Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 87

Read Mated to the Alpha Twins [by Jane Doe] Chapter 87

I was seeing red in an instant, unable to hear anything past the blood rushing to my ears. My ability gave me insight into the strong emotions of our wolves. They felt things just like we did, though their reactions could vary tremendously. I had never felt my own wolfs anger in this way. Perhaps I had felt it during the battle, but there was too much commotion for me to truly taste the emotion in its prime.

I wasn’t sure when I had stood up from my seat in front of the vanity in the room, but I was horribly hot and itchy, my skin uncomfortable and much too tight. When the towel fell from my body, it did nothing to cool me down. I could see the twin’s mom back out of the room, shutting the door quickly behind her. I didn’t have the time or need to care. I was too busy connecting the dots in my head, the dots that would lead Zayne Novak and his father to an early grave.

Zayne had made it fairly clear his father keeps white wolves for their abilities; whether or not that arrangement was morally sound was beyond me. His father was one of the wolves who would want to use me, or destroy me—whichever would benefit him more. There were too many red flags pointing in his direction, and this was the one to top the proverbial cake.

He had been late—late when my mate and best friend had been taken. Now that I had something to go on, my wolf was whipped into a frenzy. If we weren’t in human form, foam would be frothing from our mouths. I could feel my fingernails lengthen into claws, but I was consumed by the rage burning inside of me.

I gave myself over to that rage, because it felt so, so good to give that anger and restlessness purpose. The Luna in me seemed to come out at random moments, especially when one of my twins were in danger.

It felt like seconds had passed when Kade barreled into the room, hesitating for just a moment as he noticed my very n***d form—either that or he noticed my lengthened nails and teeth, I wasn’t sure.

He could feel my rage, that frenzy of vengeance that bubbled beneath my skin. It nearly drowns him too, trying to coax him into its blistering depths. Burnt skin and whispered promises of revenge, simply abandon reason. I think it was the initial surprise of Kade tackling me that gave me a moment’s clarity to think. That moment of clarity was snuffed when Kade pressed his lips to my own and hauled me halfway up the wall. His hands formed ironclad grips on my t****s, wrapping them around his waist. I struggled and thrashed under his grip, bloodthirsty and gunning for Zayne and Marcus Novak.

I clawed tracks down his back, hardly noticing my sharpened nails had returned to normal. That inability to hurt the twin’s, it was instinctual. Neither Thalia or I could cause the twin’s actual harm, and my retracting claws proved that. Where my claws would have shredded Kade’s skin, my human nails left aching welts that made his c**k harden and his chest rumble.

“Give me your anger, sweetheart.” Kade snarled, yanking himself back to stare into my eyes, blown-out with rage. With my body in his grasp, he stepped back and shoved me back into the wall. The barely noticeable fracture of pain only served to anger me, and place my full attention on Kade. “You can’t go out there like this, you’ll k**l someone. And while I’m not entirely opposed to that, I can’t let anything happen to you.”

Kade’s words snapped through my fiery anger, like shards of frosty ice. I could hear him, and I understood what he was asking of me.

He wanted my anger, every aching, blistering piece of it. I could feel it in the way he opened up to me, taking on my emotions as though they were his own. He let that fury wash over him, and began to soften and soothe the lava into rock.

My attention now shifted to his clothes, and how he was wearing far too many articles for my liking. I shredded them from his body, enjoying the snarl that came from his lips when his shirt hung in tatters.

Kade wrapped his fingers in my hair and yanked my head backwards, sending a shower of fireworks dancing behind my rage-tinted eyes. The moment his pants fell to the ground, he pulled me from the wall and carried me towards the bed. Kade maneuvered the two of us until we sat at the center of the bed, and I could feel every thick inch of him rocking against me.

He gripped my wrists in his hands and looked up at me as I straddled him. I was sure I looked a mess; face red from rage, hair halfway done, and eyes wide and frenzied. Kade looked at me as though I were the sun that brightened his day, that led him from the dark and coldness that clung to him like a seductive shroud.

