Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 63

Read Mated to the Alpha Twins [by Jane Doe] Chapter 63

Another tearing sound filled the room and I had only time to gasp as my torn bra was tossed to the ground. Kade ravaged me with his lips, tongue and teeth. He l****d and n****d at my skin, groaning to himself as he traveled lower. Every touch filled me with an inescapable heat. It was torture, absolute torture. The soft flesh between my legs throbbed painfully, my wetness coated my inner t****s. He was taking too long, devouring my body with a slowness that was driving me insane.

“We should have saved ourselves for you. I can’t take it back, but I can promise you something.” Kade grunted, looking up at me. Something in his eyes softened as they darted over my parted lips and flushed face. “No one else will come after you. No one else will ever compare.”

Our lips met in a rough clash, and I willingly let his tongue slide into my mouth. My fingers twitched at the urge to touch him, to pull him closer. I would never get enough of this. I would never tire of the twins and their burning touches.

His eyes darkened as they took in my exposed b*****s, my n*****s hardened from the cool air in the room. His lips clasped over one of my n*****s, the pad of his tongue roughly raking across the sensitive flesh. Just as his teeth scraped against it, a sound of impatient fury tore through my lips.

Despite the m*******s agony on my face, Kade chuckled. He moved back up my body until his lips were inches from my own. Slowly, he removed the hand that restrained my arms. I flexed my fingers, ready to thread them through his hair when he stopped me.

“Keep them up there, sweetheart.” Kade murmured, his lips turning up in a purely male smirk. “I’m going to take my time with you, and you’re going to deal with it. I’ll have Alec hold you down if I must.”

Kade’s head tipped towards the other side of the room, but his eyes remained on me. My head snapped over in that direction, my face blistering with heat as I locked eyes with Alec. He was sitting on one of the armchairs in the room, nestled against the wall. He watched us with dark eyes, and I was hyperaware of the tent pitched in his sweatpants. He leaned back in the chair; his lips twisted into an amused grin. He had been watching us the entire time, I realized. I wasn’t sure which turned me on more, Kade’s hot mouth traveling my body or the fact that his twin brother was so clearly aroused from watching us.

“Please, Alec.” I whimpered, unable to keep the whine from my voice.

My breaths were growing heavy, just as the pressure in between my legs grew. Kade knew how much I needed this–how much I needed them both. He was toying with me, tugging at the mate-bond to bring me unimaginable pleasure. The fact that the pleasure was coupled with the slightest of pain only made it that much more alluring. If it weren’t for Kade’s heavy body on top of my own, I would’ve already moved to flip us over. All of my self-consciousness flew out the window, replaced by blissful desperation.

“Don’t beg my brother, he won’t help you.” Kade murmured, his fingers trailing down to my silky underwear. “He’s going to sit there and watch as I make you scream, Aurora. Only after I taste you, will he get a turn.”

Even as I prepared myself for the inevitable shredding of my panties, I shivered against the cold air that lapped at my wet skin. Both Kade and Alec’s eyes were drawn to the slickness between my legs, their gazes turned downright feral as they devoured me with their eyes. Kade’s hand drifted lower cupping my soft flesh. A deep growl echoed through his chest as my wetness glistened on his palm.

“Look how ready she is for us, brother.” Kade all but snarled, grazing his fingers along my slit.

Kade pushed my legs open even farther, giving Alec and unobstructed view of my glistening p***y. Alec let out a low growl of satisfaction, his eyes latched onto the sweet spot between my t****s. As Kade trailed farther down my body, he gave me one last firm look.

“Remember, keep your hands to yourself.” He murmured, his eyes glinting with a predatory light. “Let us hear your pretty little screams.”

