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Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 68

Read Mated to the Alpha Twins [by Jane Doe] Chapter 68

Don’t stop, don’t stop—I chanted this in my head like a mantra, using it to chase away the overwhelming terror I felt. As I tore through the forest, I could hear the snarls and snaps of nearby wolves. There was also a thick copper scent in the air, and I didn’t need to ask to know what it was.

I was petrified, terrified enough to bolt far from this town and never return. It was Alec and Kade who kept me here, who kept me running towards the danger instead of away.

Pain radiated through my torso, so strong I would’ve thought I had been wounded. The pain coupled with the thought of one of the twins hurt kept me running. It kept me charging forward, unable to feel the aching, gnawing pain in my limbs and muscles.

That brief feeling of total freedom when shifting had passed, suppressed by the terror and desperation I felt.

It was in this moment that I realized a mate-bond was as much of a weakness as it was a strength.

There was nothing—nothing I wouldn’t do to end this, to have both of the twins safe with me. It was a horrifying, disgusting thought. I was willing to risk innocent lives, people I had become friends with just to keep two people safe. I would set fire to the world if it meant keeping the twins safe and alive, and that thought absolutely horrified me.

I could hear snapping and snarling from a few feet behind me, and knew Jason and Zane were catching up. Alec and Kade had briefly gone over some ceremony the pack would be holding for me. It would connect my mind with everyone else’s, allowing me to speak to anyone in the pack at any time. They had put off the ceremony in order to give me more time to adjust, and I was beginning to regret that decision.

I couldn’t call out to them, couldn’t hear their voices. I needed to hear them, I needed it more than I could fathom. One word, one sign that they were safe and I would retreat and hide.

As it stood, I wasn’t thinking about the consequences of what I might do. All I was thinking about were Alec and Kade.

I didn’t care about being a white wolf, or having abilities. What good did it do if I couldn’t protect the people who meant most to me?

A dull pain radiated up my hind leg and I quickly turned my head to see Jason lunging at me. I could sense their emotions as if they were my own, and I knew they weren’t trying to harm me. They were both terrified something would happen to me, their Luna. They were also fiercely protective, and I silently apologized for what I’d do next.

I gathered what strength I had, thankful that for once, Thalia was completely on board with what I was thinking. She felt that same blood-curdling desperation as I, that horrifying willingness to do whatever it took to keep Alec and Kade safe.

I launched forward, using the combined strength of Thalia and I. Desperation and fear could do wonders. It can drive people to commit unspeakable acts, or even incredible ones.

Just as Jason lunged at my hind leg a second time, I darted to the side and sent him careening into the nearest tree. Zane was next, picking up speed as he tried to run at my side. Just as Zane lunged at my side, I skidded to a near-stop. Zane rolled, nearly taking out an old telephone pole. It wasn’t much, but it allowed me just enough time to get ahead.

I wasn’t far from the twin’s house, just a few minutes down the main road. My eyes darted around hungrily as I charged down Main St. I passed the countless shops I had once wandered through, and noticed how the entire town seemed deserted. There wasn’t a person in sight. Cars were abandoned in various locations; some were even stopped at the nearest red light.

Soon the shops disappeared and gave way to residential buildings and houses. I could’ve sworn I saw a few lights on in some of the houses, but I couldn’t be sure. I knew Alec and Kade must’ve had some kind of safety plan in order, just in case something like this happened. They had once told me rogue attacks happened every so often, and I hoped this was one of those moments.

Fear twisted itself in my gut like a knife as the sounds of battle grew louder. The only kinds of battles I’ve seen were the ones in movies, the battles where you could tell who was the enemy and who was your ally. Those battles always seemed so cut and dry. A great hero would march in and tip the tides, scoring a win for their side.

I darted towards the end of the road, making a sharp right into the less populated side of town. Most of the land on this side of town was in the midst of construction. Families in the pack were growing, and there had been a lot of transfers lately. There was even a Pre-School being built on this side of town.

As I veered right down the street, I managed to glance behind me and saw Jason and Zane a good bit away. Just as I turned, I could see the battle raging ahead.

I stammered for a moment, nearly halting before instinct and desperation forced me forward.

This was nothing like the movies, nothing like I had ever anticipated. There were wolves everywhere. Snapping, snarling, foaming at the mouth. Blood splatter filled the air. Chunks of flesh and fur littered the ground with the dead bodies of countless wolves. I couldn’t tell who was a rogue, and who belonged to this pack.

