Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 122

Read Mated to the Alpha Twins [by Jane Doe] Chapter 122

My Luna Ceremony commenced the following weekend, making Carrie even more frazzled a s she planned last minute details. Day by day, her buns became just a tad messier. Flower arrangements, guest lists, and food. She had even gone as far to search for entertainment. I had all but forbade her to make an event out of it, but the twin’s ordered her not to listen.

Streamers of cobalt and powder blue wrapped around the light posts in town, hanging brightly decorated wreaths. Storefronts hung lights, and laughter trickled in through the cracks of devastation.

The crowd of guests that cheered when I walked under the pavilion erected in the park made my face flush. The positive emotions made me giddy as I passed from guest to guest, riding the high of happiness and celebration.

As the ceremony commenced, the joy in my stomach turned to worry. Self-doubt lingered at the corners of my mind, fleeing only when the twins came into sight.

Alec had trimmed his hair for the occasion, though the sides were still a tad shorter than the top. Kade’s hair was unruly as ever, but the look made him seem darker–more dangerous as he stood there waiting for me.

‘You have nothing to fear, sweetheart.’ His gruff voice was soft, a tone reserved only for my ears and our deepest thoughts. ‘You’ve been Luna of all three packs for a long time now. This ceremony is just a formality.’

‘And a future headache.’ Alec’s playful voice helped slice through the final shreds of my reluctance, until excitement once again returned.

The ceremony itself was short, not nearly as complex as a human marriage despite how complicated it actually was. After swearing my life and loyalty to all three packs, and a nasty slice to the palm of my hand, the voices of thousands filled my mind.

I had been warned about this part, but there was no training available for something like this.

‘Focus, doll.’ Alec warned, his voice breaking through the sea of chaos. ‘You can tune them out. It’s all within your control. You’re their Luna.’

D******g in a sea of sound and emotion, I swam towards the sound of Alec’s voice. Slowly, the chaos dimmed, and I could hear past the ringing in my ears. When I was finally able to open my eyes, a second of silence ensued before the surrounding crowd erupted in cheers. Brandon Fox stood at the front, an earsplitting grin on his face as he whooped and punched the air.

That night was one I’d always remember, and not because I danced hours of it away with Alec. I had nearly fell over laughing as Brandon flitted from she-wolf to she-wolf, his charm effectively failing him each time. Even Kade begrudgingly swept me onto the dance floor during a particularly slow song, his eyebrows knitted into a scowl while his cheeks b****d a light shade of pink.

By the time the music ceased, and Alec pulled me into his arms, I had realized I hadn’t seen Tori or Zayne for the last few hours.

“I know you’re worried about Tori, but from what I heard in the guest house, you’d only be interrupting by seeking her out.” He chuckled low in my ear, making my mouth pop open in surprise. “Besides, we have something better in mind, a celebration of our own.”

“Really?” I hummed, my breath hitching as his arms wound around my waist. “What will we be celebrating?”

“Not you, just us.” Kade’s chuckle brushed the back of my neck, his arms snaking around from the back. “I don’t think celebrate is an appropriate word for what Alec and I have planned. We plan to worship you, Luna Aurora.”

I followed the twins from the party, my cheeks aching from the smile plastered to my face and a fire burning low in my stomach.

At the time, I hadn’t fully grasped what the twins had planned. I was swept into muscular arms the moment we entered the house, pinned to the bed with rough hands and heated skin. They snarled and snapped at one another, fighting for the sweetness between my legs. Coarse hands held me down while I thrashed and screamed out my o****m onto Kade’s tongue, all whilst Alec whispered sweet words of encouragement.

The two took their time with me, passing me between the other as my own energy waned. I savored the roughness and desperation in their touch, the feral need to imprint themselves on me in every way possible.

By the time my eyes fluttered shut from exhaustion, I felt Alec’s hand dip between my legs.

“We have another surprise for you, doll.” His voice was husky from what little sleep we managed.

I jolted a bit when I realized he held a cold washcloth in his hand and was wiping away at the remains of their seed as it had dried to my t****s.

It took some time to dress and ready myself, especially when my leg muscles groaned, and my core throbbed in remembrance. Even Kade, with his gruff demeanor, was more of a morning person than me. His touch was gentle as he helped me into a t-shirt and offered a hand while I slipped on my pants.

“My surprise is out of town?” I asked curiously, my eyes flitting through the forest as we passed down one of the towns many back roads.

Deeper into the forest we ventured, where small roads branched off the main one, leading to private houses and cabins. Just as I readied myself to ask another question, Kade slowed the sedan and turned onto a small gravel road. The vehicle tilted back and forth on the rocky ground, but within seconds we were pulling up to the front of a small house.

The wooden boards were painted a sunny shade of yellow, and the wrap around porch was covered in plants. Wide, tropical leaves hung from a lattice against the porch. Flowers with emerald vines wrapped around the railings, sprouting petals of fuchsia and violet.

“No way.” I gasped, all but leaping from the sedan as Sage stepped onto the front porch.

Her glossy grey hair was braided down her shoulder and back, her eyes creased as a smile of her own lit her face. The plants nearest to her swayed in the breeze, reaching towards the woman who radiated so much life and light.

