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Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 9

Read Mated to the Alpha Twins [by Jane Doe] Chapter 9

Gym class was last, and I was completely dreading it. The Volleyball and Basketball lesson was still going at full force.

Luckily, I was placed on Autumn’s team.

“Just stay close to me, and when the ball comes run the other way.” Autumn chuckled, slamming her locker shut as we walked out into the gym.

“I appreciate that.” I nodded gratefully.

“And keep away from Grace, not that I think she’ll be a problem anymore.” Autumn shrugged.

My brows furrowed in response, “What do you mean?”

“You didn’t hear?” Autumn smirked, her eyes flickering over to Alec and Kade.

The two of them were in the middle of playing basketball, outrunning the other guys on the team with ease.

“Um, no.” I stared at Autumn impatiently.

“Apparently Alec flipped out on Grace.” Autumn shrugged, “And she went to Kade all upset.”

I ignored the strange pang that went through me. It felt oddly similar to jealousy. What was there to be jealous of? I didn’t own them, and I wasn’t dating either one of the twins.

Some small, hidden part of me mumbled incoherently.

“If they say that I’m theirs, that mean’s their also mine. And I don’t share.”

I ignored the small part of me burning with possessive jealousy, wondering where the hell she came from.

“I’m guessing Kade was mad at Alec?” I shrugged, unable to keep my eyes from glancing their way.

“That’s the thing, Kade wasn’t mad at Alec.” Autumn shrugged, “He was mad at Grace.”

Another weird pang of emotion ran through me, and I felt somewhat smug. Grace was finally getting what was coming to her. Now that I thought about it, I hadn’t seen Grace hanging around Kade and Alec for the past few days.

“What even caused all of this?” I grimaced.

“No one knows.” Autumn shrugged, “But Grace has been pouting all day.”

Autumn was definitely right, Grace hadn’t caused a single issue the entire class.

Halfway through the class Autumn had gotten distracted.

We were in the middle of a Volleyball game and I stood in the center of the court. Autumn stood next to me, but as soon as the ball was served the Coach called her name.

“Be right back.” She shouted back at me, running towards the Coach.

Everything seemed to happen quickly, and I questioned how bad my luck truly was.

One girl served the ball, and another one hit it back to my side.

The ball was flying down towards my face.

The rest of the girls on my team reacted much too slow, staring at me with mixtures of sympathy and shock.

I couldn’t really explain what happened next. It was like a freak shot of adrenaline into my system, and I felt myself jumping towards the ball instead of dodging it.

I vaguely remembered the instructions the Coach gave the class on how to hit a volleyball.

Instead of feeling the sharp impact against my face, I felt it against my hand and wrist.

I had actually managed to hit the damn Volleyball.

The rest of the girls on my team didn’t find it impressive, but I was reeling.

I had always been horrible at sports, never managing to land a single hit in any game I played. This was the first time I managed to land a successful hit, even if it was a one off.

“Great hit!” Autumn grinned at me proudly, and I couldn’t help but grin back.

“I can’t believe I did that.” I chuckled.

“I couldn’t either.” Autumn laughed, “I definitely thought you were gonna get hit in the face for a second there.”

“Oh I did too.” I laughed along side her.

We finished up Gym early and headed to the locker rooms to change.

Autumn and I said our goodbyes, and she reminded me about the party on Saturday.

I headed down the empty hallway to my locker and flung it open. Out of newfound habit, my eyes flickered around me searching for any sign of the twins.

I decided to grab my stuff from the locker and head over to Tori’s, knowing she would be out of class in twenty minutes.

Halfway through my walk, someone grabbed me around the waist and yanked me into an empty classroom.

My scream was muffled by a large hand placed over my mouth.

“Relax, doll.” A familiar voice chuckled, “No need to freak out.”

I whipped around with an incredulous glare on my face.

Alec stood two feet away, his patented smirk etched onto his face. Kade was a little farther away, sitting against the teacher’s desk.

“What the hell!” I gasped, my hammering heart was practically audible.

“So ferocious.” Alec smirked, his chest rumbling with laughter.

I could feel my face flush and turn red just as the intense nervousness kicked in.

Alec had dragged me into an empty classroom.

I was alone with Alec and Kade.

My body reacted accordingly and sent excitement flooding through my veins, while the rational side of me told me to get the hell out.

I decided to listen to the rational side. I turned for the door and grimaced as Alec blocked my path.

“What’re you afraid of, doll?” Alec’s dark eyes smoldered as they looked down on me.

My heart jumped as an audible ‘click’ was heard. Alec had skillfully locked the door, trapping me with the two of them.

“You know what I’m afraid of.” I pinched my lips together, wondering if I should run towards the door or one of the windows.

Alec walked forward, and I took a few steps back.

I was forced to stop when my back hit into something hard. Alec continued approaching me, leaving me squished between the intoxicating twins.

Kade’s large hands rested on my hips, igniting more foreign feelings within me.

“You can’t possibly think we would hurt you, sweetheart.” Kade murmured down in my ear, “You belong to us.”

Kade’s rough words made that small part of me roar to life, a wave of desire pulsing through me.

“I belong to no one.” I forced the words from my lips, putting my frustration and anger into them. What was supposed to sound firm and hostile, felt weak and flimsy.

“Then why aren’t you putting up a fight?” Alec murmured as he leaned down, his face only inches from my own. His rough hand lifted my chin, turning my head to face his own.

Alec’s smirk deepened and I realized he had said something to me.

I had been holding my breath this entire time, my eyes locked on Alec’s plush lips.

“You said you weren’t having fun.” Kade murmured in my ear, making me shudder as my eyes were pulled back to Alec’s.

“We needed a chance to change that, doll.” Alec smirked, and I sucked in a sharp breath as his rough thumb ran across my lower lip.

A ragged gasp left my lips as Alec lifted me from the ground, setting me down on the teacher’s desk.

“Alec, don’t-” I exhaled sharply, noting how he parted my legs with ease and stepped in between them.

“Begging will only make us enjoy this more.” Alec murmured, his nose trailing slowly down my neck.

My body went rigid as he inhaled along my skin. Confusion, desire, fear, and lust. All were swarming in my head like an angry bee’s nest.

“Both of you-” I sucked in another sharp breath.

Alec’s fingers grazed the inside of my thigh, sending pangs of desire rushing up my legs.

A weird sensation formed in between my legs. A type of pressure I had never felt before throbbed against my core, following a swift wetness that pressed against my panties.

“Those perfect little lips say stop, but your body is saying something else entirely.” Kade murmured roughly in my ear, turning my head so my face was inches from his own.



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