My eyes darted from wolf after wolf, never once finding what I was looking for. I knew what Alec and Kade looked like in wolf form, but there were simply too many wolves fighting.

The few cars that lined the road were all but destroyed. Shards of glittering glass littered the ground, along with various metal parts. A work truck that had been parked at the corner was nearly flattened, and I watched in abject horror as a sand-colored wolf was tossed onto the dented hood. The windshield cracked and groaned under the weight before giving in entirely.

In between the snarls and howling, I could make out the warbled groaning of a car alarm. Off to the side of the road was the shell of what would soon be a house. The beams had collapsed completely, sending a dust cloud whirling into the air. I could taste the dirt on my tongue just as I could smell the blood, filth, and saliva.

A thick, sickly stench filled the air. Like a large number of people hadn’t showered in years. It smelled like sweat, bodily fluids, rotting flesh, and old trash. I couldn’t pinpoint the smell as it seemed to come from every direction.

Even as the desperation and fear threatened to rob me of breath, I never once stopped. I didn’t hesitate as I charged into battle, only then remembering I hadn’t a single clue how to defend myself.

The emotions were nearly crippling. They attacked me even though none of the wolves turned my way.

Anger, hatred, fear, desperation, agony, pain, longing, loss, love.

So many emotions, all with their own distinct flavor. They assaulted my mind, peeled back the layers of my flesh until there was nothing left but my soul.

I had experienced plenty of physical pain in my life, and knew I had a decent pain tolerance. Physical pain was nothing compared to the soul-deep agony I was experiencing.

It radiated through every bone, joint, muscle and cell until I was nothing but a pile of ash.

My breaths came out in wheezing pants, and my gait faltered for just that split second.

‘Control it, Aurora.’ Thalia snapped. I had never heard her this way. Demanding and forceful, giving me no room for error or mistake. ‘Get your shit together. Do it for Alec and Kade. Figure out how to use their emotions to make you stronger.’

Easier said than done, I thought but managed to continue anyway. I let Thalia take complete control, using every ounce of my focus to shove those horribly overwhelming emotions deep down. It gave me a few minutes of clarity, but it was too late to realize the mistake I had made.

‘Aurora, get back here.’ Thalia’s voice was low, and I knew something had gone wrong.

As I slipped back into my senses, I realized what had happened.

We had been noticed. Not just by a select few, but by everyone. Hundreds of eyes turned in our direction, and nearly all of the fighting had completely halted.

Every single wolf was holding its breath, waiting for what would come next. Some were waiting for me to act, to use whatever proclaimed powers I would have as a white wolf. If only they knew, I laughed bitterly. All I could do was sense emotions. Completely useless in battle, if anything it was a hindrance.

Five long seconds passed before everyone realized there was nothing I could do. The fighting was back in full force, and the sudden sound of snapping and snarling sounded like war cannons in my ears.

This was different though. The fighting had changed.

I could now pinpoint a few of the rogues. Their eyes burned with a crazed light, and their fur looked dirty and unwashed. It was also longer and shaggier than the other wolves, who I assumed were in our pack.

Many of those crazed eyes were on me, as they had never left.

I had made myself a target. My white fur seemed to capture the rays of the moon, nearly glowing in the darkness. I was a beacon to the good and the bad, and everyone wanted a piece.

I was no longer the one rescuing. I was the one in need of rescue.

Everywhere I turned, a new rogue charged at me. None harmed me, but they were all hell-bent on taking me down.

I thanked whoever was listening for my above average speed and stealth as I maneuvered through wolf after wolf. I dipped and rolled, charged and retreated as I worked my way through the massive battle field.

Just as I evaded a rogue with long auburn hair, something hard slammed into my side. A yelp left my muzzle and I thundered towards the ground. Dirt and grass flew into the air from the impact, and I somehow managed to turn on my belly as I looked straight into the mouth of one of the rogues.

Saliva dribbled from its open mouth, and I stifled a gag as rancid breath fanned over my face. Its long tongue came out, swiping over its snout before stalking towards me.

They didn’t want to kill me, I realized. They wanted to capture me.

Not a single rogue had made an attempt to kill me, only to knock me to the ground or render me unconscious. Were white wolves truly that rare that anyone might want one? Or was there a purpose to this battle? Was this because of me?

My desperate prayers were answered when a rush of fierce protectiveness washed through me. It destroyed every barrier I erected around myself, and the emotions of every single wolf rushed forward at full force.

