Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 124

Read Mated to the Alpha Twins [by Jane Doe] Chapter 124

Three Years Later

My back arched and eyes rolled back as molten pleasure coiled between my legs, increasing with every desperate stroke of Kade’s tongue. My hands were tangled in his hair, tugging him closer while also pushing him away. His snarls vibrated against my s***k folds, coaxing unfathomable sounds from my lips. The man ate like he was starving, devouring every inch of my swollen flesh with his lips, tongue, and teeth.

Alec lay beside me, the heavy length of him pressed against my hip as he stroked and played with my tender n*****s. Lavishing kisses down my neck and shoulder. Goosebumps erupted where his light caresses fell, even though the air around us was humid and warm.

Both he and Kade were entranced, feasting on me as they had countless times, only this time-their attention would stray down to my stomach, to the swell of life hidden within my womb.

They were achingly gentle with me. To the point where my core throbbed, begging to be taken until my throat grew hoarse and my legs sore.

“I’m not going to break, you know.” I whimpered for the thousandth time.

It was slow, agonizing torture. Gradually leading up to the moment where I inevitably fell. Shattering again and again, until my limbs trembled, and my body cried out for reprieve.

Both Alec and Kade’s protective instincts shot through the roof the moment they spotted the positive pregnancy test. I had taken a dozen of them, staring opened mouthed in the mirror.

I had been on birth control for years now, but last month I decided to switch to a different brand. There was a one week waiting period, which I was certain we hadn’t missed-but something must’ve gone wrong.

There had never been a time in my life where I imagined myself as a mother. Any time my mind would stray that far ahead–I’d see flashes of my own, a cigarette hanging from her mouth as spat at me not to leave my room.

I hadn’t thought about Melissa much since letting her go, but this sent me reeling back to those years ago. When I had been too frightened and berated to fight back.

My heart shattered and repaired itself when the twin’s found me, scooping me into the safety of their arms. They demolished the gnarled vines of my panic and horror, letting the sun break through with strength and hope.

‘You’re not her.’ Kade reminded me, the adoration in his voice made me take a shaky breath. ‘You’ve never been her.’

‘It’s your choice, doll. We’d never force something like this on you.’ Alec’s voice was close behind, a soothing melody to Kade’s intense tone. ‘When we decide to have one, our child will be happy and loved.’

‘They’ll never know the things you’ve went through.’ Kade continued, his lips twitching into a soft grin. ‘Not with a mother who can feel their every emotion.’

Neither pestered me for an answer, even though I could feel their minds whirling at the fact that one might be a father. As I drifted in and out of sleep, I could feel their wonder, along with a feather-light touch that swept along my abdomen.

That night, when they thought I was sleeping, I heard the promise they made to one another.

“Everything changes if she decides to keep it.” Alec chuckled incredulously, “I wasn’t afraid of going into battle, not even the first time, but I’m f*****g terrified at the thought of being a father.”

“Things have been changing since our mate k****d Marcus Novak.” Kade’s voice was one of unflinching strength, pouring confidence with every syllable. I turned my face into the pillow when tears flooded my eyes, formed by how strongly Kade believed his words. “She will be the best mother, no matter what point in her life she bears our children. Our children will never know neglect. They’ll never feel unloved or ignored. I actually can’t think of anyone better suited.”

They went quiet for a few moments, and I wondered if they were talking over mind-link. I fought to keep my breathing slow, even with the traitorous tear trailing down my cheek.

For their entire lives, Kade was the rock that refused to break against the harsh current of the ocean. Even though his anger could easily get the best of him, he had always been a steadying presence for Alec-and now myself.

“It doesn’t matter who’s technically the father, you know that right?” Alec broke the silence, his soft voice startling me from the clutches of sleep. “If she wants a DNA test, I’ll agree to it, but it wouldn’t change anything for me.”

“Mom and dad used to joke that we were the same soul, split into two different bodies. We’ve shared everything since we were kids, even a pack…and now we share a mate. As far as I’m concerned, the role of father is something else we can share.”

“Aurora’s right. You can be sweet when you want.” Alec teased, and I smiled into the pillow as Kade grumbled. “I’ve never needed a best-friend because I knew no one would understand like you do. No matter what she decides, I’ve never regretted her having you as a mate. She needs both of us.”

Sleep came quickly, sweeping me away as the twin’s slid into bed, their body heat chasing away the chill. I slept without a single dream or monster infested nightmare for the first time in months, comforted by the decision I had just made.

I was thrust into a world I never knew existed, and quickly learned that running from my problems wouldn’t make them go away.

