Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 58

Read Mated to the Alpha Twins [by Jane Doe] Chapter 58

I found myself standing in front of Tori’s house the next day, my stomach a bundle of nerves. Even though it seemed like she had forgiven me, I knew I caused a rift to form between us. I knew my reasons for leaving were justifiable, but I couldn’t erase the pain I caused in my absence. Just as I had the right to leave, she had the right to be upset.

Crawling into bed with Alec and Kade last night, they both promised to support me regardless of what I told Tori. After asking my permission, Alec and Kade entrusted the information to their Beta’s, asking if they would dig up any information about white wolves. That’s where Alec and Kade were today, helping their Beta’s learn more about me and what I might be capable of. We all knew it was risky to tell Tori the full truth, but I wanted to trust her. I wanted to go that extra mile for her.

As I waited for Tori to come to the door, each passing second made the knot in my stomach grow. I gritted my teeth together and remained in place, resisting the cowardly urge to flee. I wouldn’t run, not anymore. I reminded myself that this world wasn’t new, it had been here the entire time, hidden right under my nose. Despite my cowardly feelings, I knew I belonged here. I could feel how my heart sang in this pack, how comfortable I felt in this town and around these people. Someday, I reminded myself, these people would become my own.

Tori opened the front door with a wry smile, surprise shining in her eyes. Instead of searching for her emotions, I let them wash over me. Surprise, suspicion, and a sweet note of happiness. It was becoming easier for me, feeling the emotions of others, now that I learned not to force my ability.

“Come on in.” Tori murmured, holding the door open for me. “Want something to drink? Mom made some sweet tea.”

“Sure.” I nodded, following her into the kitchen.

I stood in comfortable silence as Tori padded over to the fridge, pulling out a large pitcher of tea. Her fire-kissed hair was tied up in a bun on her head, a few orange strands fanned out over her forehead. The two of us walked up to her bedroom, and I plopped down on the edge of her bed where I had once sat before.

“Alright, spill.” Tori pursed her lips. “What happened when you left? You said you were almost taken. Who? Why?”

I took a long gulp of the sweet tea she had given me, letting it wash down my throat as I thought of the words to say. Now that I was here, the words lodged themselves in my throat. Tori’s wariness was like a knife slashing at my insides. Burning guilt filled my veins, but I knew I deserved the reaction.

“I’ll just start when I left. I made it to this small down, and actually got a job at a local bakery. I actually loved working there. One night, I was walking back to the house I rented, and three men attacked me. They smelled..different. Alec and Kade said they were werewolves–like us. I think Thalia–my wolf, knew Alec and Kade were nearby. So, we shifted. Hurt like h**l too, not that I stuck around long enough for anyone to explain that part.” I grimaced, readying myself for Tori’s inevitable reaction. “I managed to get away from the men, and I ran, but not before they saw I was a white wolf. I ended up at this woman’s house. She–she helped me realize a few things, that I was wrong for leaving. She was also a white wolf, the last one until I came along. Alec and Kade showed up a little later. They followed my scent until they found me. They told the truth y’know, about not forcing me to come back. They asked me what I wanted, and I decided to stay with them.”

I shifted uncomfortably as Tori collapsed into silence. I traced my fingers along the edges of the glass, feeling the condensation dampen my fingertips. Unable to stand the silence for much longer, I let Tori’s emotions wash over me. The wariness had vanished, as had the initial anger at my leaving. Unfiltered surprise washed over me, tart and crisp like a lemon.

“You–you’re a white wolf?” Tori nodded, though I felt she was saying the words to herself. “Um, are you sure?”

“I’m pretty sure.” I giggled, a hand over my mouth as I read the acceptance in her eyes.

“And you’re trusting me with this. I mean—I’m assuming Alec and Kade told you what a white wolf is, and you know what could happen if this got out to anyone else.” Tori murmured, fixing me with an intense stare.

“They told me, but I trust you.” I nodded, meeting her eyes unflinchingly. “I think they trust you too. They told me to do what I thought was right, so I did.”

“You know I wouldn’t tell anyone, right?” Tori replied, and I couldn’t help the smile that had formed on my face.

