Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 80

Read Mated to the Alpha Twins [by Jane Doe] Chapter 80

“I don’t think she heard a word you said, brother.” Alec chuckled; his dark eyes framed by onyx lashes.

Kade halted his assault on my neck, and even chuckled at the frustrated groan that left my lips. If only we never had to leave this place. I’d dedicate my days learning everything I could about Alec and Kade; the things they love and fear, their mannerisms and private thoughts. Our nights would be spent by learning each other physically. Life, however, never stopped moving for anyone.

“Mm, I don’t like the sound of that.” I muttered, my toes grazing the smooth surface of the pool as I floated, trying to keep my head above the water. I wrapped my arms around Alec’s neck, and felt Kade move up behind me. “I think we should just go back to what we were doing. Now that, I’m sure would end amazingly.”

“Not to worry, we’ll get back to that after our conversation.” Alec smirked down at me, tapping the tip of my nose with a damp finger. As fast as his smirk had appeared, it vanished even faster. I swallowed thickly, hating when the twins grew serious. It seemed there was far too much to be serious about lately. “We’ve waited quite a bit to have this conversation.”

“The last thing we want to do is rush you, and this is not how we wanted it to happen, but there are certain things that must be done before going to the High Table meeting.” Kade murmured from behind me, his hands settling on my waist. His strong grip kept me from bobbing on my toes, and kept my head firmly planted above the watery surface. “Believe us, we hate being forced into things. You deserve all of the time in the world to figure out what you want. This world is still so new to you, and you need to know the full extent of what is expected.”

“Having s*x is only the first part of completing the mate-bond. Our scents merge and basically let all unmated wolves know that we’re taken.” Alec continued where his brother left off, just another tidbit of proof that they were often one person separated into two. “Marking, that’s the final piece. Typically, there’s only two mates in question, so things will be a bit different this time.”

“Marking? Tori mentioned something about that.” I replied thoughtfully. “What is it exactly?”

I hadn’t asked Tori to elaborate, and was beginning to regret it. The twins were clearly nervous about this topic of conversation, which only made me more determined to put their minds at ease. They knew I was all in, but my lack of experience in this world frightened them.

“The two of us would bite you, typically on your neck. The wound would be non-f***l, and would heal into a mark unique to the individual. You would do the same to us, and leave a mark of your own.” Kade chimed in, running his fingers down the length of my neck. When he got to one spot in particular, my eyes nearly rolled in the back of my head. A rush of molten pleasure trickled down my spine, making my legs grow weak. When he spoke again, his voice was deliciously low and husky. “This would be the spot I’d mark you, where the entire world would see who you belong to.”

“I’d have to bite you two as well?” I asked. A part of me was a bit frightened, but my own curiosity outweighed my fear. I was a werewolf, like it or not. These customs were my own, and I was long past running from myself. “The entire world would know that you’re mine?”

“The world already knows were yours, doll.” Alec chuckled, brushing the hair back from my face with a gentle hand. “But the answer to your question is yes, they would.”

His eyes were unbearably soft, and the white moon-light brought out the cacophony of brown tones in his eyes.

“I don’t see why you were both so worried to tell me.” I spoke with a small laugh, “I want to tie myself to both of you in every way possible.”

“We were worried because there’s more to the marking that we’ve mentioned. It solidifies the bond between us, sweetheart. If you were to leave us, or be k****d—well, the two of us wouldn’t live for much longer.” Kade murmured softly, a sound that was unusual for him. Kade was the harder of the two, the one who kept his emotions and thoughts well hidden behind dark, endless eyes. Vulnerability wasn’t in his skillset, but he managed for me. “You would be able to mind-l**k us directly, and not only would you feel our emotions, but we would feel yours as well.”

Now that, that was a little daunting. Then again, I knew without a doubt that my life would never be the same if the twins weren’t in it. Even though I wouldn’t physically d*e without them right now, a part of me would wither away if I left them.

In a way, it made perfect sense. They both held a piece of my soul; one I had been missing for so long. Why would I want to continue a life where they weren’t present, forever missing them with every inch of my fractured soul? It was a life I wasn’t interested in living.

“So, the tides will have turned.” I mustered up a smirk, “Now you’ll be able to tell what I’m feeling instead of the other way around, and read my thoughts, when I allow it.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing what’s going on in that pretty little head of yours.” Alec grinned, running his thumb along my lower lip.

My tongue darted out and grazed against his finger, and I relished the physical reaction it had on him. His eyes darkened and tracked the movement with a predatory focus, and his emotions changed like a switch had been flipped.

“I want to know what goes on in your head, both of you.” I countered with a smug grin, “All your secret thoughts there for me to see.”

“Nothing will be kept secret from you, sweetheart.” Kade chuckled, his fingers dancing down my spine painfully slow. I could feel him stiffen against my backside, and my b*****s grew heavy from the rush of pleasure it provided. I pushed back against his length and shivered when he snarled in my ear. “But can you handle sharing your secrets with us? All of those d***y thoughts of yours there for us to see.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad.” I managed to stammer, my heart a frantic patter in my chest.

“We’re getting off topic, brother.” Alec scolded Kade, though there was little animosity in the action.

“You’re right, as usual.” Kade grumbled, but made no action to remove his hardened length from my backside.

“We want you to mark us, doll, but not without you knowing fully what you’re getting into.” Alec continued, a small smile gracing his strong face. “We will mark you tomorrow night, as there’s a high chance you’ll pass out. It won’t hurt much, but the emotions can be—overwhelming, from what we hear. We assume that two marks will mean twice the sensation.”