I had dealt with so much more than I ever thought possible. Felt more emotion than a single human could bear, but I came out on the other side. The nightmares were a punishment I’d happily pay, to keep the family I had finally found.

Other than immediate family, we decided not to tell the public until a gender was announced. Our pack would celebrate the Luna or Alpha who would someday rule in our stead.

It was still surreal, to think that I was carrying the future of this pack within my womb.

The twin’s catered to me, treating me with a reverence that was almost religious. At four months, the swell of my stomach was noticeable beneath tight fitting clothes. I had opted for oversized t-shirts that looked far too large on my small form, but it allowed me to continue working at the bakery.

The twins had tried to draw the line at me working, but after three failed attempts, one would stay behind to hover over me, like a worried mother-hen. Typically, it was Alec who stayed. After a month, he had learned a thing or two in the bakery and was useful as he kept pace at my side.

When the six-month mark rolled around, I finally stepped back from working at the bakery. The team of employee’s I had hired, which ranged from a few high-school students to some college dropouts and even a small-time pastry chef or two, already noticed the changes in me.

Tori and Zayne arrived that June, just in time for my ultrasound appointment. Out of all the people in my life I surprised with my pregnancy, I knew Tori’s reaction would be memorable.

We hadn’t told either one the real reason for the visit, only that we were hosting an event- one they wouldn’t want to miss.

When the twin’s and I emerged onto the front porch to greet them, I made sure to wear a form fitting shirt. My hair had grown significantly during my pregnancy, and now grazed my lower back. As Kady and Ava had told me numerous times, I was glowing–radiating warmth and life with every smile and laugh I sent out into the world.

Zayne spotted me first, his slate grey eyes homing in on my stomach as if there were a flashing sign spelling out his name. His eyes were on my stomach long enough for Kade to growl under his breath. Zayne chuckled and nodded his head towards Tori.

“Good luck getting her attention, she’s searching for her heat protectant spray.” Zayne snorted. I didn’t miss the way he eyed Tori’s bottom as she rummaged through the car.

“You’d be a bit more understanding if it were your hair that turned into a frizz-ball in humid environments.” She huffed, not glancing his way.

She was fishing through the trunk, searching through her copious amounts of luggage when she turned to see what Zayne was laughing at. Confusion filled her emerald eyes, as she turned and waved at the twin’s and me. As she turned back to the trunk, her back stiffened.

“There she goes.” Zayne nodded to himself, a smirk on his face as he watched Tori’s jaw drop.

“No-f*****g-way!” She shrieked off-key, making her mate’s smirk turn into a full- blown grin.

She pulled me in for a cinnamon scented hug, squealing and jumping as a slew of emotions burst within her like crimson fireworks. If I hadn’t been six months pregnant, my best- friend would have knocked me off my feet.

The real excitement came that Thursday, two days after Tori and Zayne arrived.

The five of us piled into the cozy hospital room in the same hospital Tori’s parents worked in. Her dad was the one flitting in and out, asking if I needed anything before he came in to do the ultrasound.

The gel was cold, as it had been the first time, I had gotten an ultrasound. This time, my stomach was larger, a dome that blocked out my legs and part of my feet. I stifled a giggle as Kade caught my eye, smirking at my wriggling toes.

Tori’s dad worked the probe over the tight skin on my stomach, his eyes on the small monitor ahead. His hair had just a little more salt than pepper, fading just a tad more each year.

“Ah, yes-alright, it’s shifted position.” He nodded to himself, typing a few notes into the computer. He took another look at the screen, and my insides clenched painfully at the confusion tinging his emotions.

Tori noticed as well and walked around to view the screen with her dad. She was in her second year of medical school, her goal to become a prenatal doctor. While that didn’t make her qualified, I trusted her and her dad’s judgement.

“What—-what is that?” She asked, and I struggled to take in a breath.

The twins took a step towards me, both more tuned into my own emotions and needs than their own. Their eyes were dark pits of concern and helplessness, because this was one battle they couldn’t fight their way out of.

Realization replaced the confusion on Tori’s face, lightening the fear in my heart when a wide grin formed on her face. Her dad let out a laugh, lifting his glasses to get a better look. When he met my eyes, I felt the life within my stomach kick.

“Congratulations Luna Aurora, you’re having twin boys.”

The announcement rippled throughout the country, passing through countless packs as tales of my mates and I passed through the mouths of others.

Down in our own streets, music and laughter could be heard. The townspeople had been celebrating all week, keeping bars and restaurants open twenty-four hours as strangers danced on sidewalks and sang into the open night.

Up until I finally gave birth, I hadn’t truly grasped the fact that my life was once again changing. Who I was–how I thought of myself, it was shifting again.