As Kade’s breath fanned out over my p***y, I clenched my fists together to keep them in place. His tongue darted out, slipping between my s***k folds. The initial pleasure coaxed a thick gasp from my lips, which Kade and Alec devoured immediately. Kade devoured my p***y, heavy g****s vibrated across my skin. My back arched as he lapped at me, s*****g my small bundle of nerves between his teeth. There was nothing slow or sensual about the way Kade devoured my p***y. His l***s and n**s were frantic, soaked with impatient desire that demanded an outlet.

“How does she taste, brother?” Alec murmured from across the room. He had leaned forward in his seat, his hand grazing the hard shaft in his sweatpants.

“Sweet, like honeydew.” Kade pulled away long enough to answer, and let his tongue slip back into my folds.

“Oh–don’t stop!” The words left my mouth in desperation, the incredible pressure had reached its limit. “Please, don’t stop!”

My entire body went taught; my hands curled themselves in Kade’s thick hair. He pried my fingers off easily, looking up at me with a satisfied smirk. My j****s glistened around his lips, and I watched in stunned silence as Kade’s tongue darted out to taste myself on his skin.

“Naughty mate.” Kade tsked, shaking his head at me. “I thought I told you to keep your hands to yourself.”

“I want—I want to feel you.” I whimpered, my fingers flexing under his tight grip.

“You’ll feel me alright, sweetheart. But you won’t come until I say.” Kade murmured, moving his way up my body.

He slipped his clothes off in a matter of seconds, and my body b****d and ached for his touch. His lips clashed against mine, his tongue delving in my mouth with unforgiving thrusts. His musky taste was mixed with my own, creating something deliciously new. One of his large fingers toyed at my entrance before sinking deep inside of me. I moaned against his lips, my hips writhing as his finger continued darting in my p***y.

My fingers clawed at every inch of b**e skin, my nails raking over Kade’s muscles eagerly. I couldn’t get enough of him, enough of his touch, scent, and taste. The only thing that could make this better was Alec. I needed him too, then it would all be complete. In the midst of my pleasure filled haze, I turned my eyes to Alec. He was breathing heavily as he sat in the armchair, watching me with hooded eyes. His hand was pressing against the lump in his pants, stroking it softly as he watched his brother devour my body.

Before I knew what happened, Kade removed his finger and pressed the thick head of his c**k against my entrance. In the back of my mind, I knew this would hurt. I looked down at his length and shuddered at the girth of it. Even the prospect of pain couldn’t wipe the blatant need from my eyes. I would endure it all if it meant having his hands on my body, his lips against my neck, and his c**k deep inside of me. The pain was a mere afterthought.

“Alec.” I whimpered, extending a hand towards him.

I needed them both, in any way I could get them. Alec’s eyes darkened, and he lifted himself from the chair with practiced restraint. As he slid onto the bed, he propped himself beside me. His face was close to my own, mere inches away from where his brother n****d at my neck.

“Let me distract you, doll.” Alec smirked, his thumb running over my lower lip. “It’s going to hurt when you take Kade’s c**k, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Then, it’ll be my turn to feel you squirm around me.”

As Kade slid the head of his c**k inside of me, a gasp tore itself from my throat. Alec’s lips muffled the sound, devouring the pleasure and pain that echoed through me. His fingers roamed down my body, settling on the bundle of nerves between my legs. The rough pad of his finger circled it, alternating in pressure and speed. I moaned deep in his mouth and bucked my hips against his fingers, h*****g as Kade’s c**k slid in further.

“F**k, sweetheart.” Kade groaned, the sound sent vibrations down my neck. Some of his words were incoherent, spurred on by pleasure so intense it blocked out everything else. “So f*****g tight.”

He lifted his head and looked down between my legs, watching as his brother continued teasing my c**t. Having four hands on me was something I never thought I’d experience. Not a single part of my body went untouched, not a single inch of skin hadn’t been tasted or n****d. My body was d******g in the sensations, unable to make sense of it all. I was drunk on the pleasure of their touches, and the husky sounds that left their lips. Their emotions mixed in with my own, until I couldn’t tell what belonged to who.