Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 31

Read Mated to the Alpha Twins [by Jane Doe] Chapter 31

Despite the gut feeling brewing within me, I swallowed down my bile and got ready for school.

School was the last place I wanted to be, but somehow I knew I’d never escape if Garrett whisked me away to his ‘pack’.

It was only one day. One day and I could run to work to grab my check, leaving this town behind only a few hours after.

I texted Tori that night, letting her know to pick me up for school. She was practically ecstatic that I was coming back, making me feel even more guilty.

Thalia questioned my every move, using every moment she could to plant doubt in my mind.

‘What if Garret’s telling the truth?’ She huffed, frustrated after spending an hour arguing with me to no avail.

‘He’s not.’ I shook my head, ‘I’m not buying it–It’s just not real.’

‘You know deep down, Aurora.’ Thalia sighed, ‘You’ve always known there’s been a piece of you missing. This is that piece. This is why you’re so strong. You were born to rule.’

‘I wasn’t even supposed to be born.’ I rolled my eyes, ignoring Thalia’s words. I didn’t like how sincere she sounded.

Part of me wanted to believe I was destined for something great, but that would mean living with the people who had never wanted me in the first place. Was it worth living with Garrett, Kady, Veronica, Grace, Autumn, Melissa and even Frank? I don’t think so.

I gathered my completed homework, stuffing them in my backpack in frustration. I had no idea why I even bothered with the homework. By the end of the day I’d be a drop out, running away from my own family—if you could call them that.

I spent the night refining my plan, working through the smaller details.

I’d head to school in a noticeable outfit, changing before I left during the night. I’d keep my face from any camera’s and catch a bus to the next airport.

I had been smart enough to remove most of my money from my debit card, keeping it tightly locked in a box under my new bed.

I’d leave both cellphones behind and catch a flight as far away as possible. All I had to do was get through my last day of school.

The morning rolled around much too fast.

I should’ve been worried about Grace, worried about the twin’s. I couldn’t explain why, but I wasn’t. The prospect that this was my last day with any of them really put things into perspective.

I slipped on the only other dress I owned, something I had only worn in public once or twice. It was simply too flashy for my taste.

A heart shaped neckline highlighted my full chest, the dress ending in waves against my t****s. The dress was a light shade of blue with short sleeves. I had always loved this dress, but hated the attention it brought. It made my light blue eye stand out bold against my brown one.

I slipped on my usual white sneakers and flung my book bag over my shoulder. I had waited until last minute to leave my room, somehow finding my way downstairs with ease.

I slipped into the kitchen, thankful Lucy was nowhere in sight. I rifled through one of the many cabinets, wrapping my hand around a plain bagel. I stuffed a piece into my mouth and bounded out the door.

The drive to school was peaceful, and I had forgotten what today truly meant to me. If I pretended hard enough, today was like any other day. I was heading to school with Tori, another day of trying to figure out the confusing twins. Thalia’s voice ripped me from that fantasy, reminding me of my insane plan.

“My mom wants to know when you’ll be coming over again.” Tori chuckled, tucking a fire colored lock behind her ear. “She’s been hounding me about you non-stop.”

My heart nearly stopped, guilt flooding through my veins. What kind of friend was I?

With a shake of my head, I set myself straight. I couldn’t think that way. I couldn’t force myself to stay to save the feelings of one person. I had dealt with the abuse for long enough. I deserved a way out—I owed that to myself.

“Sometime.” I nodded absentmindedly, “Just gotta get situated with Garrett and all of that.”

“You know you can talk to me right?” She smiled softly, the sight sending another sharp pain into me. “I can’t even imagine what that’s like for you, but I can try.”

“I know.” I forced a smile in return, “I just need some time. It’s all confusing, and I’m not really sure what I want. He’s trying to act like my Dad—but he’s not. He never has been.”

Tori did what she said she would, she tried to understand. She didn’t tell me to give him a chance, to forget the past. She simply told me to do what felt right. I hoped she would forgive me one day, not that I would be around to witness it.


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