Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 59

Read Mated to the Alpha Twins [by Jane Doe] Chapter 59

I wasn’t sure why I was surprised. I had done things with Alec and Kade before, things that set my skin aflame and sent my blood racing through my veins. Tori was right, it was more than pleasant being with Alec and Kade. I knew the next step would come eventually, but I never let myself think on it too much. I couldn’t help but wonder how that would work–how I might be with the two of them.

“I can practically see the gears turning in your head.” Tori cackled, “It’s not rocket science, Aurora. There’s never been a she-wolf with two mates before, but I’d say take them at the same time!”

“At the same time?” I sputtered, choking on the oxygen that rippled and swirled in my lungs.

I trusted Alec and Kade, and knew they’d never push me into anything, but I couldn’t imagine having them both at the same time. I knew how it worked, but also knew stuff like that came with quite a bit of discomfort.

“You have more than one hole.” Tori smirked, and I felt my skin heat unbearably.

“Alright, that’s enough of that.” I shook my head, gulping down the rest of my tea. “Let’s not talk about–er, my holes.”

“Oh, Aurora.” Tori laughed, “You have much to learn.”

“So, you’ve had s*x before?” I asked warily, somewhat flustered and embarrassed.

“I have. I dated a human guy for a few years, but he moved away.” Tori shrugged as though it were nothing new. “Werewolves can mate with humans sometimes. Not often, but it happens. He wasn’t my mate, but that didn’t stop me from sleeping with him. Saving yourself for your mates is an outdated notion anyway. Do you see the male werewolves saving themselves? No, you don’t! So why should I?”

I let Tori finish her mini-rant, but found myself agreeing with her. It was another unspoken custom I was completely unfamiliar with, but I found myself enjoying Tori’s strong-willed personality. I couldn’t help but wonder who her mate was, and hoped he had a boat load of patience.

I spent the next few hours with Tori, only leaving when I had no other choice. Our dinner with Garrett was in a few hours, and I needed time to shower and change before making my appearance. I knew it would be a stressful afternoon, especially if Garrett’s wife was close by. I hadn’t a clue what Julian’s purpose for being there was, but I figured I’d ask Alec and Kade soon enough.

As Tori and I sat on her front porch waiting for Alec and Kade, I found myself thinking over what we had talked about. I wasn’t sure I was ready to sleep with Alec and Kade, but I continued thinking about the mark that would one day sit on my skin. Would it be two marks? Would they be the same? I couldn’t help but wonder how much it would hurt. Tori’s Mom said it hurt a lot, so I could only imagine what receiving two marks would feel like. I wasn’t sure I was looking forward to the pain, but if it meant keeping Alec and Kade by my side, I would endure it for them. I had just worked up the courage to ask them about it when their car pulled into the driveway. My courage fizzled like a damp match, sputtering out as I locked eyes with Kade.

Their emotions slammed into me like a battering ram, making me dizzy as I tore myself from the swing on Tori’s porch. I could tell they both had missed me; I could feel it in every blistering emotion that exuded from their large forms. It took all the willpower I could muster not to rush into their arms. Instead of barreling down the steps, I settled for a brisk jog.

As my arms wrapped around Kades waist, I could feel his surprise and awe at my touch. Once I got my fill of Kades thick and delectable scent, I moved on to Alec. Their muscular arms wrapped around my torso, holding me against them as they each planted a kiss to the top of my head.

“Missed us, sweetheart?” Kade smirked, brushing a hand through his already messy hair.

“I did.” I admitted with a smile. “Don’t bother lying. I can tell you both missed me just as much.”

“It seems we can’t hide anything from you.” Alec chuckled, a sly grin on his handsome face.

Alec hopped back into the car, driving the extremely short distance to their house and pulled into the drive way. Tori lived only a house away from Alec and Kade, making our friendship even more convenient. I walked along side Kade, unable to resist slipping my hand in his own. His large hand engulfed mine, but somehow, they both fit perfectly.

“We have just enough time to shower and change.” Kade looked down on me, his eyes softening as they met my own.

“Though, we could save more time if we showered together.” Alec smirked, hopping out of the car.

Kade’s face mirrored Alec’s, their devious expressions caused a blush to form on my cheeks. My mind instantly went back to my conversation with Tori, only making my blush deepen.

“Looks like our mate is having some interesting thoughts.” Kade murmured, brushing a knuckle across my heated skin.

“Somehow, I don’t think that would save time.” I cleared my throat. I added extra sweetness to my voice as I cooed at the two of them, “You two could shower together, that would save us plenty of time. Plus, I wouldn’t mind the show.”

Alec and Kade shared a blank look before turning back to me. Judging from their gentle emotions, they weren’t completely against my suggestion. If anything, the thought of me watching them shower, it was somewhat appealing. My inexperience with all things s****l made me somewhat timid, but the twins brought out a new side of me. Despite the nervousness I felt around them, I also felt comfortable enough to be myself.

