Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 15

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“Hello there Tori.” The new receptionist grinned.

“Hey Jaycee.” Tori smiled in return, “Is my Dad in the back?”

Jaycee had just recently graduated highschool, and her parents practically begged for their daughter to apprentice under the pack doctor.

“Sure is.” Jaycee nodded, “Go on through, he’s not busy at the moment.”

My fingers twitched irritably, and I glanced over at my brother. While I relented and let Kade have a turn holding Aurora, I was already beginning to miss her.

Twin’s were exceedingly rare in the werewolf community, making Kade and I a medical anomaly. While Kade happened to be a few minutes older than I, the two of us shared the role of Alpha. We had spent out entire lives sharing things. The only thing we refused to share was women. Kade and I had never found a woman worth sharing, someone we both couldn’t part with.

Our parents were at a standstill. It was clear Kade and I were both Alpha’s, but what would that mean for our future mates? Would we each find a separate mate? Or would we share a woman, like we had shared everything else in our lives.

In all honesty, the idea of sharing a mate with my brother made my blood boil. That is, until we met Aurora.

The little thing ran into us in the hallway, provoking an irritating response from Grace.

The two of us were completely stunned. While sharing a mate was always the topic of discussion, it had never been done before in our history. The two of us felt the mate bond clearly, drawing us in and making us crave the quiet new girl.

Kade was quick to end things with Grace, and I wondered if he would stay true to his word. The two of us have had many s****l partners, but Grace was someone Kade could always turn to when he wanted an easy f**k.

The two of us were completely captivated with Aurora. Her name as unique as per personality. Her eyes were the first thing to draw us in. One a brilliant shade of blue, the other the color of molten chocolate. We had never seen someone with two different colored eyes before.

Kade and I have always enjoyed games. After realizing how quiet and timid the little doll was, we made it our mission to provoke a reaction. The two of us had clearly underestimated the power of the mate bond. The urge to touch her, to feel her creamy skin beneath our fingers was stronger than the two of us anticipated. After a heated discussion between the two of us, we decided to resist the mate bond. Neither of us wanted to share, and yet neither wanted to part with Aurora. It took some time for us to accept the situation for what it was. We were both destined to love the same girl.

Tori thanked the cheerful receptionist and turned back to Aurora. Her gaze was guarded, giving Aurora a look I couldn’t place.

It was clear Aurora was unaware of what we truly were. Kade and I struggled to come to a consensus on how to approach that subject. While we were determined to keep the little doll, the last thing we wanted was to completely scare her off.

While we were absolute s**t at showing it, we wanted her. We wanted her love and affection, but my brother and I are not what you’d call romantic. H**l, neither of us have ever had an actual girlfriend. We simply had piece’s of a*s that wished they were our girlfriends. Grace would fall under that category. We were completely thrown through a loop when we met Aurora.

Jaycee’s eyes nearly popped out of her head as her eyes flickered between my brother and I. I tried to shoot my brother a warning glance, but his eyes were glued on Aurora.

She pouted in his arms, still seething from the latest rumor she somehow heard. How she heard it when she failed to come to school was beyond me. Kade and I had been irritable all day, seeing our mate in school was what we looked forward to most. The two of us hoped we hadn’t scared her off with our little fun in the empty classroom, but we simply couldn’t keep our hands off of her.

Kade and I adored a girl who tried to resist our advances, secretly fantasizing about our fingers roaming her heated skin. The fight made it fun, and boy did Aurora put up a fight. The desire she held for the two of us was clear in her unique eyes, but so was the determination that fueled her defiance.

It was thrilling and incredibly arousing pushing Aurora’s boundaries, crumbling her willpower into dust. Her body responded to the two of us fully. She had truly been made for Kade and I. Perfection in a petite and feisty form.

“Alph-” Jaycee’s voice was shaky, her fingers smoothing the cream blouse she was wearing.

“Thank you, Jaycee.” My brother cut her off with a polite smile, now that he finally peeled his eyes away from our entrancing mate.

Kade and I followed Tori down the hall, walking into a large room. Kade and I had never visited the pack doctor before. The two of us were exceptionally skilled at fighting, and neither of us had ever been harmed bad enough to visit.

“Tori, what brings you here darlin’?” Tori’s Dad, the pack doctor grinned at his child.

Tori had once been close friends with Kade and I, but sometimes people grow apart. It was sheer luck that Tori found lasting friendship with our mate.

“My friend hurt her ankle.” Tori smiled, raising her eyebrow at Aurora. Tori was silently daring her to argue.

I couldn’t keep the smirk from my face when defiance flashed through Aurora’s intoxicating eyes. She clearly wasn’t happy to be here. Although, seeing her with Tori answered a few questions.

Aurora obviously wasn’t sick, so why did she stay home from school? Was it really to avoid Kade and I?

“She doesn’t know what we are.” Kade informed the Doctor through the mind-link. “We would like to keep it that way.”

“Very well, Alpha’s.” The Pack Doctor replied, shooting a glance our way.

“You can set her down over here.” The Doctor motioned for Kade to come forward.

Kade sat Aurora down on the thick pad, and I could tell he missed having her in his arms. That makes the two of us then.

“She’s quite angry over a silly rumor.” Kade murmured through the mind-link in amusement.

I rolled my eyes, “You should’ve pushed Grace off of you.”

“Grace knows we are done.” Kade grimaced, his eyes locked on Aurora.

“You know Grace as well as I do, she will not give up.” I pursed my lips, watching the Doctor remove Aurora’s shoe.

“Then she will be punished for defying us.” Kade crossed his arms over his chest, “I have no use for her anymore.”

That was Kade’s romantic way of saying no one else could replace Aurora. As I said, we aren’t the romantic type. Regardless, we would strive to become whatever Aurora wanted us to be.

