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Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 82

Read Mated to the Alpha Twins [by Jane Doe] Chapter 82

Feeling Kade’s arctic rage and seeing his muscles bunch and tense, I leapt into action. Alec was much better at concealing his m*******s appetite, fixing a disinterested look on his face.

I pushed myself between the twins, stepping towards the open front door. Zayne’s eyes tracked my movements like he expected me to bolt. I suppressed the look of irritation that threatened to form on my face and gave him a disinterested look of my own. Men like Zayne, they clearly had an inflated sense of self-worth, much like Garrett.

“Come in, but make it quick.” I replied haughtily, my arms crossed over my chest.

I’m sure I wasn’t the most intimidating she-wolf, standing at least a foot and a half beneath Zayne. On the bright side, what I lacked in appearance, I made up for in power.

Zayne’s face was hard, schooled in what I was sure was his threatening look. His emotions told the truth, and he couldn’t even begin to hide them from me. He wasn’t afraid; no, he was too arrogant for that. He was annoyed at the fact that he was here, irritated that the twins had stood up to him, and suspicious over my lack of concern.

I turned on my heel and walked through the living room, calling out to Zayne.

I was done treating this world as though it were shiny and new. I wouldn’t let these dominant males stomp me into the perfect submissive she-wolf. I dealt with Melissa and Frank of all people. If they taught me anything, it was not to take s**t from people. Thalia stirred within me happily, reminding me that I was a Luna, not some weak girl.

“You can also drop the tough guy act.” I shot a smirk in his direction, “My mates aren’t phased by it, and I’m sure as f**k not either.”

I strolled into the kitchen and picked at some of the leftover breakfast the twins had made. Alec, Kade, and Zayne entered the kitchen just a few seconds later. The twins seemed content on acting bodyguard, standing in the most intimidating way possible on either side of my body.

Zayne’s eyes darted around the cabin, as if he had never stepped into a place quite like this. It wasn’t anything strange, just a cabin fitted in more luxury than I was used to. Perhaps Zayne was used to even more luxury than what this cabin had to offer.

Zayne tilted his head, those bright eyes darting between the twins before settling on me. A flash of interest b****d and fizzled so quickly within him that I nearly missed it. His angular nose wrinkled a bit, and his lips formed a thin line. “Did you b**n something, Aurora?”

“Somehow, I’m not surprised you assumed I cooked.” I snorted, refusing to let this cocky man bait me. The twin’s seemed to be in agreement, though I wasn’t sure how that much rage could fit inside Kade’s form—though, I do suppose that’s why his build is so large. “Also, have you even cooked a day in your life?”

“Why would I need to cook?” Zayne replied with a cool voice, one of his perfect eyebrows lifting at me. The way he talked to me reminded me of Garrett, like I was a child dancing through the world of adults, trying to make sense of things I knew nothing about. “I am a future Alpha. Others have the job to cook for me, so that I might spend my time on more important things.”

“Mm, I see. So, one of those more important things was hunting me down, for what?” I pressed, grabbing a piece of bacon and wrapping it in a pancake before chomping down. “I’d think a big, strong Alpha has better things to do.”

Zayne’s irritation tasted like bitter apples and salt, but it gave me some insight I wouldn’t have had otherwise. He didn’t want to be here. Searching for some white wolf was beneath his status. Someone had forced him to be here, most likely his father.

“I get it now. You don’t want to be here.” I nodded, letting a sure-fire smile twitch onto my face. “Let me guess, you pissed Dad off and he sent you here, on an errand meant for foot soldiers.”

“Enough of that.” Zayne replied smoothly, his azure eyes darkening into a shade of navy. He knew what he was looking for, and I could almost feel his eyes hone into the smooth skin on my neck. “You are unmarked, and have not been sworn into your pack as Luna.”

“Observant, but I will be marked tonight.” I countered, “As you can see, my mate’s already have my mark.”

“They do, but that does not change the uncompleted ceremony.” Zayne pointed out, “You are not officially Luna of any pack. As your father and Uncle have not yet relinquished their rights to their own packs, you are essentially just a she-wolf with an attitude problem. You will not be permitted to speak during the High-Table meeting, not without a title or purpose.”

‘You are Luna, Aurora. As your mates, we will not disrespect you by throwing this shithead out of the house. You’ll have so many Alphas’ challenging you, trying to knock you down a peg. It’s not our job to step in on your behalf, no matter how much we want to. Unfortunately, we have about ten minutes before Kade goes feral on him.’ Alec’s soothing voice ran through my mind, sharp with the edge of rage.

Alec was right, both about me and Kade. Kade looked downright m*******s, his fists clenched and jaw set tightly. His anger nearly dragged me in, like whips of ice that wrapped around my ankles and wrists.

“I won’t be permitted to speak? On a meeting that has to do with my life?” I chuckled dryly, feeling the pressure of those angry and bitter emotions swirling around me. My fingers twitched and I could nearly grab them, I could nearly fling them at Zayne as I had during the battle. “A ceremony means nothing. If you think I was born anything other than a Luna, you are sorely mistaken.”

“Your disregard for our customs only shows me how in over your head you are.” Zayne replied, looking down on me like I was a child in need of scolding. “Only Alpha’s and their Luna’s are permitted to speak at meetings, unless they are a guest called forth.”

