Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 66

Read Mated to the Alpha Twins [by Jane Doe] Chapter 66

I could hear the light trickle of water all around us and smell the fresh scent of damp earth. On the cool breeze, I could make out the gentle and sweet aroma of wildflowers.

My attention was quickly captured by the twins, who were both running their hands along my body. I could tell who was who from touch alone. Their scents covered me like a warm blanket, mixing together to form a new and equally intoxicating smell. Warm and just a little spicy.

Hands were soon replaced with lips, and teeth n****d at my skin. My body was lit with sensation, and I struggled against my own impatience. The two of them would slowly drive me mad. If the caresses didn’t do it first, the teasing bites would. When Alec’s hands moved down to the waistband of my sweatpants, I nearly cried out in relief.

“Impatient little mate.” Kade scoffed, his voice mere inches from my ear.

“This is torture.” I mumbled under my breath.

I squirmed in impatience as Alec slid the sweatpants from my body. His deep chuckle only infuriated me more. I could feel Kade toying with the neck of my shirt. A deafening sound filled the air, the sound of torn clothing. Cool air lapped at my chest and stomach. My n*****s hardened beneath the soft cotton of my bra. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise, but I hadn’t been expecting Kade to rip my entire shirt off.

“Better get used to it, doll.” Alec snickered, “We’re going to be doing this for a very, very long time.”

Alec’s words helped ease some of my self-consciousness. It was only natural to be aware of one’s flaws, especially in the presence of two equally perfect men. I seemed to have to remind myself that they were both my mates–that this was permanent. They would never tire of me, never abandon me for something better. For them, there was nothing better than me. I felt the same about them, but still found it hard to accept their unmoving presence in my life. After being left to fend for myself for so long, having a support system of my own was entirely new. Regardless, I savored every gentle and consuming emotion that radiated from the twins.

“Don’t you dare ruin this bra.” I warned him, sounding as stern as one could when she had a male’s hand dipping down into her pants. “Your Mom got it for me, and I’d hate to tell her what happened to it.”

“We have money for more bras, sweetheart.” Kade chuckled in my ear.

I stuck my lower lip out in a pout, “I like this bra, Kade.”

“I like it as well.” Kade grunted, toying with one of the little satin bows above the swell of my b****t.

A set of teeth clamped down on my pouty lower lip, and I let out a quiet whine. Alec’s fingers were almost where I wanted them. They were grazing over the soft material of my underwear, adding a little pressure when he ran over my covered c**t. My back arched under his touch, and with a low growl, he cupped my heated flesh.

“I told you I’d bite it for you.” Alec snickered, running his tongue along my lower lip.

Kade managed to undo the clasp on my bra while my back was arched, and I shook as the cool air lapped at my exposed b*****s. I could feel my n*****s harden into points. Kade’s rough fingers toyed with the rigid skin, letting out a low growl of approval. I shook and whimpered as he palmed my b*****s, and his brother slipped the sweatpants from my body. As Alec pulled my damp underwear off, I whimpered from the loss of his touch.

“Look how wet you are.” Alec murmured in appreciation.

He ran the length of his finger down my slit, and I was sure I could hear the quiet sounds of him licking his fingers clean. His large hands gripped my t****s and opened them; his hot breath fanned across my most sensitive spot.

“Hold her arms down, Kade.” Alec murmured, “I’m not stopping until she begs.”

With my sight gone, all of my other senses were heightened. I could smell the mint gum on Kade’s breath, just as I could feel the way Alec’s light stubble tickled my t****s. I could smell the earth around us and knew we were in a clearing of some kind. Excitement bubbled in my gut along with just a hint of anxiety. I was completely n***d, sprawled out in the middle of a clearing, with Alec and Kade marveling at every part of my body. I felt horribly exposed, but completely lost under their heated touches.

Kade’s hands gripped my wrists, pinning them up by my head. I could feel my b*****s squish together, and tried not to thrash as Alec’s tongue darted out to taste me.

“Sweet, like honeydew.” Alec murmured against my p***y, making my very core clench painfully.

While Kade pinned my wrists down, Alec held my t****s in an iron-clad grip. I was completely unable to move, unable to do anything but be consumed by the pleasure washing over me in waves. My legs shook and twitched as Alec s****d on the small bundle of nerves between my legs, washing me in sensation after sensation.