My teeth clenched together audibly as I looked down at Aurora’s foot. It was three times the size it should’ve been, and was covered in purple and black splotches.

“What the f**k happened to her foot.” Kade was the first of us to snap. His glare was directed at Tori.

Aurora jumped at Kade’s outburst and his eyes instantly softened.

I could tell Kade hated the idea of Aurora in pain as much as I did. The urge to be near her, to comfort her, was overwhelming. Her vanilla and pear scent swirled around the room, like an alluring perfume.

“I’ll have to take Aurora down the hall for x-rays.” The Doctor informed us, a concerning look on his face.

“What’s the problem?” I demanded through the mind-link.

The concerned look on the Doctor’s face twisted my insides painfully.

“It looks like a simple fracture, but I would like to know how this happened.” The Doctor responded quickly, “She has a bruise on her face. Has she been in any fights at school?”

Kade and I locked eyes. I wonder if he had the same sickening feeling in his gut. Neither one of us knew much about Aurora’s family. However, she was a clumbsy little thing. Regardless, my blood boiled at the thought of someone laying a hand on her. I could easily tell Kade felt the same.

“No. She wouldn’t fight anyone.” I shook my head.

Aurora might be feisty at times, but she wouldn’t fight anyone. She might act tough at times, but it was clear she had a kind heart.

“If I could make a suggestion, I’m going to carry her to the next room if that is alright with the two of you.” The Doctor’s eyes flickered up to Aurora as she hissed in pain under his touch, “You can see what Tori knows.”

Kade flashed me a hard look, and I could practically tell what he was thinking. No way in h**l did we want any man touching our mate, but I highly doubted Aurora would tell us anything. She was still pissed at the thought of Kade getting back with Grace.

“Very well.” I muttered, clenching my fists as the Doctor lifted Aurora into his arms.

“Aren’t you coming?” Aurora frowned at Tori, her eyes unusually large.

Tori shook her head. She gave Kade and I a hard look, “I’ll be right there, give me five minutes.”

Aurora sighed and nodded her head. It was clear she felt uncomfortable, and I desperately wanted to wipe away the frown that fell on her plush lips.

Tori waited patiently for her Dad to leave with Aurora and turned to the two of us with a frown.

“Before you ask, I only know what she told me.” Tori huffed, her gaze flickering between the two of us, “But in return I have a question for the two of you.”

“You want to negotiate?” Kade spat irritably, “Aurora is hurt and you plan on keeping information from us?”

I rolled my eyes at my brother, he was the more temperamental one of the two of us.

“Let’s hear her out before we condemn her.” I murmured through the mind-link.

“Very well.” Kade’s reply was gruff and irritable.

“What’s your question?” I asked Tori.

Her eyebrow cocked as her hazel eyes canned my brother and I. Tori had once been a close friend, it was interesting how much she had changed over the years. Once a shy and timid child, she had become just as confident and outgoing as her mother.

“It’s not a question, really.” Tori pursed her lips, “More so, I want your input on an.. observation I made.”

Well, that definitely gained our attention. What Tori said next had my brother and I exchanging weary glances.

“Aurora’s your mate isn’t she?” Tori’s lips twitched, fighting a smirk.

Kade and I were rendered speechless for a moment, glancing at eachother hastily.

“She doesn’t miss much, does she?” I let out an amused chuckle through the mind-link.

“Apparently not.” Kade remarked.

“Even if you deny it, your reaction tells me everything I need to know.” Tori nodded, looking somewhat worried for her friend.

We decided to keep the news of finding our mate from the pack. We didn’t need anyone slipping up and telling Aurora what we truly were. Even our parents were in the dark about Aurora’s identity.

“And she’s really both of your mates?” Tori frowned, confusion shining in her eyes, “That’s never happened before.”

I was the first to answer, “She is. We would.. appreciate if you kept this to yourself.”

I was the more charming and diplomatic brother, if I do say so myself. I spoke my words carefully, not wanting to use an Alpha Command unless absolutely necessary.

“Of course.” Tori nodded, “She’s my bestfriend, but it’s not my place to say anything.”

“Good.” I nodded, satisfied with her response. “We have an agreement then.”

“Now tell us, how did she get hurt?” Kade grimaced, his anger and impatience lingering in his words.

I decided to chime in, “We know she has a bruise on her face. Are those the extent of her injuries?”

Tori frowned, “I have no clue. It’s not like I can just tell her to take her clothes off.”

I raised my eyebrow at Kade, “I’m sure we could convince her.”

Desire for our little mate flashed in my brother’s eyes, just as it flashed within my own.

Tori snorted in disbelief, earning an incredulous look from Kade and I.

“Um if it wasn’t already obvious, she’s not happy with the two of you.” Tori gave the two of us a stern look, oddly reminding me of my mother, “There’s no way you’ll get her out of her clothes anytime soon.”

I shot Kade a hard glare, unsupervised when he snapped at me through the mind-link.

“I’ve made it more than clear, Grace and I are finished.” Kade snapped, “How was I supposed to know she’d spread rumors?”

“Make it clearer.” I snapped back.

“There is something else.” Tori frowned, looking mildly worried and uncomfortable. “She told me she got hurt falling down the stairs.”

“It’s not a long shot.” Kade murmured, “She is quite clumbsy.”

“She is.” Tori nodded, “But I think she’s hiding something.”

“What do you suspect?” I grimaced, two seconds away from storming up to Aurora and demanding some answers.

“I don’t suspect anything.” Tori shrugged, “She just got real nervous and defensive when I asked what happened.”

“We’ll just have to keep an eye on her.” I nodded, “We’ll stay in the woods, keep to wolf form so she doesn’t think we’re stalking her.”