Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 64

Read Mated to the Alpha Twins [by Jane Doe] Chapter 64

The pain was sharper as Kade slid all the way in, his fingers clutching roughly at my waist. I could feel his restraint and how much he was holding back. Every instinct in his body told him to take me, to leave me screaming, gasping, crying under his touch. The muscles along his arms and chest rippled at the restraint. Even as he rocked his hips gently, his eyes were burning with need. Alec muffled every hiss and whimper as Kade thrusted into me. His movements were slow and calculated, trying to ease the pain that accompanied the pleasure. Soon enough, my whimpers turned to m***s and my fingernails pressed tighter against his skin. Kade’s sweat stained my body, but I couldn’t get enough of their husky scents. Anything that brought me closer, anything that gave me more. The slap of Kade’s hips against my own spurred me on further. He was stretching me in the best way possible, nearing the brink of pain. As my fingernails left tracks along his shoulders and back, I had enough.

“Stop holding back.” I whimpered, feeling Alec’s teeth graze my n****e. “I won’t break, Kade. Please–”.

I’d never forget the sound that came from Kade, and would remember how it sent such a potent rush of heat through me, that my toes curled and my eyes rolled. The blissful fullness I had felt dissipated as Kade slid out of me, his hands gripping my hips to turn me over. My hands and knees sunk into the bed, and I flushed a deep shade of red at the position I was in. My b*****s hung, my n*****s grazing against the silky comforter. I could feel both sets of their eyes on me, and shivered under their attention.

Their emotions never changed, never strayed from the desperate desire that coursed through them. At the sight of me bent over, exposed to both of them, the emotion seemed to strengthen even further.

Kade lifted my bottom in the air, running his finger along the length of me. My mouth opened in a silent gasp as Kade slid his length inside of me. The miniscule of pain enhanced the pleasure at feeling full again. When I had told him to stop holding back, the last of his restraint had snapped. I knew neither wanted to hurt me, but now that the pain had vanished, only pleasure was left in its wake. Kade’s hips slammed against my bottom roughly, coaxing a long m**n from my lips. His pace increased until I was a whimpering mess, pressed tightly against the bed.

“Look at you—bent over for me.” Kade grunted, his words melting into one another as his pace grew rougher. “Taking my c**k so good–”

A firm hand grabbed my jaw, resting just under my chin. The hand pulled me up from the bed, and I locked eyes with Alec. I’m sure mine were wide with shock, burning with inexperience but Alec hadn’t seemed to mind. My eyes were drawn to the thick muscle that spanned his now shirtless body. I trailed my sight down to the thickly etched muscles in his hips, leading down to his exposed c**k. Alec didn’t have the same girth as his brother, but made up for the deficit in length. The head of his c**k was smooth and swollen, most likely from watching his brother and I.

“Open your mouth, doll.” Alec grunted, his thumb running along my lower lip.

“And you say I’m inpatient.” Kade snickered at Alec, who raised an eyebrow in his direction.

“You wouldn’t have lasted five minutes if you were the one watching.” Alec smirked.

As a bead of precum formed on Alec’s c**k, he ran the tip along my lower lip. My tongue darted out on its own, tasking the husky liquid. Taking advantage of my parted lips, Alec slipped the head of his c**k in my mouth and groaned at the sensation. My mouth stretched to take him in, nearly choking as he prodded the back of my throat. For just a brief moment, Kade slipped out of me and grabbed a condom from one of the drawers. Before I could complain of the emptiness, his c**k parted my lips again.

“Relax, Aurora.” Alec murmured, grabbing the back of my head. “Breathe through your nose.”

I did as Alec had said, and was met with oxygen. Alec thrusted inside my mouth with a hiss, his head falling back. I was completely at their mercy, filled on both sides until my entire body radiated sparks. Alec’s pace was steady, holding himself back as he watched his brother take me from behind. One of Kade’s hands reached around my hip, his fingers pressing into my c**t with force. My m***s were muffled by Alec’s c**k, and I found myself meeting Kade’s desperate thrusts. The pressure in my p***y hit breaking point, and a desperate cry tore from my mouth as I shattered around Kade’s c**k. My walls pulsed and stretched, wave after wave assaulted my body. With a husky roar, Kade slammed into me one last time. I whimpered as his c**k twitched, filling the condom inside of me.

As Kade slid out of me, Alec followed suit. Alec gripped my chin and smiled down on me, his eyes flickering with dark delight.

“Think you can take it again?” Alec smirked.

Through my pleasure filled haze, I managed an enthusiastic nod. My p***y was already delightfully sore, but still begging for more. I had felt Kade’s thickness stretch me to my limit, and now I wanted to feel Alec. The sounds Kade had made when he came still rang in my ears, and I wanted to coax the same from Alec. Alec slipped on a condom and ran his head along the length of my slit.

Alec lined his c**k up against my entrance, letting me ease down as slowly as I needed. While Alec’s c**k wasn’t as thick as Kade’s, it was longer. My head fell back as I engulfed his length, feeling it graze against the deepest parts of me. Alec sat back, his eyes roaming every inch of my body.

“Ride my c**k, Aurora.” Alec purred, “I want to watch you come on me.”

“I don’t–I’m not sure how.” I whimpered, fumbling for the words that might save me from embarrassment. My face flushed, but Alec’s eyes seemed to b**n brighter at the sight.

He leaned in close and brushed his lips against my ear. “Do what feels good, doll.”

I rocked my hips back and forth somewhat awkwardly, m*****g as his c**k brushed my insides. I placed my hands on his shoulders, my movements finally finding some rhythm. Alec palmed my b*****s before pinching a n****e between his fingers. His eyes never once strayed from me, flitting between my face, chest, and rolling hips. My p***y was on full display to him, and he savored every second.

“That’s it.” Alec groaned, “F**k–you’re so beautiful riding my c**k.”

As my c**t grazed against his skin and his c**k pulsed inside of me, another o****m tore through me. Alec gripped my hips and ground me against him, thrusting inside of me with an unforgiving pace. Stars danced behind my eyes, and I savored every incoherent word that left Alec’s lips.

“So f*****g tight—made for us.” Alec grunted.

His c**k twitched and his entire body tensed as his own o****m took over. I fell against his chest, coated in the sweat of two men and let out a shuddering sigh. Once he stopped shaking, Alec lifted me from his lap and settled me against his side. Every inch of me shook with the remnants of pleasure, but I felt completely sated for the time being.

I locked eyes with Kade across the room, blushing as I realized he had watched Alec and I. I didn’t regret my decision, not in the slightest. As I yawned, I noticed their eyes soften. I would never get tired of this—of them.

“We’ve completely worn her out.” Kade chuckled, watching me with barely concealed amusement.

“I think she’ll get used to us.” Alec smirked, brushing back some of the damp strands from my hair. His lips grazed against my temple, turning up as he spoke. “How about that shower?”

Alec lifted me from the bed, placing me on my feet as Kade turned on the shower. Within seconds, steam billowed to every corner of the bathroom. The three of us stepped into the shower together, and I let their fingers and emotions wash over me. They were incredibly gentle as they washed me, taking care of the soreness between my legs. Awe, happiness and something even stronger twisted in their emotions. The emotion wasn’t fully developed, but there were sweet hints of it here and there. It was the start of an emotion I hadn’t experienced before, one that filled me with unspeakable joy.