The more time I spent in this pack, the more I realized the mistake I had made. While I couldn’t change the past, I think running away gave me perspective on some things. I now trusted Alec and Kade, despite the rocky start we all had. I also trusted Tori, and knew we would be friends for a long time.

“I know you wouldn’t.” I smiled softly, “I wouldn’t have told you if I thought otherwise.”

“So, you’re really back.” Tori exhaled; an ear-splitting grin had formed on her face. “I was going to ask, but I think it’s kind of obvious. You know Alec and Kade are your mates.”

“Yeah, I already figured that part out.” I chuckled, hesitating as a small pang of emotion danced through me. I missed them, I realized. Even though they were with their Beta’s at the moment, and would pick me up later, I missed the two of them. It seemed no matter how much time I spent with them; it was never enough. Each minute in their presence only increased what I felt for them, emotions I had never felt for anyone.

“Did you let them mark you?” Tori spoke lowly, her wide eyes darting around my face and neck. “I mean–I’m not sure how it would work, having two mates and all. You might have two marks, who knows!”

“Wait, what?” I frowned, “Mark me?”

“They never mentioned it, did they?” Tori scoffed. A few fiery strands of hair slipped from her bun as she shook her head. “They probably didn’t want to force you into anything, especially after all that’s happened.”

“Care to explain?” I quipped; an eyebrow raised.

“I’m only explaining this to you cause the look on your face worries me.” Tori laughed, “I’d hate for you to chew out Alec and Kade so quickly after accepting them. On second thought, that might be fun to watch.”

“Tori!” I groaned, “Tell me what it is!”

“Your wolf hasn’t mentioned it?” She asked.

“Thalia can be quite unhelpful when she wants to be.” I snickered.

‘You came back to the pack, and accepted them as our mates.’ Thalia huffed, rolling her eyes at me. ‘The last thing I wanted to do was chase you off again. Goddess knows you don’t listen.’

“Well, basically Alec and Kade would bite you. Right here.” Tori pointed to the spot where my shoulder and neck meet. A strange sensation danced through me, sending little tingles down to the tips of my toes. “I don’t know how it would work with two mates, but that’s the gist of it. Mom said it hurts a lot, but it’s worth it in the end. The wound heals and leaves a really pretty mark, totally unique to the couple. It basically tells unmated wolves to back the h**l off.”

“Would I have to mark them?” I asked, sounding unsure. “How would I do that? I’m not sure how I shifted in the first place, and I can’t imagine biting Alec and Kade in my wolf form, my mouth would fit over their entire neck.”

“You don’t have to be in wolf form to do it.” Tori shook her head.

I watched in silence as Tori grinned at me. My jaw dropped when her teeth elongated, her canines growing into that of a wolf. It looked funny, those large teeth in her small mouth. Her lengthened canines shrunk back into place, her teeth returning to normal.

“How do I do that?” I asked, somewhat excitedly.

While I knew nothing about werewolf customs, I could tell the whole marking thing was a big deal. While Thalia certainly encouraged me to mark Alec and Kade, I found myself hesitating. It was another step in our strange relationship. I couldn’t deny how appealing it sounded, to have everyone know that Alec and Kade were mine, and vice versa. Still, I wanted to be sure before I jumped into anything. I wasn’t even sure if we were in an official relationship, though I had a feeling being mates surpassed a normal boyfriend girlfriend agreement.

“Then comes the fun part.” Tori snickered, “Usually after marking one another, you complete the mating process. That part should be interesting for you, having two mates and all.”

“Completing the mating process?” I frowned; suspicious as thick amusement washed through Tori. “I have a strange feeling it’s not going to be pleasant.”

“Not going to be pleasant, ha!” Tori snorted, “Oh, it’ll be pleasant alright.”

“I’m not understanding.” I sighed.

“Have you never? Oh, I understand now.” Tori nodded to herself, smirking as an irritated look fell on my face. “Completing the mating process solidifies the bond between mates. First you mark each other, then you sleep together.”

“Sleep together.” I repeated, s********g roughly as I realized what she meant.


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