“Looks like you took my advice, dear.” Her voice hinted at her age, but the youth in her eyes shimmered like fragments of the sun. Her smile widened as Alec and Kade stepped from the vehicle, “And then some.”

“How is this possible?” I laughed, surprised but not offended when she pulled me in for a hug. Sage smelled of earth and petals, honey and herbs that clung to the thick strands of her hair. “I thought you and your son were hidden away in the forest.”

“Oh, we were and d**n happy there too.” Sage chuckled, “Your twins sent a few men to my door when things started going south. Nearly sent them packing until they mentioned a Luna Aurora. My instincts never failed me once, and they were telling me to pack up and leave. I miss my garden, but your mates here provided me with a suitable replacement. Even if the land’s fallen into disrepair.”

“You seem to be enjoying fixing things up around here.” Alec smirked, crossing his arms over his broad chest. He poked at one of the leaves nearby, “Actually, it looks like there’s a lot more plants here today than there were a few days ago.”

“Of course, there is. I control the plants, after all.” Sage snapped, but a grin tugged at the corners of her lips. Her eyes flickered over to where I stood, “Come inside, dear. I sent my son to the store a few hours ago, told him not to come back until he’s mated.”

Sage and I talked for hours, long enough that the twins grew restless. I couldn’t contain my happiness when Sage told me she planned to stay here, making this house and pack her home. It would take her some time to get used to the change, no longer having to hide and use her magic in fear.

Her son returned home as the sun began to set. He muttered a gruff hello and sauntered into the kitchen. I hadn’t the courage to ask if he had found his mate, but I hoped the nervous excitement fluttering in his chest was a good sign.

Nearly a week later, after all the excitement had died down, I received a phone call I hadn’t realized I’d been waiting for.

‘One Missed Voicemail: Melissa.’

I listened to that voicemail more times than I cared to admit, desperately trying to discern the emotion in her words without having to meet her face to face.

Her voice, though like my own, was throatier from her smoking habit. It was something she did only when she was stressed.

Frank had left her for the cashier at the liquor store, a college dropout named Sadie. He had tried to run and cower after getting the girl pregnant, to which Melissa promptly kicked him out. I could hear the flick of her lighter in the background, followed by the muttered curse when she failed to light her cigarette.

She wanted to meet with me, to talk about the past and what kind of future we might salvage together.

The twins never once discouraged me from meeting her, no matter how much buried pain she had caused. For some reason, which I still couldn’t figure out, I agreed.

Standing on the faded boards that made up the front porch sent a feeling of unease skittering through my gut. A memory of fear as it flashed through my head, trying to turn me into the girl I was before. The one who ran instead of facing her problems, who left the shattered pieces for everyone else to clean up.

Her wheat-colored hair was curled when she answered the door, a pale blue eyeshadow was dusted across her lids. Nude lipstick and gloss coated her lips. The blush on her face showed off her high cheekbones and fair skin. She was wearing her best clothes, a dress skirt, and heels with a silk blouse.

The first knife in my gut was the flash of disappointment when she realized I had arrived alone.

Alec and Kade waited in the car, this wasn’t something I wanted an audience to.

Maybe I was punishing myself, but I followed her into the house I had lived in, but never once called home.

The faint undertone of air freshener clung to the cracked leather couch and chipped coffee table. A container of antiseptic wipes sat on the counter. The dishes were done and stacked in neat piles. The house was cleaner than it had been in the months I lived here.

“Aurora, sweetheart. How have you been?” I frowned at the nickname she called me, the one Kade often used. It felt off coming from her, twisted and warped. Her voice was soft, but it was the emotions beneath I found myself interested in. There was no emotion towards Frank’s betrayal. At the very least, I had expected anger. Understanding blossomed like bloodstained petals when she continued speaking, “I heard about your ceremony-it’s like a promotion, right? Or a coronation?”

At one point, I would have seen the light in her eyes and mistaken it for fondness…perhaps I’d even convince myself that some small, motherly part of her was proud of me. That her own interests were cast aside just this once, for the child she never wanted.

It was my abilities that both released and caged me.

I could feel the desperate, clawing need as it rattled in her ribcage like a starved beast. The harsh regret like an ash coated tongue, and the greedy desire to claim it all. The realization that life was fleeting, and what had she done with hers but ruin it?

Like a snake, I could feel her slithering close with every silent step she took. Venomous to even those closest because a snake could never change its own nature, nor would it apologize.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, a child cried out for the warmth of her mother. Her heart broke for this woman more times than I could count, the pain shoved down until it seeped into our blood and hardened our heart.

Like any smart predator, she could see the change in my eyes. The hardness that took over as I stared right through her. I wondered if she could feel me probing, picking at her deepest emotions with the honed scalpel of my abilities. Slicing back bitter memories and fits of jealousy, rage and frustration shoved onto the shoulders of a child.

“You can’t hurt me anymore.” I said softly, finally freeing myself from her. “Have a good life, Mom.”

Her fractured sobs filled the house, ringing in my ears as I turned my back on her. I descended the porch steps, back to the men who claimed every inch of my soul, devoured my pain, and replaced it with unconditional love.

The ghost of a smile crawled across my lips because for once, her regret was true.


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