Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 52

Read Mated to the Alpha Twins [by Jane Doe] Chapter 52

I followed Alec and Kade into the dining room, noting how different it looked from Garrett’s. Alec and Kade’s house were just as large and extravagant, but it felt more like a home. The twins had spent their entire lives in this house, and it showed in every floorboard and piece of furniture.

The dining room was large enough for a large group of people, but felt bright and cheerful. I followed the twin’s over to the end of the table, blushing as Kade pulled out a chair for me to sit. I was wedged in between them, with little room, though I didn’t mind. Their Dad sat across the table from Alec, while their Mom pulled out the many platters that had been sitting on the kitchen counter.

As she uncovered the platters, my stomach roared at the sight of roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, an array of vegetables, and steaming rolls. It was more than enough food to feed five people, but I remembered what Alec and Kade had said about werewolves eating more than a human. Regardless, someone Alec and Kade’s size would need to eat a significant amount of food, whether they were human or not.

Kade was the first to reach forward, snagging a buttery roll from one of the platters. His Mom caught the action and snorted, rolling her eyes at her son. Alec lifted my plate from the table and began piling food on top, flashing me an innocent grin once he was finished.

“You’d think I never feed them.” Their Mom chuckled; her eyebrow raised as she watched Kade inhale the steaming roll. “I was so excited when I heard I was pregnant with twins. If only I knew how much food I’d be making.”

“We’re not that bad.” Alec smirked, piling food onto his own plate.

“You say that, but there’s a reason you made Aurora’s plate before your own.” Their Mom chuckled, giving their Dad a hard look as he too was piling food onto his plate.

“They’re still growing.” Their Dad shrugged, taking an extra roll from the center of the table.

“What’s your excuse?” Their Mom snickered, eyeing her husband’s plate with amusement.

“Werewolves don’t stop growing until their at least fifty-four.” Their Dad nodded confidently, though a smile twitched at the corners of his lips.

This is what family is supposed to be like, I thought to myself. Alec and Kade continued bickering at their Mom, who in turn bickered back. The lighthearted teasing was amusing, and soon their Dad jumped in. Their Mom did an incredible job at handling three fully grown werewolves, especially three males. It was obvious how close knit this family was, and it was strange how easy it felt to be around them all.

‘This will be our family too.’ Thalia nodded, ‘Someday, they’ll be our children’s grandparents.’

‘Alright, too personal.’ I shook my head, ‘My relationship with Alec and Kade isn’t anywhere near this stage.’

‘It’ll happen regardless.’ Thalia scoffed, ‘They were made for us.’

‘They were, but that doesn’t mean I want to talk about my future children with you.’ I shook my head.

Alec sent me a curious glance, most likely noticing the blush that had formed on my cheeks. I pushed the thoughts of any future children aside, and gave him a reassuring smile. Gentle sparks slithered up my leg as Kade’s hand grazed my knee. Their Mom and Dad seemed to catch everything, every silent look or interaction that happened between me and the twins.

Their Dad leaned forward; his eyes curious. “So, you’re Garrett’s kid. You got his eyes, though I’m sure you’re aware of that already. Are you older than Kady?”

“I am.” I nodded, s********g my nerves. “He’s been hellbent on getting me to take over his pack.”

“And how do you feel about that?” Their Dad asked, “Taking over a pack, that is. Especially when you’ve spent your life as a human.”

Their Mom placed a gentle smack against her husband’s shoulder, who gave her a gentle shrug and an apologetic grin. The more I watched the two of them interact, the more I knew they were mates. Their brief glances at one another held a familiarity and passion that I knew little of. They had spent years together, had children together. That kind of bond couldn’t be replicated, and I wondered if mine would grow over time. If someday I would look at Alec and Kade as though they were a part of me, an extension of myself.

“We haven’t even introduced ourselves, Theo.” Their Mom scoffed, turning her gentle eyes to me. “You can call me Callie.”

“Now were introduced.” Theo grunted, giving his wife a playful grin. He turned his attention back on me, and it took me a few moments to realize he expected an answer.

“Well, I wanted nothing to do with it at first.” I grimaced, “Things have changed, though I still don’t appreciate being manipulated by him. If I do take over his pack, it’ll be on my terms. I won’t be a puppet, especially to the likes of Garrett.”

“Spoken like a true Luna.” Theo nodded, some of the tension leaving his eyes. “And you do understand that someday your future pack will mix with our own?”

