Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 117

Read Mated to the Alpha Twins [by Jane Doe] Chapter 117

“It is within all of your best interests to stand down.” Jaspar Fox’s voice rang throughout the crowd, strong and very much alive. The wolves he had brought with him twitched their tails in irritation, we were evenly matched now. I could see shimmering eyes deep within the forest, watching and waiting from the outside. “Defy your Alpha and take your own life into your hands, because soon Marcus Novak will be d**d.”

Jaspar looked towards me and somehow, I was able to decipher the words within his pale colored eyes. He was asking me a question, a simple yes or no. It took only a few seconds, reaching out with my magic before I had the answer.

Disappointment and acceptance flashed in his eyes as I shook my head ‘no’.

Many of the warriors here were loyal to Marcus, and radiated waves of hostility as they barely managed to keep themselves still. I could feel that so many of them were desperate for a way out, but the fear that stole their breath smothered any hope that might have flickered to life.

My warning gave all of us a head start before a sand-colored wolf on Jaspar’s flank lunged for his throat, the sudden outpour of sound was violent symphony in the background.

A second wolf, eyes the color of earth and fur the color of snow moved with incredible speed, hurling itself at the enemy. They collided in a see of gnashing teeth and snarls, but my attention was torn away before I could see who the victor had been.

“Can you get her to Marcus?” Jaspar questioned, gripping Zayne by the bicep in what I assumed was a greeting.

“He has bunkers all over the country, but he’d want to stay close.” Zayne said, piercing eyes narrowing as he paused for a moment. His eyes flickered up to mine, surprisingly calm considering he was sentencing his father to d***h. “I know where he is.”

“Lead the way.” I swallowed, nerves settling in my stomach.

I noticed his eyes weren’t on me but focused somewhere behind my head. Whirling around, I expected to see the towering form of a snarling wolf. What I noticed were the twin’s, thick onyx fur and blood-stained teeth as they fought to protect the three of us.

A flash of red sat just a few feet away from the twin’s, right where Zayne happened to be standing.

Tori’s crimson wolf leaped through the air; muzzle coated in blood as she sunk her teeth into the throat of an enemy. Despite her lean form, she thrashed back and forth, tearing the flesh of the wolf before letting its body fall to the ground.

My own eyebrows crept higher at the look on Zayne’s face, an expression I wasn’t sure he had ever made before. He watched Tori with surprise brimming in his eyes, the realization that he had underestimated her-that he didn’t truly know her.

Part of me wanted to think that even if he didn’t accept the bond, he was beginning to realize that Tori was his Luna.

“Where can I find him, Zayne?” I asked, pulling him back into the present as I read the clear reluctance in his eyes. “Tell me, and I’ll take the twins.”

I kept my eyes trained on his face, knowing he’d surely shut down if I even mentioned Tori’s presence.

“From behind the mansion, it’s a three-mile run to my mother’s old estate. You’ll lose their scent at the river, but you must keep going. Marcus, and his inner circle are in an underground bunker, in the basement. You won’t pick up his scent again until you’re inside.” His eyes met mine, emotionless and unwavering. Poise and perfection amidst the b****y and b****l backdrop. “They’re going to know you’re coming, and they won’t be alone. Ariana, the Hound and Chaos will be there.”

“Ariana is the only one who poses a threat to me. Once she is out of the picture, the rest of them will fall.” I said a bit darker than I intended, rage clouding my vision for those fleeting seconds.

“Do the world a favor, don’t lose yourself trying to k**l Marcus.” Zayne grunted, unreadable eyes of crystal blue flickering down to my own. “There’s no one alive to stop you if you go dark.”

With that heart-felt farewell, Zayne flexed his fingers and squared his shoulders, taking long strides forwards before shifting into a slate grey wolf.

His form was as large as the twin’s, nearing the size of a bear. There was an elegance to the way he walked, holding his head high. As I watched him bound into the thickest part of the fight, where Tori’s fiery wolf currently resided, I wondered what type of Alpha Zayne might turn out to be.

“A*****e.” I muttered.

“Consider it a compliment. That’s more concern than he’s shown in years.” Jaspar smirked, his eyes holding the answers to the dozens of questions swimming in my head. “I’ll be sending a few warriors to keep Marcus’s guys off your tail. Keep your guys from k*****g them for me.”

I let my thoughts mesh with Alec and Kade’s, both of which were charging through battle as though they had been born to it.

Neither were white wolves, but their aura of dominance and ferocity made me want to run in the opposite direction. They seemed larger than most of the wolves, their teeth longer and sharper. That alone made them frightening.

I gave both a hasty recap of what Zayne had said, and the plan that was now set in place. Both took a few seconds to finish off their prey, tossing limp, fur covered bodies to the side.

‘You two in?’ I asked, breathless even though I had yet to join the fight.

‘Of course, doll.’ Alec’s voice was rough, raspy from battle and the thrum of adrenaline. You’re not leaving our side for the foreseeable future.’

Alec and Kade paved the way, demolishing any wolf who stood against us. I sprinted along side of them, my lungs burning as cool air whipped across my cheeks. Even though my limbs b****d from the lack of exercise, my thundering heart was soaring.

I slid off the t-shirt I wore and tied it around my ankle, knowing sooner or later I would have to shift back. I took deep breaths, savoring the moisture and scent of nature in the air. There were no more cement walls and artificial light, the floral scent of laundry detergent and the grating voice of Marcus Novak. I could feel the twin’s emotions as if they were my own and reveled in the feeling of freedom that sent me propelling forwards.