I once would’ve been afraid of the pain, but that ship had long sailed. I’ve experienced so much pain at the hands of Frank and Melissa, both physical and emotional. This kind of pain, for the twins, was well worth it. I would endure so much for them without ever losing the smile on my face.

“For you two, I can handle it.” I told them both softly, letting all my sincerity flow into my voice. “I know what I’m getting into, and I’m already too far in to stop now. My life—it would never be the same without the two of you. I’d never be happy, eternally restless and miserable. I’m tired of being unhappy. If being with you two means accepting danger and responsibility, then I’m here for it all.”

The relief and happiness that blossomed within them was sweet to the taste, and echoed within my own heart.

“Call Thalia forward, sweetheart. She’ll know what to do, and will help you with the rest.” Kade spoke softly in my ear, nudging me towards Alec.

I did as he said and felt Thalia’s immediate response. She was both relieved and absolutely thrilled. It was in her nature to mark and mate, to seal the bond and produce pup’s. I wasn’t quite ready for the pup’s yet, but that could come in time.

‘You’ll know where to bite.’ Thalia told me, unable to conceal her own excitement from her voice. ‘Just a little n*p, nothing serious.’

Alec cocked his head to the side as I drifted forward. I placed my hands on his shoulders to keep from bobbing in the water. His neck tasted lightly of chlorine, but mostly of his own spicy scent.

His hands gripped my arms tightly, and I could feel his adam’s apple twitch within his throat. My lips trailed over his smooth skin, seeking out the spot where my mark would sit.

Thalia had been right; I knew where to bite without much hassle. The junction where his neck and shoulder met, that was where I wanted my mark.

There wasn’t much of a reaction until my teeth finally broke through his skin, and warm blood rushed into my mouth. The taste of blood, it wasn’t a pleasant taste. This was somewhat different though. It was Alec’s blood I were tasting, and it felt as though I had touched a live-wire.

Alec gasped and his arms tightened against my body, flattening me to his chest. I could feel it then, that final piece snapping into place. That long missed piece of my soul finally coming home.

My ability to feel other’s emotions felt like a one-way connection, like I was eavesdropping on something private. This—it was completely different. No longer was I some kind of voyeur, but it was now a willing connection. An open channel between Alec and I.

I knew when enough was enough and pulled my elongated teeth from his neck, licking the droplets of blood from his pale skin. The wound was already beginning to heal, and I could see the start of what must’ve been my mark on his skin.

Alec was right about the experience being a bit overwhelming. I wasn’t even marked yet and all I could think about were my mates. Touching them, tasting them, letting them fill and use me until my throat and private bits were sore.

Love, lust, desire, longing, and familiarity. They all battled for dominance in my mind until the urge to touch the twins was near overwhelming. My fingers twitched and my core throbbed, sweat even trickled down my back.

I was spun around so fast that my head spun, and met Kade’s eager eyes. He was excited, and just a tad bit impatient. He wanted his turn, he wanted to be claimed and marked by his mate.

“So that’s how we make you feel.” Alec chuckled darkly, brushing the hair from my neck and scraping his teeth against my soft skin. His voice had changed, turning into something dark and carnal. “We make you feel flustered and—overheated. How unbearable that must be.”

“Mark me, sweetheart. Let everyone know that we are yours.” Kade murmured as Alec tore the bathing suit bottoms from my body and shoved a finger into my drenched core.

Alec and I, we were both d******g in the connection between us, and I wanted nothing more than to bring Kade into the mix.

“F**k, she’s so tight.” Alec muttered to himself, his dark hair clinging to his neck and forehead. When he looked up at his brother, his eyes were dark and half-crazed with lust. “Mark him, so that he can join us.”

Easier said than done, I thought through the pleasure-filled haze that fell over my mind. Alec chucked my bathing suit bottoms out of the pool, and they landed with a wet plop on the cement. My entire body went stiff when his thumb grazed against the sensitive bundle of nerves between my legs, and I couldn’t help but throw my head back and m**n.

Kade gripped my hips, keeping me upright in the water as his brother pressed the head of his length against my opening. There was no hesitation on either end when Alec slid the entirety of his length inside of me, stretching me to the point where it nearly hurt. That twinge of pain was followed by the incredible feeling of being full, dominated by one of the two men I loved.

Alec pushed the two of us against the wall of the pool, smushing me in between them both. It was Kade who kept me standing when Alec moaned in bliss and thrust against me.

I wanted them both, both filling me until I couldn’t tell where I began and they ended. I wanted to be close to them in the most carnal of ways. Humans were animals after all, and werewolves—well, we were more animalistic than the rest of them.

My teeth elongated on their own, and I sought out that perfect spot on Kade’s neck. Kade’s initial reaction wasn’t as physical as his brothers, but even the mighty Kade succumbed to the intense wash of emotions that flooded his system.

No longer was I eavesdropping on their emotions, an unwelcome visitor forced to watch. Now we were all connected, closer than we had ever been.

As my teeth pierced Kade’s skin, his head fell back and his mouth opened. There was something beautiful about seeing two b****l men completely unhinged and vulnerable beneath me.

His emotions grew stronger within me, and I could feel him picking up on my own.

‘I love you, Kade’ I told him through my thoughts, through the l**k that bonded us all together. ‘I love you, so much. Both of you.’