Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 32

Read Mated to the Alpha Twins [by Jane Doe] Chapter 32

We pulled into the school and the first two classes of the day went as planned. None of the other students seemed to notice I was gone.

My third class was another story entirely. I had almost forgotten I sat with both the twins in this class.

The moment I walked through the door, both of their eyes were on me. Their gazes b****d into my skin, the guilt bubbling within me nearly made me nauseous.

I walked slowly, my eyes guarded as I looked into their own.

It seems the two of them had seen better days. Their eyes looked darker, almost black. Deep rings lined their eyes, making it look as though they needed a good nights sleep.

Kade was as gorgeous as ever. His hair tousled on the top and short on the sides. His long sleeve shirt clung to every dip and arch of his body.

Alec looked stunning with his longer and tousled hair. His typical leather jacket was in place.

They were sitting next to eachother for a change, giving me a chance to spend the class without being touched.

I needed to resist the pull I felt towards them, but now it felt stronger than ever. Something had definitely changed. The urge to be near them was not purely mental torture, it was now physical.

My body ached, shivering at the longing I felt. I wasn’t sure how I’d get past this class, but I was determined to try.

“Well hello, doll.” Alec’s dark eyebrow lifted, his obsidian colored eyes roaming the dress I had chosen.

My cheeks flared under their attention, but I chose to ignore his comment.

“We heard you had quite the week.” Kade spoke smoothly, his eyes running over my face.

“Yes, I did.” I nodded, keeping the conversation as bland as possible.

“You moved in with Garrett?” Alec quipped, and my heart fluttered.

It made my insides warm when Alec called him Garrett. Everyone else had almost slipped up and called him my ‘Dad’.

‘They know how you feel.’ Thalia murmured, ‘If you’d open up to them, you could feel their emotions too.’

‘People don’t feel each others emotions.’ I rolled my eyes, ‘If they did Melissa and Frank would’ve never treated me how they did.’

Thalia sighed and retreated to the back of my mind, clearly tired of arguing with me.

“It’s not like I had a choice.” I frowned, my eyebrows furrowing together in a grimace.

“That must be quite the..adjustment.” Kade frowned, looking troubled.

“How are you holding up, doll?” Alec’s frown matched his brothers, and I felt myself stiffen in my seat.

“I’m…acclimating.” I nodded.

They both sounded so sincere, so conflicted with what I was going through. Something shuddered within me, something that linked me to these two brothers.

I nearly gave into that feeling, but I reminded myself why I couldn’t. I couldn’t see myself building a life here, one where Melissa and Frank were close by.

I bottled my feelings, shoving them deep down. I could deal with them once I was out of this state all together.

I struggled to get through the class, struggled to keep my eyes from flickering to the twins.

They made little comments, asked me little questions. I answered the best I could, keeping a tight hold on my emotions.

The class ticked by slowly, their eyes leaving tracks along my body. I was out of my seat before the bell rang, scrambling to get to my next class.

I was thankful Tori was in this class, keeping me safe from Grace.

Alec approached the front of my desk the moment I sat down, a frown still played on his face.

“You can talk to us, doll.” Alec frowned, his dark eyes glinting sadly. “In case you ever need someone to talk to.”

I mumbled my thanks, ignoring the heated glare from Grace.

I wouldn’t let her glares hurt me any longer. I was safe here in school, surrounded by people. As long as I remained with other students, Grace couldn’t hurt me.

My fourth class passed, and I squirmed in my seat every time Alec glanced my way.

Tori and I talked about nothing and everything. She didn’t push me to talk about what was going on in my life, letting the topic of conversation change freely.

I managed to get to gym early, heading into the locker room before everyone else. I changed quickly, my eyes peeled to each student that flocked into the locker room.

I was just about to exit the locker room and head into the gym when a familiar face approached me. My stomach twisted in fear, but Thalia somehow stifled the emotion.

A strange surge of strength washed through me. The strength wasn’t physical, but mental. Just enough to get me through this without turning into a quivering mess.

“Aurora, I need to talk to you.” Autumn spoke in a hushed tone, the words spewing from her mouth quickly.

