Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 55

Read Mated to the Alpha Twins [by Jane Doe] Chapter 55

Alec and Kade both accompanied me to Garrett’s house the next day. When one had to leave, the other would keep an eye on me. Neither wanted me out of their sight with everything that was going on. There were still two more rogues who knew what I was, that I was a white wolf. I had all morning to brace myself for what I might face at Garrett’s house, and the inevitable conversation I would endure.

“How would you feel about meeting our Beta’s after we grab your stuff?” Alec asked from the backseat, leaning forward to flash me a dazzling smile.

“Beta’s?” I asked. I knew enough about wolves and their ranking to know that a Beta was second in command, though I was surprised they had two.

“Two Alpha’s, two Beta’s.” Kade shrugged, giving my hand a gentle squeeze as he drove down the road.

Though the strange bond that let me taste Alec and Kade’s emotions, I could tell Alec was excited about the prospect of me meeting their Beta’s. Perhaps it was because that meant I was one step closer to becoming their Luna, or because I was finally willing to step into their world.

“Oh, sure.” I nodded, “I wouldn’t mind.”

“They’ll be your second in command someday too.” Alec smiled, a strand of his dark hair falling down his forehead.

“When would that be?” I asked, “I mean—I accept you two as my mates, but when would I actually become Luna?”

“There will be a ceremony. Nothing too crazy, but Mom and Dad will definitely make a big deal out of it.” Alec chuckled; his raspy laugh sent a chill down my spine. “You’ll cut your palm, and Kade and I will do the same. Once our blood mixes, you’ll officially be brought into the pack—and will know the insufferable joy of the mind-link.”

“Mind-link?” I asked, my eyes flickering between the two of them as I registered the irritation in his voice.

“Everyone in our pack has a direct line to our thoughts.” Kade explained, “It’s like having a cell-phone in your head, one you can never silence or shut off.”

“Oh.” I trailed off, my stomach twisting at the thought of an entire pack relying on me. “That sounds—interesting.”

“It’s not as bad as it sounds.” Alec chuckled, “It can be rather annoying, but it’s a quick way to get in contact with us. Especially useful in emergencies. As our mate, you’d have a direct line to the two of us.”

“Oh, I see.” I nodded, “Kind of like how I can feel your emotions.”

The two of them went radio silent, and I grimaced as unease and surprise ran through the two of them. Judging from their emotions, this wasn’t a normality between mated werewolves. I wanted to laugh at the two of them. So, having a direct link between each other’s thoughts was normal, but not sensing each other’s emotions.

“You can feel our emotions?” Alec asked, “How long has this been happening?”

“I think it started when I accepted the two of you as my mates.” I frowned, “Is that not normal?”

“Not for normal wolves, no.” Kade shook his head.

“It could be a factor of her being a white wolf.” Alec shrugged, flashing me a wicked grin that filled my head with all sorts of thoughts. His smile was one of promise, one of carnal desire so strong my toes curled. “So, you can feel all of our emotions?”

The wave of desire that hit me was strong enough to make me flinch. My legs clenched together on their own, and I huffed as Alec let out a deep laugh.

“Yes.” I cleared my throat, turning my head as the heat rushed to my cheeks. “I can feel them all.”

“It’ll be so much easier to get you all worked up.” Kade chuckled.

“She’s always been easy to get worked up.” Alec smirked, “Even before she could feel our emotions.”

“Such a responsive mate.” Kade winked, and I groaned under the collective desire that radiated from the two of them.

“If the two of you get me all worked up, I’m not going to Garretts.” I grumbled, giving them both a half-hearted grimace.

“Not to worry, Doll.” Alec grinned, “We have all day.”

“I’m beginning to not like this whole white wolf thing.” I sighed.

Their desire quickly turned to concern, with just a sprinkling of worry. I couldn’t pinpoint if they were worried about me, or if they were worried, I’d decide this was too much and leave again. Either way, I flashed the two of them a reassuring smile.

“As much as I’d like to reassure you, this is only the beginning.” Kade shook his head, “We don’t know much about white wolves, but what we do know is that every time one appears, something big is happening. They’re also all extremely powerful.”

“The keepers of magic.” Alec chuckled dryly, continuing when I flashed him a confused look. “That’s what our Grandpa used to say, that white wolves were the keepers of magic.”

I wanted to whine, to claim how I never wanted to be a keeper of magic, but I had changed since I left. Complaining would do nothing to change my situation. Just as many people were born human, I was born a werewolf. There was no changing what and who I was. After accepting my mates and my place in this new world, I could feel how much I was born for this role–to be their Luna, their moon and stars. If keeping Alec and Kade meant accepting this huge destiny, then I would accept with a smile on my face.