“I’m not disregarding any customs. This meeting has to do with my right to live, as if something like that is really up for debate.” I snapped, unable to keep Kade’s anger at bay. It whipped through me like an ice storm, frosting over my insides until they ached. Kade’s anger was endless, a pure emotion based on loyalty and love. It acted like a nuclear b**b within me, filling me with so much energy that I was sure I might burst. “I will speak at this meeting, and I will not request permission from a bunch of old-fashioned Alpha’s. You’ve gotten what you came for. Now, get the f**k out before my mates toss you on your pompous a*s.”

That anger pulsed within me, and lashed out at the nearest thing. Icy tendrils of mine and Kade’s rage shot out towards Zayne, and I watched in silence as they leapt for his face.

Those tendrils bounced against something clear and smooth, a bubble wrapped around Zayne, just a few inches from his skin. That bubble acted like a force field, making those tendrils of cold rage shatter.

It shimmered once more before becoming translucent again, but I couldn’t mistake what I had seen. There was only one explanation, and it only troubled me further.

“You have a white wolf protecting you.” I stated, sure that I was correct. “How come I can still feel your emotions? Why doesn’t your little force field protect you from that?”

“There are many variants of white wolf abilities, this is one of them.” Zayne shrugged, “It protects from magical attacks, nothing more.”

“So, if I shatter your nose, it will not protect you?” Kade mused, his eyes locked on the azure eyes and golden hair of his prey.

Zayne ignored Kade but did give him a scathing look.

“So as long as their powers can be used by your pack, they have the right to live?” I scoffed, finally getting a grasp at what these High Table men were like.

It wasn’t about whether or not I deserved to live, but whether I could be controlled and used by them. Couldn’t let this incredible weapon get into the hands of their enemies, as if I weren’t a living person.

“I came here to observe, and give you a piece of advice.” Zayne snapped; this time visibly irritated at what I had said. He didn’t deny it, just as I knew he wouldn’t. A pompous a*s he might be, but he hadn’t lied to me thus far. “I am trying to convince my father that you can be useful, that you aren’t an uncontrollable she-wolf with the power to level our pack and the High Table. If you act like one, I cannot help you.”

“If your help turns me into something to be used, something to be guarded and feared—I don’t want it.” I retorted, “Did you or any of the other High Table members ever think that white wolves were created for a reason, and that reason was not to be controlled by those who fear us.”

Zayne remained quiet for a few long moments; his eyes locked on my every move. When he finally spoke, I was even more confused.

“You’re going to change things, Aurora. Try not to d*e along the way.” He grunted, the one unrefined expression I actually saw from his face.

He stalked through the kitchen and towards the front door, the three of us tailing him the entire way. Zayne flung the door open and stepped outside, but seemed to hesitate for a moment.

“I know you haven’t been able to find much on your abilities.” Zayne commented, not sparing a glance at the twins. “Tell your people to search for ‘Soul Eaters’, and pray to the goddess you are not one of them.”

As soon as Zayne left and the sound of tire’s peeling down the pavement sounded, Alec was on the phone with Julian and Garrett.

Soul Eater. That sounded even more comforting than an emotional leech. I wasn’t sure what to make of Zayne Novak. He was self-assured, pompous, and clearly felt some sort of animosity towards his father. The little tip he gave us about Soul Eaters wasn’t exactly for our benefit. What would happen if I was a soul eater? I’m sure the chances of a bright future would dim under that revelation.

“Do you know Zayne or something? You seemed like you were about to explode the entire time.” I asked, stepping into his arms and smiling when his anger ebbed.

“Zayne Novak is a spineless, insufferable p***k whose had a silver spoon in his mouth the day he was born.” Kade grunted, and I noticed he absentmindedly brushed his hand against one of the thicker scars on his bicep. “His Father, Marcus, is even worse. At least Zayne pretends to give a f**k about his pack, Marcus doesn’t bother with such formalities.”

“And the fact that he came here—” I began, but was cut off when Kade ran his thumb along my lower lip.

His eyebrows were creased, but I felt only the smallest drop of worry coming from him.

“It isn’t a good sign.” Kade replied, “You were right about what you said earlier. Marcus sent Zayne here, though I’m not sure why. He usually likes to keep his property at his side, especially his prodigal son. Zayne must’ve done something to really p**s him off, or maybe he couldn’t trust anyone else with this.”

“Julian and Garrett are pulling some of their sources, but it’s going to be a bit difficult.” Alec frowned, setting his phone down on the coffee table. “We need the information, but they can’t stir the water too much. The last thing we need is to tell the world we have a white wolf with rare and very dangerous abilities.”

“This whole soul eater thing—it can’t be true, right? I’m not the nicest person ever, but to eat someone’s soul? I couldn’t do that.” I shook my head, trying to convince myself but countless possibilities ran through my mind. I did say I would be willing to do anything to keep Alec and Kade safe…but, did that include stealing someone’s soul?

The twins were quiet for a moment, as though they could sense my own internal debate. Once their mark sat on my skin, they’d be able to sense how truly tormented I was by this.

The twins shared a look that had me curious, and Alec turned to me with a gentle smile on his face.

“Power isn’t something to be afraid of, it’s something to respect and use when needed. That’s the thing someone like Marcus Novak doesn’t understand. He sees power and wants it, all of it. He doesn’t respect it, and uses it to hurt others.” Alec sighed, cupping my face with a calloused hand.

“No matter how far your abilities progress, you should learn how to use them in their fullest.” Kade chimed in, standing on the opposite side of me. “You don’t have to lord your power over others, but instead use it to protect your family and pack.”


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