I was consumed in the agony and pain of my surroundings, drowning in the fear and desperation. I was a rogue attacking the innocent, blood-thirsty and desperate for death. I was a warrior, terrified for my life and my families. I was a friend, a sister, brother, enemy, lover. I was on both sides, yet neither. Surrounded by carnage, and engulfed within it.

It was the towering form of a midnight black wolf that pulled me from my own confusion. Dark eyes stared down at me, burning with a raging fire that made unease settled beneath my skin.

‘Oh, he’s pissed.’ Were Thalia’s only words.

I watched from my place on the ground as Kade knocked the rogue off its feet. I felt my stomach sour and bile rise up in my throat as his long teeth sunk into the flesh of the rogue. Pain exploded across my neck and shoulder, and I swore I was dying along with the putrid rogue. I could feel each spurt of blood as if it were my own, and knew the exact moment the rogue had departed the land of the living.

Kade gripped my scruff gently, pulling me to my feet. I wobbled for a few moments, but quickly regained my awareness.

Kade had saved me, but it wasn’t enough.

We were losing this battle. There were so many dead along the field, so many lives lost. A painful ache settled across my chest as I hoped this fight wasn’t because of me. How could I live with myself knowing this was my fault? I tried to push the feelings away, chocking it up to an inflated sense of self-importance, but the pain refused to budge.

The rogues were closing in on us now, circling around Kade and I with hungry eyes. Countless wolves put themselves in between Kade and the rogues, protecting him with their life.

Just as a golden wolf with blood matted fur leaped towards me, a second midnight wolf came into view.

Relief, pure and sweet, burst through my chest.

Where Alec should’ve been able to take down the rogue with ease, it had taken him a few moments to gain the upper hand. I realized why as soon as I trailed my eyes over his wolf’s body.

Blood matted in the fur along his hip and thigh. I could make out the jagged punctures in his thick skin, and winced as I saw the fresh blood still oozing from the wound.

It hadn’t surprised me that Alec would refuse to retreat. They were both horrifically stubborn, both loyal and honorable to a fault. There wasn’t a chance in hell they would leave their pack to fend for themselves. They would fight to the bitter end for these people, and I was beginning to realize that I’d do the same.

I could feel the twin’s pain with every life lost, but never once did I sense fear from them. They were not afraid of the violence, just as they weren’t afraid of death.

It was the twins who gave me courage to face the ugly, disgusting emotions that ate away at my soul.

I gathered every thought, every emotion in my mind. All of my fear, desperation, anxiety, horror, hatred, anger, love. I took it all and let it fester within me. The burst of energy that coursed through me was so intense, I let out an earth-shattering howl.

My howl filled the night, echoed along the trees and delved deep into the forest. Every inch of my body filled with this unfathomable feeling. It felt like I had touched a live-wire, like I was being electrocuted.

All of those ugly emotions exploded from within me, washing over the blood-soaked battle field.

Everything seemed to happen all at once.

Nearly every single rogue dropped to the ground. Howls, whimpers, and yelps of absolute terror filled the air. It sounded like an entire battle field of dying animals, all screaming out into the night, voicing their unending agony.

The feeling was intoxicating, completely consuming. The emotions poured from me, coming from a deep well that knew no end. I lashed out at every single one of them, infusing my own pain and fear into the mix. I let them taste it all. I let them feel the pain and terror of the warriors they killed, the mourning their families would go through and the heart-break their mates would experience.

Many of the rogues writhed on the ground, while others retreated into the forest completely. Some were lashing out at themselves, doing anything and everything they could to end their own lives.

I was caught in this power-fueled haze when the sound of hundreds of wolves howling filled the air. It was different from how the rogues had sound. These wolves sounded united, full of life and purpose.

“Sweetheart, can you hear us?”

“We need you to stop, doll. Stop what you’re doing and come back to us.”

It was the voices of Alec and Kade that pulled me from the well of emotions I had submerged myself in. It was like a wall had been erected within me, placed there for so long that I hadn’t even noticed its presence. That wall was obliterated now, completely dismantled into the smallest shreds of rubble. On the other side of that wall was power, pure and unfiltered. It was neither good nor evil, but held the potential for incredible greatness. A power that could end wars and conquer countless civilizations.

As Alec and Kade pulled me away from the sea of power that held me firmly in its grasp, I felt overwhelming fatigue settle in my bones. The well of emotions within me had run dry, leaving me dazed and confused. I couldn’t pinpoint my own emotions, much less anyone else’s.

The world around me pitched and swayed, the blood-soaked earth loomed uncomfortably close. The last thing I felt before the moon vanished and darkness consumed me, was the comforting sparks that danced along my body.


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