I still felt the inexperienced, clumsy girl deep within my soul-even though I had changed, morphing into the woman I am now.

That woman was also changing, growing closer to becoming a mother with each passing hour.

Childbirth was something we were briefly taught about as children, but young girls never truly knew what it encompassed until they were the ones crying out in pain, feeling life tear through them.

Through the pain and the tears, the twins were there with me. The blood and gore never once phased them, but the whimpers and cries that left my lips brought them agony they could not end. Whispered words and gentle touches were all they could provide, as they felt the echo of my pain wash over their senses.

The names Dean and Sebastian were chosen by the twin’s, who gazed down at the onyx haired babies with eyes blown-wide, adoration stirring in their depths.

A celebration was thrown at the capital of our pack just three months after the twin’s birth. Their chubby limbs had grown, as did their cheeks and thick manes of dark hair. They were spitting images of their father’s, right down to the eyes.

Garrett and Julian often liked to watch them, even though they consistently got the two mixed up. How they couldn’t tell Sebastian’s curls from Dean’s curved smile was beyond me.

I had thought the celebration pointless at the time, but it was a way to catch up with the other High Table members, considering we had only two meetings in the past year alone.

Things were finally settling down, smoothing out into an era of peace that I hoped would last at least a few decades.

The party was held at the park in town, so that any and every one could come celebrate. Multiple grills were erected, stereos blasting music into the crowd. Families laughed, children danced and chased after one another. The happiness and joy in the air made my head light, and a genuine smile to my face.

Brandon Fox and Alicia made an appearance, as did Jaspar and his mate. High Table member Isabella had found her mate last year, and currently wandered the gardens with him at her side. Isaiah and Mera arrived late, caught in the traffic as the townspeople celebrated on the streets.

Sage was responsible for the blooming gardens that surrounded us, while her son and his mate manned two of the large grills. Music trickled in from all directions, followed by laughter and the scent of charred meats.

I spotted Mera’s golden hair through the crowd and was a bit surprised to see another head of golden hair.

“Sabine, you were able to come.” I smiled warmly, relieved I had sent an invitation to her when I sent out Mera and Isaiah’s. I knew the chances of her coming this far were slim, but happiness blossomed within me at the sight of her out.

“She’s doing a lot better with going unfamiliar places.” Mera grinned, clasping her sister’s hand in her own.

Isaiah’s eyes twinkled, and Mera let out a heart -warming laugh.

“Could we see the babies?” Isaiah asked, an eager grin spreading across his face. “It’s incredible that you had twins! Another set of ruling twins.”

“Isaiah loves children. If it weren’t for my iron willpower and birth control, we would’ve had ten by now.” Mera snorted, and even Sabine cracked a smile.

Alec came up on my left, and Kade on my right. A few seconds later, I could make out Tori’s fiery hair moving through the crowd. In her arms was Dean, sleeping softly as she cooed and fussed over him. Tori took her role as God mother seriously and showered the twins in undying affection. In Kade’s arms was Sebastian, identical yet slightly different than his brother.

Tufts of onyx hair were messy on the babies’ heads, their eyes closed, and fists clenched as they slept the afternoon away. Anytime I looked at them, the most over-whelming sense of peace washed over me.

I was focused on Dean’s pouty lips and feather -soft lashes, so I hadn’t heard what Sabine uttered–but whatever it was made Mera stiffen and c**k her head.

“Sabine, what did you just say?”

Sabine looked surprised, as though she had finally found what she was looking for.

“Is that what she’s been going on about for months?” Isaiah asked, his eyes growing wide as he looked down at Sebastian sleeping in his arms.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, refusing to feed into my worry until someone explained. I looked towards Sabine, whose eyes were on my twin sons. “Did you have a vision about my children?”

“Sort of.” Sabine said softly, her eyes flickering between the lot of us. “Sometimes my visions are like a scenario playing out, other times I see broken images and clips. I’ve been having this dream for months now, but I couldn’t figure out how the pieces fit. I think I understand now-“

Her eyes flickered from Sebastian to Dean when she spoke, “Your babies are fraternal, a father for each.”

According to Tori and her dad-it was rare, incredibly rare, but not impossible. Heteropaternal Superfecundation they had called it, even though we had chosen not to get a DNA test. They were both fathers to a set of twin’s, and complecating things further would do us no good.

None of us knew it at the time, but it was only the beginning.

The beginning of a legacy, a family of Alpha’s and Luna’s that were new to this world-that came in pairs of two. Aline that would span the decades and help propel us werewolves into the future.


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