At some point Kade had warned me that going too long without shifting would hurt. As my bones cracked and pulled apart, I realized how right he had been. Pain was short-lived in comparison to what was to come, the knowledge that I was on my way to end a life. What shocked me even further was the lack of regret, and the pure determination that this was what needed to be done. I wasn’t sure where the confidence had come from, but I knew that when the time came, I wouldn’t hesitate.

‘Don’t k**l the wolves following us. Not unless they attack.’ I warned the twin’s, wedged between the two of them as we sprinted through the forest, and around the side of the mansion. ‘Jaspar sent us some help.’

On the left side of the building was a large parking lot, likely for employee’s and servants. We had chosen the right side, which was dense forest that wrapped around the back and stretched farther than I could see.

‘Ariana has to go first.’ I told the two of them, ‘She can keep me from using my magic, but if she gets her hands on me-“

I repressed a shudder, that ice cold sensation dripping down the back of my spine. Both of my mates could see and feel the memory of her touch, seared into my skin.

Their determination turned just a tad more bloodthirsty.

‘Chaos won’t be a problem.’ Alec snickered; his voice still held that playful edge. ‘He’s already d**d.’

I almost stopped in my tracks and huffed when Alec n****d at my heels to steady me. Surprise pulsed through me, and just a hint of perverse joy as I remembered how he had turned my mates against one another.

‘How did it happen?’ I asked, hearing Kade snicker as he felt my smugness. ‘Did you k**l him?’

Unfortunately, no. Kade held that honor.’ Alec grunted, truly disappointed. “As for how it happened–“

‘Chaos gets distracted easily.’ Kade finished Alec’s sentence, his voice darkness wrapped in silk, the anger in his words barely contained.

It was why he hadn’t spoke yet, why he hadn’t expressed the turmoil that was surely going on inside of him. Kade handled his emotions through brute strength, physical exertion, and good old-fashioned revenge.

The wolves Jaspar had sent to protect us did their jobs, taking down any that noticed our presence. We followed the fading trail of Marcus’s scent as we approached the river, unable to detect it any further.

The three of us skidded to a stop as we came upon the pitiful remains of what was once a beautiful estate. A wrought iron fence spanned the property, it’s gate was covered in stray vines, with little red flowers growing in small clusters. It’s slow and steady creek sounded unbearably loud as I wrenched it open wide enough for us to slip through.

I kept a hand on Alec and Kade, letting my fingers sink into their thick fur. The t-shirt I wore wasn’t the most comfortable thing to wear into battle, but it covered everything important as it reached nearly to my knees.

A cracked and faded sign read ‘Novak Estate’, welded onto the iron gate. Crumbling pillars sat on either side of what must’ve once been a paved driveway. There wasn’t much asphalt left, mostly weeds and clumps of dry dirt. The entire place held an underlying tone of sadness, a loneliness that poisoned the earth and stained the air.

Enough remained of the estate’s structure that I could tell it was beautiful in it’s prime. Large windows that were shattered and had crumbled, were placed to let in copious amounts of sunlight. Twin balconies with ornate railings sat on the left and right side, somehow still standing despite all the other structural issues.

We entered through where the front door must have been. That part of the house had eroded, taking behind a good portion of the ceiling. The basement doors, which were wide enough to fit both twins’, were through the kitchen and into a small servant’s quarters. From the looks of it, this place was meant to be an intimate and private home. Much warmer than Marcus’s office-like mansion.

As we left the sunlight behind for more confined spaces and artificial light, I could see why no one would dare search this far. The air felt heavier, as if I could still taste whatever tragedy had occurred here.

The walls were of smooth cement, and every ten feet hung a small dome light from the ceiling. It left just a few inches of darkness between each light. Within that darkness, I watched a familiar eye open. Hazel with hues of moss and gold, ruined by the cruelty that shined within them.

“You talked a big game earlier, Aurora.” Ariana cooed sweetly, grinning at the twins and I. “But you’re going to d*e here, like a pathetic nobody, in some d**d woman’s house. While the meat is rotting off your bones; I’ll be up there, ruling the f*****g world.”

“You won’t be ruling anything, Marcus will.” I answered reflexively, a flicker of rage igniting in my gut when her smile widened.

“You’ll never make it to him, you know.” She snickered, turning on her heel as she sprinted off into the shadows.

It was clear she was leading us into a trap, but there was no other choice. The hallway twisted and turned, but never once branched off. It was a one way shot to the bunker, and there was no avoiding the fight that was brewing.

I sprinted around the corner after the twin’s when I heard Ariana shout, “I had to convince him you weren’t worth keeping. Too rabid and uncontrollable, there’s no other choice but to put you down. I didn’t even have to convince him to k**l Zayne. No, he set those plans in motion himself.”

My breath halted for a moment, thoughts flitting back to Zayne and Tori, both of which were neck-deep in the fight. A wave of panic threatened to overtake me at the thought of Tori losing her mate, but I swallowed the emotion for the time being. There was nothing I could do from here, but I could focus on k*****g Marcus. That might save us all.

The hallway opened into a large, circular room. At the very end was a metal door, much like what I would expect a safe room to have. A guard stood on either side, and next to Ariana stood the Hound.

The scent of wet earth and mildew mixed with his body odor, filling the room with the scent of rot, and sweat.

“That’s right, breathe it in. This is where you’re going to d*e. In this filthy hovel, like a mutt.” Ariana chuckled sharply, noticing the way my nose wrinkled at the smell.

With each insult she hurled my way, Kade’s rage ratcheted higher. His vision quickly became tinged in shades of red before a deafening snarl left his mouth, and his muscular form lunged for her throat.


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