Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 54

Read Mated to the Alpha Twins [by Jane Doe] Chapter 54

“Why aren’t you wearing any pants, doll?” Alec’s breath fanned my ear, his fingers dancing along my b**e hip, threatening to travel lower with each breath.

Words caught in my throat, my face heating though I couldn’t bring myself to pull away from his touch. His breath hitched as I shifted, pressing my bottom against his hard length. His desire coupled with my own, sweet to the taste and incredibly overwhelming. His desire battered me senseless, heating my skin as though it were a crackling fire hidden within him. I could taste his need–his need to touch me, to claim every part of my body, to taste my skin and feel me shake beneath him.

I couldn’t think through it all, through both of our emotions running through me. All I could think about were his hands trailing along my hip, and his length pulsing against my backside. The pressure between my legs grew, and a tremor ran through me as Alec groaned into my neck.

Alec tugged at my shoulder, turning me so that I laid flat on my back. I clenched my legs together, fighting against the building pressure that continued to grow with each lazy stroke Alec made against my t***h.

Kade shifted on the bed, his dark lashes fluttering before he opened his eyes. I could feel the scent of my arousal register in his mind, and had no time to brace myself as crippling hunger and lust roared to life. I knew that if we were standing, the onslaught of emotion would have my legs go weak. Kade’s eyes roamed my flushed face, trailing along my parted lips and down to where Alec’s fingers trailed along my hip.

“Couldn’t sleep, sweetheart?” Kade smiled, but the action did nothing to hide the burning in his eyes. I whimpered under the intensity, and felt Alec’s grip on my hip tighten.

“She’s got herself all worked up.” Alec grinned slyly against my neck, and I was sure my face had flushed an even brighter shade of red.

“I have not.” I sputtered, though I couldn’t deny my body’s natural response to the twins. “I’m not worked up, and it was Alec’s fault.”

Kade shot his brother an amused glance, then trailed his finger down one of my flaming cheeks. His eyes trailed the blush, that even in the dark, Kade could see. I suppressed the urge to shiver as his fingers danced along my arm, running down the scratchy fabric of the t-shirt to where my legs were. Amusement laced with his burning desire as his fingers met my b**e hip, right where the shorts would have been.

“No pants?” Kade quipped, his eyebrow raised.

I could tell through their whirlwind of emotions, neither one was upset over my lack of pants.

“I know.” Alec chuckled, “She’s trying to torture us.”

Alec placed a light kiss to my neck, n*****g the skin hard enough to make me gasp. The pleasureful sparks danced along my body as Kade pushed the comforter around my t****s. Cold air ran up the t-shirt, grazing against my b**e skin. His hand traveled up my t***h, settling over the heat between my legs. His attention went to the slickness between my legs, a low growl of approval sounding from his throat.

“We can help you sleep, sweetheart.” Kade murmured, his eyes dark and pupil’s blown with desire.

My entire body stiffened as Kade lifted himself from the bed, situating himself between my clenched legs. Even in the dark, I could see his eyes roaming my face, devouring my surprise and sheer inexperience. Kade’s hands were rough against the softness of my t****s, and I couldn’t fight as he spread my legs apart, pushing the t-shirt up until it sat just above my belly button.

“So beautiful.” Alec murmured against my ear, his fingers dancing along my exposed stomach.

“Will you let me taste you, mate?” Kade asked, his calm voice did nothing to suppress the wave of hunger that emanated from him.

My voice refused to come; my lips unable to form words under the overwhelming attention of the twins. Their gentle touches ignited a fire low in my stomach, spreading along my skin in searing waves. My legs parted on their own, and I shivered as Kade’s hungry eyes roamed my most sensitive area. Kade gripped my hips with his rough hands, holding me still as his tongue darted out and grazed against my c**t. The sensation that danced along my exposed nerves made me arch, my breathless gasp filling the silent room.

“How does she taste, Kade?” Alec asked, pushing the t-shirt up until my b*****s were exposed, the sensitive skin tightening at the rush of cool air.

“Sweet, like honeydew.” Kade replied, his voice low and raspy.

Alec trailed light kisses down my jawline, playfully n*****g the skin until he reached my b*****s. Kade’s tongue lapped against me just as Alec placed his lips around one of my n*****s, coaxing a blissful m**n from my lips.

I couldn’t tell where my emotion began and theirs ended. I couldn’t separate the layers of desire, longing and lust as they bombarded my brain, fraying my nerves, and sending my entire body into overdrive. All of our emotions merged into one, into one flaming pit of desire, one I knew would easily consume me. Being the focus of their complete attention was overwhelming, but my body ate up every l**k and caress from the twins. I wanted them—needed them, needed everything they could give me. I wasn’t sure how long I could hold out, as each touch made it more and more clear that I belonged to them—just as they belonged to me.

Pleasure arched between my legs, curling up my spine and around my sensitive b*****s as the twins ravaged my body, savoring the taste of my soft flesh. With Kade’s tongue lapping against my p***y, and Alec’s teeth grazing my sensitive n*****s, it didn’t take long for the pressure in between my legs to build. Alec pulled away in time to see the star-struck bliss on my face as my o****m rolled through me, curling my toes and eliciting all sorts of noises from my lips.

“Look how pretty she is when she comes undone.” Alec murmured, running his fingers over my n****e as he watched the bliss fade from my eyes.

Kade crawled up the bed, lying down beside me as Alec watched my chest rise and fall. Guilt formed within me as I felt the twin’s desire rise. I wanted to help them, to touch them the way they touched me, but I wasn’t sure where to begin. I had never initiated something like this, and if I were being honest, the twins still made me feel nervous and inexperienced. I met Kade’s eyes as I ran my fingers down his abs, marveling at the dips and grooves in his stomach. I could feel him tense under my touch, a low growl escaping as I ran my finger along the waistband of his shorts. My eyes snapped up to meet Kade’s as his hand closed around my wrist, stopping me from wandering any further.

“Tonight was about you, sweetheart.” Kade smirked, his voice turning into a low, husky whisper. “When I let you touch me there, I might not be able to stop.”

Alec chuckled against my neck as I pouted, but my eyes were already beginning to flutter closed. I felt Alec’s gentle hand guiding me as I turned to my side, and drifted down to pull the t-shirt over my bottom.

“Go to sleep, doll.” Alec whispered against my ear, planting light kisses along my neck.

With my head against Kade’s warm chest, and my back pressed against Alec, my eyes fluttered shut before I could think of anything else. With their arms wrapped around me, I fell into the most peaceful sleep I’ve had in years, nothing else but the thought of my mates on my mind.


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