Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 70

Read Mated to the Alpha Twins [by Jane Doe] Chapter 70

“Can someone explain what the High Table is?” I demanded.

“The High Table is composed of the most powerful Alpha’s of our time. The Alpha’s of the five largest packs. They are our government. They hold sway over every Alpha in this country.” Garrett replied.

I placed the pieces together and frowned, “When I become Luna of all three pack’s, I’ll officially have the largest pack in the country. They’ll want me to take a seat at the High Table.”

“You? Never.” Julian scoffed, his expression souring. “Doesn’t matter if you could k**l them all, they’d never let a woman sit at the High Table. They’ll insist on your mate’s taking that honor.”

“That seat belongs to Aurora.” Alec spoke first, looking to Kade who nodded in approval. They both met my eyes, and the emotion radiating from them had my heart clenching. “She could help protect all future white wolves. She could change things.”

“That she could. Which makes her all the more dangerous.” Garrett spoke darkly, turning his eyes on me. “Whichever Alpha you boot from the High Table will be furious, and they’ll set their eyes directly on you.”

“They can try, but we’ll keep her safe.” Kade snapped, “The members of our pack will protect her with their lives.”

“Good. It seems we agree on something, for once.” Garrett retorted, “You have my pack’s full support but I will not fall under your rule, boy. If we do this, we do it as equals.”

“Agreed.” Alec nodded, and Kade followed suit.

“You have the support of my pack as well.” Julian nodded.

“They won’t come for her. They’ll expect her to come to them. I’d say you have a week, maybe two before they call a meeting.” Garrett grimaced, running his hand through his hair. “You’ll have no choice but to attend. To decline is to declare war.”

“Then we wait.” Alec replied, his eyes softening when they met my own. “We’ll be ready when they call on us.”

“I want to train.” I blurted the words through my own fear-soaked gaze.

This was becoming so much more than I had intended. I had accepted Alec and Kade. I had accepted what I was and what I could do, but this—this was a lot. First, I had to deal with the fact that I wasn’t human. Then, I had to accept that I was a coveted white wolf; and now, now I had five of the most powerful Alpha’s gunning for me. What frightened me the most was that I wasn’t sure if they wanted me d**d or captured.

“Aurora, there’s no need—” Alec began, but surprisingly Garrett cut him off.

“Actually, that’s not a bad idea.” Garrett replied, giving Alec a hard look. “White wolf or no, I will not have my daughter defenseless.”

“Kade and I won’t be able to train her.” Alec frowned, and I flinched against the pain that encompassed him. Both Alec and Kade looked at me, “We wouldn’t be able to hurt you, doll. Someone else will have to train you.”

“I have just the person in mind.” Garrett nodded to himself.

I took the moment of silence to speak, “I think while we’re waiting, we should figure out what it is I can do. The better we understand my abilities, the better I can use them. If I know how to control what I do, there isn’t a werewolf alive immune to my abilities.”

“There aren’t many records on white wolves, sweetheart.” Kade murmured, “When Alec and I searched, we found next to nothing.”

“Perhaps, you weren’t searching in the right places.” Julian mused, his eyes lighting up. “I think I might be able to help with that.”

“Alright, then it’s settled. Alec, Garrett and I will gather all three of our packs. We’ll go over protection detail to make sure an attack like this doesn’t happen again. Julian, dig up as much information as possible on what Aurora can do. Garrett, have your trainer meet us at the gym in town.” Kade grunted, his dark eyes simmering with suppressed rage. “We will not have Aurora training alone, no matter how much you trust your trainer. Tori will attend training with her from here on out.”

“What about the attack? Who’s going to find out why it happened?” I asked.

“It was a rogue attack, doll. They happen, unfortunately.” Alec frowned.

“Are you sure? That was awfully big for just a rogue attack.” I questioned, “I’m not trying to make something out of nothing but when you told me about rogue attacks before, they always seemed so much smaller.”

“Aurora might have a point.” Alec and Kade’s Dad chimed in, “I’ll look into the rogue attack, see if I can make anything of it. I’ve lived through too many attacks to miss something like this. If there’s anything more to it, I’ll find out.”

“Alright, then we’re settled.” Alec nodded, “We’ll begin everything tomorrow. As of right now, my brother and I need some time with our mate.”

The house cleared out pretty quickly after that, but the thick tension in the air had yet to diminish. I wasn’t sure it ever would. Not only was my secret out, but the deadliest men in the country had their eyes turned on me.

As soon as we were alone, I was pulled into the strong arms of Alec and Kade. Both had me squished between them, but I couldn’t bring myself to mind. I let their scents envelop me, and cherished the brief reprieve from today’s events. Unfortunately, the second they pulled away; reality came crashing down.

“How bad was it?” I asked, my voice small. “How many died?”

“Don’t—Not right now, doll.” Alec murmured, planting a long kiss on my forehead. “We don’t want to talk of d***h right now.”

“Let us appreciate you.” Kade spoke next, his rough voice unusually soft. “When I saw you out there—I couldn’t get to you. I—we didn’t know what would happen.”

Their lips replaced the words they spoke, and I basked in every lingering touch and kiss. I let their lips and fingers chase away the d***h that hung over our heads. I wasn’t sure how long we spent in each other’s arms, still covered in the filth and grime of the fight. None of that mattered. They were safe and alive. Alec wasn’t even wounded anymore. All that remained of his wound was a jagged, pink scar on his leg.

After spending the better half of an hour in each other’s arms, the twin’s joined me for a much-needed shower. I didn’t have the energy to argue as they washed every inch of my skin, showering me in their soft yet heated touches.

Each kiss—each lingering touch replenished the strength I hadn’t realized I’d exerted. We showered until the steaming water ran cold, and until the sensitive spot between my legs grew sore from touch.

Wiped clean from the blood and grime that once stained my body, I felt much better. I was far from being at full strength but with Alec and Kade at my side, it wouldn’t take long.

While Alec held me close, whispering sweet words in my ear, Kade brought me something to eat. With my stomach full and my heart light, I curled into the arms of my two incredible mates.

I snuggled under the thick comforter, embracing the twin’s thick body heat and claiming it as my own. My eyelids grew heavy, and I fought to keep them open. I wanted to prolong this moment, to draw it out as long as possible.

“We nearly lost our minds, Aurora.” Alec whispered, “You can’t ever do something like that again.”

“You can’t ask that of me—you can’t.” I shook my head, cutting the two of them off with a hard look. “Tell me you wouldn’t do the same for me. Tell me you wouldn’t drop everything and come running if you thought I was in danger.”

When both of the twins remained silent, I nodded in confirmation.

“I know, I know.” I mumbled against Kade’s chest. When I finally spoke, my voice sounded different. Gone was the frightened, shell-shocked girl. I had only ever met two Luna’s; Garrett’s wife and the Twin’s Mom. If I had to guess, this voice was that of a Luna. Strong, proud, and devastatingly protective of her mates. “After this, I’ll be prepared. I’ll train hard, and if something like this ever happens again—nothing, not a single werewolf will stop me from being at your side. I’ll k**l them all, every last one.”


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