“You need to talk?” I scoffed, storming past her before another word could leave her lips.

Her soft hand wrapped around my wrist. Her grip wasn’t tight, more pleading than anything.

“Please Aurora, I—” She began, but I whipped around to face her.

“You what?” I snapped, letting Thalia egg me on. Her anger mixed with my own, heightening my emotions to newfound levels. “You didn’t mean to lure me into a party? You didn’t mean to let Grace beat me? You didn’t mean to almost let me get raped?”

Autumn’s mouth flopped open, and she fought for the words to say.

I was drunk on my anger, ignoring the startled gazes from some of the other girls.

“It’s so good to know you didn’t mean any of it.” I snickered, ripping my wrist from her hand. “That completely excuses everything you did.”

Before she could say anything else, I stormed from the locker room.

My blood was boiling the entire class, making my vision fill with a red tint. I couldn’t get the disgusting metallic taste out of my mouth, only adding to my anger.

We were playing volleyball yet again, only this time I didn’t struggle. I wasn’t hiding from the ball, waiting for the moment it hit my skin. I was seeking the ball out, smashing it over the net with ease. My movements weren’t hesitant, my body knew what it was doing.

Thalia was quite competitive, screaming expletives in my head the entire game.

We had won, and I had successfully ignored the gazes of Alec and Kade all day. Autumn didn’t try and approach me again, it seemed she finally learned to think for herself.

Grace was in class, as angry as ever. Her m*******s glare was on me the entire time, but somehow I ignored it. I knew I was safe with all these students around. I knew without a doubt, if we were alone she would most definitely end my life. The flicker of madness in her eyes attested to that.

At the sound of the bell, we filtered back into the locker room. I slipped on my clothes and headed through the doors, walking down the hall to meet Tori at her locker.

For just that split second, I had let my guard down. I was surrounded by students, unworried about who might approach me.

A strong grip wrapped around my wrist, pulling me into an empty classroom.

This situation was entirely too familiar as I stared into the eyes of Alec and Kade.

Alec released my wrist, taking a step back before he closed the classroom door. A few students looked at us warily, their eyes flickering at the closed door. I wondered if any of them would grab a teacher, a small part of me hoped they wouldn’t.

“Doll, you’ve been avoiding us.” Alec tsked, stalking forward.

“I’m not avoiding anything.” I shook my head, trying my best to make my voice sound convincing. My voice cracked at the end, proving the fallacy of my words.

“Sure you aren’t, sweetheart.” Kade shook his head, his eyes flickering to his brother before he too began approaching me.

“We know what you’re feeling doll.” Alec smirked, something dangerous glinting in his eyes.

‘Stop fighting them.’ Thalia urged, but I couldn’t focus on her at the moment.

‘Stop fighting us.’ Kade murmured, his large hands grasping my hips lightly.

The contact sent a lightning shock through my skin, searing my insides wonderfully. I hadn’t realized how badly my body craved the contact, as if it had been going through withdrawal this entire time.

“We can’t.” The words were on the tip of my tongue, ready to flow from my lips. The words refused to be spoken, refused to drift out into the air.

Kade’s grip on my waist tightened as he pulled me towards him. He stepped back until he was able to sit comfortably in one of the many chairs scattered about.

My body didn’t hesitate, even as he pulled me onto his lap. My legs were open, straddling his lower body. I could feel my short dress ride up, but the only thing on my mind was Kade’s touch.

His hands gripped my waist tightly, as if he were afraid I’d slip away. My core was pressed against the lengthening member inbetween his legs. The sensation sent shocks down my t****s, pleasuring yet relaxing.

Alec came up behind me, pulling up his own seat as he stroked my long hair, brushing it to the side. His fingers trailed the length of my neck. A breathless sigh left my lips under his touch, the sparks acted like a sedative. My body had spent so long craving their touch that I couldn’t force myself away.

All of the inner screaming, all of the turmoil couldn’t save me now. I had deprived myself for too long. Thalia wanted the twins, wanted me to give into their touches.

‘Let this be our goodbye.’ I murmured in my mind, letting my face drift closer to Kade’s.


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