five minutes was all she deserved.

I snuck downstairs at one point, grabbing some leftovers I had taken home from the restaurant. Whenever an order was messed up, they’d set the food off to the side. No one noticed or cared when I slipped a few containers for myself. It saved money on buying my own food, and tasted much better than anything I could make on my own.

I flopped over on the bed and unlocked the phone Tori had given me. It was only fair of me to let her know about missing school the next two days.

-Aurora 8:58p.m.
Hey, I’m not gonna be in school these next 2 days. Sorry Tori

I cringed at the text I had sent, wondering if it was sufficient. It took me long enough to tap the letters out on the phone.

-Tori 9:00p.m.
Aw d**n 🙁 You feeling alright???

-Aurora 9:03p.m.
Just need some time to think. I’ll be back Monday. Promise

-Tori 9:05p.m.
Ugh alright, I get it 🙁 Also, just a heads up. I’m inviting myself over to your place tomorrow 🙂

My stomach clenched at the thought of Tori meeting Melissa and Frank. Not a chance I was gonna let that happen.

-Aurora 9:08p.m.
Actually can we just hang out at your house? There’s some renovations going on at mine.

I felt guilty for lying, but I refused to see the look of pity on her face when she saw where we lived. The most run down looking house in town. Plus, Melissa would put on a good show for her. She’d act like the caring Mom for a couple hours, and I couldn’t handle that.

Quite a bit of time passed and I wondered if I said something wrong. Maybe Tori was just as uncomfortable with bringing friends over her house as I was.

-Tori 9:34p.m.
Sounds good to me. Be ready at 3:30! G’night!