“You like my brother’s tongue between your legs, sweetheart?” Kade growled low in my ear, and I couldn’t stifle the echo of pure bliss that rolled over me.

“Yes!” I gasped, feeling the pressure between my legs grow with every l**k, s**k, and n*p. “It feels so good!”

“Come for us, Aurora.” Alec murmured against my t***h, planting a light kiss on the smooth skin. “Let us hear those pretty screams.”

Alec had been a man of his word. He brought me to the edge countless times, only to back off before I could plummet. Soon, his fingers joined his tongue. Even Kade used his spare hand to toy with my b*****s, teasing my n*****s into painful points. My body was lit with pleasure under their hands. Not a single part of my body hadn’t been touched, kissed, or l****d.

My p***y throbbed painfully with each prolonged l**k from Alec, begging for something more–something filling. Tears b****d in the corners of my eyes, and I found myself begging the two of them in silent, whimpered pleas.

“Please–please, I can’t take anymore.” I whimpered, unable to stop the trembling of my legs. “I need you inside of me, Alec.”

Alec had more patience than his brother–but, not by much. After a few more blissful l***s and n**s, I felt Alec pull away. He chuckled and ran a finger over my trembling legs. The sound of his zipper coming undone was maddening, and my p***y throbbed with pent-up anticipation.

“Relax, and take my brothers c**k.” Kade murmured, flicking a thumb over my n****e.

As the head of Alec’s c**k grazed against my opening, my hips bucked on their own. He ran his length over my throbbing c**t more times than I could count. The pleasure that coursed through me was so severe, my head fell back and a soundless gasp left my lips. I swore I’d come undone if he kept up his actions, teasing me to near pain.

A flash of stinging pain ran through me as Alec slid half of his length inside of me. The pain was short lived, replaced by the satisfaction of feeling completely full. I could feel how deep he was seated inside of me, and basked in the pleasure of it all. There was nothing better than this, I told myself. Nothing better than to be at the complete mercy of the twins, to let them take control of my body and pleasure. I had never been out of control before, but savored every second of it with the twins. They were the two people I trusted more than anything. The only people I trusted to take complete control from my grasp.

“F**k–so f*****g tight.” Alec groaned, his mouth devouring my heavy b*****s.

I was lost in a sea of agonizing pleasure as Alec continued thrusting inside of me. His feral noises filled the night, and I found myself meeting his fervor and volume. I felt completely dominated by these two men, and marveled at how much my body seemed to enjoy it. The twins could both be gentle, soft and loving. At their core, they were brute, animalistic men. The things they said to me lit my skin aflame and brought me that much closer to release.

“Flip her over.” Kade grunted, running his finger along my lower lip. “I want to feel her mouth around my c**k.”

I whined at the feeling of emptiness between my legs, and yelped when Alec gripped my waist in his hands. I was spun around, placed on all fours in front of Alec. I shivered at how exposed I felt, at how I was completely under the twin’s control. Out here in the forest, who knows who could be watching. That fact only added to the perverse danger and thrill of it all.

A hand swiped at my bottom, leaving a stinging pain radiating over my skin. I poked my bottom further in the air, whimpering at the mixture of pain and pleasure. I could hear the little wrapper unfurl as Alec slipped a condom onto his c**k.

“If I get too rough, tap on my leg three times.” Kade spoke close to my ear, “Understood?”

My reply was muffled by a long m**n, courtesy of Alec sliding his c**k through my folds. My enthusiastic nod seemed to be an answer enough, and I felt the thick head of Kade’s c**k brush my lips. His precum smeared over my lips, and my tongue darted out for a taste. Sweet, a little salty, and pure male.

I managed to take half of Kade’s c**k in my mouth with ease. Each m**n that left my lips vibrated up his shaft. As Alec thrusted inside of me, I was pushed forward into Kade’s c**k. His large hand gripped my head, and I felt him gently thrust through my lips. The sound of flesh against flesh was maddening, and the pressure that had been building in my core grew to newfound heights.

I tapped three times on Kade’s t***h and l****d my lips when he pulled out.

“Are you alright, sweetheart?” Kade asked, his hand roaming down my face to cup my jaw.

“Stop holding back.” I muttered breathlessly, “Both of you–stop holding back. I want it all, exactly how you are. I won’t break, I promise.”