“Do you think you two could dig up some more information on white wolves?” I asked, fighting to keep the excitement from my voice.

“We can definitely try.” Alec nodded, “We’ll have to be careful. The last thing we need is drawing any attention.”

“What am I supposed to do until then?” I frowned, “Thalia’s been itching for another run.”

“We’ll figure that out.” Kade replied, “We’ll take you somewhere safe to shift, and one of us will be there at all times.”

Feeling content with the outcome of our conversation, I watched the tree’s as they passed us by. A familiar ache settled in my stomach as we pulled into Garrett’s driveway. I looked up at the house that had briefly been my home, noting how empty and solemn it felt. Garrett’s house felt nothing like Alec and Kade’s. It was devoid of all warmth and familiarity. People lived inside the house, but they were not a family.

Kade knocked on the front door whilst Alec’s hand intertwined in my own. Garrett answered the door, surprise flashing in his eyes before he glared at Alec and Kade.

“Come inside.” Garrett nodded, “Hello, Aurora.”

“Garrett.” I mumbled, giving him a curt nod.

I stood in the living room somewhat awkwardly, watching as the three of them glared daggers at one another. The hostility and dislike radiating from Alec and Kade was etched deep, and I wondered what had happened between the three of them. Their hatred for Garrett spanned much farther than him being my father. He had slighted them in some way, and I promised myself I would soon ask.

“I’ll be right back.” I placed a gentle hand on Kade’s stiff shoulder, smiling as his posture relaxed. He flashed me a small smile, one that twitched at the corners of his lips. “I don’t have much stuff. Give me ten minutes.”

I trotted upstairs, feeling three sets of eyes burning into my back. I found my old bedroom, noting how everything had pretty much remained in place since I had left. The bed was a wreck, as though someone had torn the blankets off in a blind rage, but everything else was in place. I noted how the phone Tori had given me was no longer in the bedroom, and wondered if Alec or Kade had picked it up.

I slipped some of the clothes I left behind in a duffel bag the twins had given me, gathering the little odds and ends I left behind. I had brought along all of my most important things when I left, but there were some things I had left behind.

“Aurora?” A soft voice called out, making me jump. Kady stood in the doorway to the bedroom, her eyes flickering down the hall before running over my face. “Could we talk for a minute?”

I shifted uncomfortably, but nodded. Kady closed the door behind her, and I swallowed as it shut with an audible ‘click’. Kady had been essential to my leaving undetected, and had been quick to help me once she realized my plans. Her eyes were soft, her blonde hair pulled back in a bun. She was nothing like when I first met her. Her eyes lacked their usual burning fire, just as her posture lost its tenseness.

“What’s up?” I asked awkwardly, clearing my throat as I zipped up the duffel bag.

“You came back, for Alec and Kade, right?” Kady asked, her voice unusually soft.

“I did.” I nodded slowly, waiting for the other shoe to drop. “I made a mistake leaving them.”

“Just as I made a mistake helping you leave.” Kady gave me a small smile. “I know I was horrible to you from the beginning, but you have to understand where I was coming from. I had been groomed my entire life to take over the pack, just to have Dad rip it out from under me once he found you.”

While it didn’t excuse the way she treated me, somehow, I understood where she was coming from. Just like me, she had been raised to believe one thing, only to have it taken from her. I knew deep in my heart, that there was no replacement for an Alpha or Luna. You could only be born into the position, not trained or raised to become one.

“I do understand.” I nodded, pouring strength into my words. “It doesn’t excuse how you or your Mom acted, but I do understand.”

“Unfortunately, my Mom’s just a raging b***h.” Kady laughed, though the pain burning in her eyes was oddly familiar. I had felt the same every time I looked at Melissa, every time she used my desire for a Mom against me. “Garrett isn’t too bad, but I still wouldn’t trust him.”

“I don’t trust either of them.” I admitted, “I don’t like being used, and so far, Garrett has done nothing but use me.”

“Dad likes control, complete control.” Kady shifted uneasily, her voice dropping low. “I know you don’t know much about this world, but no one can overthrow an Alpha or Luna. The only way they forfeit the position is by d***g. If you died, the pack would go to your mates, and then their children.”

“Garrett can try, but I won’t let him control me.” I shook my head, slinging the duffel bag over my shoulder.

“One last thing.” Kady called out as I turned to leave the room. Her eyes b****d with unshed emotion, and for once, I wished I could feel the emotions more than just Alec and Kade.

I turned at the sound of her voice, noting how it lowered to a hushed whisper.

“I know you don’t trust me, but when you become Luna, I don’t plan on being on your bad side. Use this bit of information wisely. There’s a reason you moved to town, and it wasn’t a new job opportunity for your Mom. Like I said, Garrett likes control.”


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