“She’s so cruel, brother.” Alec sighed, shaking his head. He met his brothers’ eyes, and a sly grin formed on his full lips. “I suppose we could give her a free show, just this once.”

“Next time, it’ll be your turn.” Kade leaned down, murmuring in my ear with his rough voice. I couldn’t hold back the shiver that worked its way down my spine, nor the blush that reappeared at the sound of Kades sultry laugh.

That was how I found myself just a few short minutes later. I sat on one of those plush stools in their large bathroom, and I was sure my blush had permanently embedded itself onto my face. I hadn’t thought the two of them were serious about giving me a show, but it seemed they were both determined to prove me wrong.

The shower in the bathroom was huge, set with multiple shower heads that protruded from the walls. The ceiling itself was one big showerhead, raining water down onto the tiled floor. I couldn’t help but notice the shower had no doors. There were two marble steps that led into the shower, to where the water could easily drain without flooding the bathroom. The shower was easily large enough for the three of us, but I couldn’t work up the courage to join them.

“Enjoy the show, doll.” Alec murmured, his hand grazing underneath my chin. An amused smile twitched onto his lips, making him look even more deviously handsome.

Even though my face held its blush, I couldn’t force myself to turn away. Alec stripped the long sleeve shirt from his torso, his movements slow and confident. I watched in silence, practically drooling, as his muscles rippled with the movement. Kade followed after, his build a little larger than his brothers, but equally drool worthy.

I couldn’t begin to fathom how I found myself here, watching my two mates strip b**e in front of my very eyes. Normally, a girl was lucky to have one male in her romantic life that looked like this, yet I had two.

I swallowed thickly as Kade’s pants fell to the ground, tossed in the hamper that sat across the bathroom. Warm steam filled the bathroom from the shower, warming my body even more. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t tear my eyes away as the two of them stood b**e in front of me.

While Alec and Kade were identical twins, there were some parts of them that were different from one another. Kade’s build was a little larger than his brothers, his shoulders just a little broader. Alec’s abs were more defined than his brothers, his muscles ending in harsh lines and angles. A few scars were etched onto their torso and backs, but they only added to the allure that clung to the two of them.

They both stood in silence, eyes dark and blown wide with lust as my gaze traveled even lower. I s****d in a harsh breath as I caught sight of the length between their legs. They were both hard, the steel between their legs hung proudly. Kade was thicker than his brother, but Alec’s was just an inch or two longer. I shifted on the stool; my t****s pressed tightly together as I forced my eyes to travel even lower. Large, muscular t****s led down to chiseled calf muscles. The two of them were works of art, identical yet different in every way. Porcelain skin chiseled from stone, mine to taste, to devour and savor.

“Are you sure you don’t want to join us, sweetheart?” Kade murmured, his eyes practically burning into my skin, as though he could see past the layer of clothes that clung to my body.

“We would miss dinner.” I managed to choke out, my gaze slowly trailing up their bodies. “We would definitely miss dinner.”

Their lust and desire washed over me like a boiling wave. Heat flooded my veins, sizzling as it hit my skin. They both wanted me, wanted me more than I could express in words. Even with the overwhelming need they were feeling, they both remained rooted in place. They’d go at my pace; Alec had once told me.

My willpower would crumble, would break and b**n until there was nothing left. I would give them everything, anything they wanted if they continued to look at me like that, like there was nothing in this world more potent than me. My breaths came out in short pants, and with all the willpower in my body, I forced my eyes to return to their faces.

“We would miss dinner, but you wouldn’t regret it.” Alec smirked, but the expression didn’t reach his consuming gaze.

“No, I don’t think I would regret it.” I managed to reply, “I’ll get in once you two are finished.”

Alec and Kade heeded my words, and both stepped into the shower after flashing me another heated look. While they were facing away from me, I watched as the water beaded and ran down the muscles spanning their backs. The water twisted and turned, caught by the grooves of their muscles. I knew they could feel my eyes on them, running down their shoulders and lingering on their firm bottoms. They even had nice assess, I thought to myself. I expected some flaw, some imperfection. No person, human or werewolf, could be this–this perfect. Even their physical flaws added to the allure, to the intense attractiveness that radiated from every pore, every rippling muscle and spattering of hair.

I let out a long sigh as the two of them finished and left the bathroom, giving me privacy as I showered. The two of them remained hard nearly the entire shower. At least thirty times I had contemplated skipping the dinner altogether, marking and mating just as Tori and I talked about. I reminded myself over and over again, that we needed to be at this dinner. I needed the information, needed to see if Garrett was telling the truth.

The water rained down on me, soothing my tense muscles. It wasn’t a show they had given me; it was utter torture. I didn’t think it would be this hard not to touch them, not to give into my instincts and urges. As the water poured down on me, my soaked hair clinging to my shoulders and back, I slipped a hand between my legs and let out a quiet sigh.


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