“Take what you need from me, sweetheart.” He murmured. His eyes weren’t hooded and thick with lust. They were blazing with a feral interest I hadn’t seen before, as though my frenzied state had appealed to a certain side of his wolf.

His words sent a ripple effect through me, loosening that knot in my heart long enough for me to breath. It was a choked breath, one that bordered on a sob.

They needed to pay, every last one of them. I wanted to scour this hotel until I found Zayne, until I demanded he give me them back. Thalia and I were being torn apart, desperate to do something—anything.

I dug my nails into his chest and hissed as I sunk myself down on his length. My body struggled to stretch as fast as I moved, but I savored that raw edge of pain as I took Kade into my body.

A low groan sounded in his throat as he filled me entirely, stretching me open for him to see. His breathing was heavy, and his fingers dug into my hips painfully.

There was something so blissfully animalistic about it, as though we had abandoned those trivial things that made us human. We gave ourselves over to our emotions, and let them drive us into this frenzy.

I rocked myself against him, brushing my c**t against him in a tantalizing game that made my core throb. I let my movements quicken, not caring if they were messy or frantic. I took every ounce of pleasure from him, loving the control of how fast and hard his length penetrated me. I held nothing back, whimpering and crying out as an o****m wracked my body. I stiffened and arched on top of Kade, whimpering when he continued to thrust inside of me.

My anger was spent, fizzled out as I took all of it out on Kade. My legs still trembled, and stars still danced behind my eyes. My eyes widened on Kade, and I yelped as he flipped me onto my back. My core was still throbbing, sending little tingles of pleasure as my t****s rubbed together.

He yanked my legs over his arms and settled beneath them, lowering himself close to my face. His eyes were blown wide and dark. His wolf was coming out to play, dominating its mate and enjoying every little scream and whimper she made.

“I love when you look at me like that. It’s Fcking intoxicating.” Kade snarled softly, lowering his mouth to the mark on my neck. I gasped and tried to arch my back when his teeth glided over the sensitive skin, but his body held me in place. I groaned low in my throat when his tongue glided up my neck, savoring my taste. “I’m going to Fck you until every bit of that anger is gone, sweetheart. And I won’t be gentle. You’re going to feel every ounce of pain when my c**k stretches that pretty little p***y.”

“Isn’t angry a good thing?” I gasped, my words stalling in my throat when he playfully n****d at my neck. F*ck—the things he said. They pulled my attention away from my anger and sent me tumbling down my own arousal. Pain sprouted where he bit, but it was an addicting pain.

“I don’t want you angry. At least, not yet.” Kade murmured against my neck. “I need you determined, focused. We need to be on the same page. When we have Alec—then, you can be angry. You can take every ounce of revenge you need, and I’ll be right there to help you. Until then, I need you in control.”

“We’ll be late—” I stammered, thinking about the gathering before our appointment.

“F*ck the High Table.” Kade snarled, his voice lowering until he sounded much more animal than man. “They’ve taken enough from me; they will not take my time with my mate.”

“Then do it. Fck me—Fck me until I can control myself, because if I go out there right now…I’ll tear everything apart until I find him.” I replied, trembling under the anticipation that danced through me.

Something snapped within Kade, and suddenly I was being battered by his emotions. He felt guilty—guilty that he only held half of our bond and couldn’t do anything to remove the pain that hung over my head like a shroud. He hated the depth and depravity of his own emotions, because they only contained a fraction of my own.

Kade pinned me to the bed with those strong arms and took that desperation out on my body. Marks freckled my skin from where Kade n****d and s****d at every inch of me, devouring my b*****s while his c**k thrust between my t****s. I came until my limbs went tight and loose, until spots danced behind my eyes and my mouth dried with thirst.

Only when Kade stiffened inside of me and took my head into his hands, did I collapse onto the bed. He followed suit, remaining on top of me as we both savored the comfort of our embrace. We didn’t use words to calm the storm that raged within both of us. Words could only do so much, and sometimes the situation calls for other things. Life is messy and complicated, and even werewolves seek comfort in times that are chaotic and merciless. We used those stolen moments to seek that solace in one another, but our thoughts never strayed far from our missing friends—and that anger, smothered for the time being.


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