“I understand.” I nodded, feeling pride radiate through Alec, while surprise wafted from Kade. I met Kade’s surprised stare, nearly losing myself in the intensity of his dark eyes.

Theo’s mouth opened to say something more, but a knock sounded on the front door. Theo patted his wife’s shoulder and walked out of the dining room. The increased capabilities of my senses continued to surprise me as I heard the front door open and a low, familiar voice speak. Garrett stood at the front door, insisting on being let in.

“I know she’s here, Theodore. I know they brought her back.”

Alec and Kade’s Dad spoke lowly, and I could hear the underlying wave of anger in his words. For whatever reason, Alec and Kade’s Dad did not like Garrett. I silently prayed to whatever God listening that their Dad would slam the door in his face. My stomach dropped as two sets of heavy feet walked through the house, towards the dining room.

Garrett stood in the doorway to the dining room, wearing a slate grey suit and dark, shiny shoes. His chestnut hair was combed back, his eyes bright with surprise. His eyes were identical to my own, one a brilliant shade of blue, the other a rich brown. He stepped into the dining room, meeting my eyes with repressed intensity. I could see the words bubbling on his lips, and I grimaced as I waited to hear what he’d finally say.

“You left.” Garrett noted, his eyebrows furrowed.

For just a moment, I wanted to laugh in his face. The surprise burning in his eyes was funny in a horrifically sad way. He had left me as an infant, barged into my life seventeen years later just to tell me I wasn’t a human, that everything I knew and thought were lies. He expected me to willingly lead his pack, with him pulling the strings. He hadn’t expected me to leave, to slip away in the night. He truly thought I would do exactly as he planned, all because he had a crucial part in making me.

“You noticed.” I replied, unable to hide the snort in my words. “I guess we’re both full of surprises, Garrett.”

Garrett’s eyes hardened, and I braced myself for whatever entitled remark that might spew from his mouth, “You had me and your mother worried.”

“Melissa?” I scoffed, my jaw dropping. “Since when has Melissa ever been worried about anyone other than herself?”

Some of the anger faded from Garrett’s eyes as a tired sigh left his lips, “Your Mother cares in her own way.”

“Melissa’s never cared, not once. Nor has she ever tried to prove otherwise.” I shook my head.

“We’ll finish this conversation at home.” Garrett sighed, almost looking like a concerned father.

The stress in his eyes invoked little guilt within me. Garrett had never cared about what upset me when he shifted in front of my eyes and demanded I take over his pack, why should I feel guilty for leaving? The only people who deserved an explanation were Alec, Kade, and Tori.

Home–as Garrett so eloquently put it. His luxurious house that felt withered and d**d inside. No laughter, no familiarity or comfort. Even after spending an hour in Alec and Kade’s house, I could feel the warmth radiating from every picture on the wall, from every stain or chip on their furniture. Garrett’s house was a tomb–a prison cell.

“I’m not living with you, Garrett.” I shook my head, catching Alec’s reassuring gaze. “One of my conditions on coming back here, was deciding where I wanted to live.”

“You let her have conditions?” Garrett grimaced at Alec and Kade, his blue eye darkening to a deep shade of navy blue.

“What did you expect them to do?” I snapped, “Knock me out, stuff me in the back of a car and drag me back, kicking and screaming? Unlike you, they respect my choices.”

“Where will you live, Aurora?” Garrett asked darkly, his voice unnervingly calm. “With Melissa and Frank? Or will you hope your mate’s parents will allow you to live here?”

Under the table Kade gave my leg a gentle squeeze, while Alec looked towards their parents. Callie’s eyes were not on her sons, but on me. Concern and interest filled her eyes, and through her gaze, I could see how compassionate the woman truly was. She turned her eyes to Garrett, and I watched them harden before she opened her mouth to speak.

“Aurora is welcome to live with us.” Callie replied in a polite, yet clipped tone. It seemed Theo had no disagreements with his wife’s words, and gave Garrett a brief nod.

“I’ll be over tomorrow to get the rest of my things from your house.” I nodded at Garrett.

“We’ll talk then.” Garrett replied, turning to Theo. “Thank you for letting me inside your home.”

A rush of air left my lungs as soon as the front door closed. A weight I hadn’t noticed was lifted from my shoulders. I hadn’t been able to feel it dragging me down before, but now that it was gone, I felt like I could finally breathe again. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I had finally seen Garrett again, and though our conversation was far from over, I felt like things were slowly looking up.