Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 92

Read Mated to the Alpha Twins [by Jane Doe] Chapter 92

The room was silent for a few long seconds before the room erupted in chaos. Witnesses were shouting on all sides, emotions flung like daggers at my neck and chest. Many were outraged that I dare disrespect the High Table. They hurled insults my way, blaming my upbringing.

Much to my surprise, there were some coming to my defense. Though their voices weren’t as loud, they shouted that I had a right to stake claim on my life and abilities. They accused the High Table of becoming to powerful, a thought that made me shiver.

I couldn’t help but notice that the Alpha and Luna with the golden hair remained silent, their emotions conveying no animosity towards me.

The chaos lasted a total of five seconds before Marcus Novak silenced the room with a wave of his hand. “Enough, we cannot blame the girl for her outbursts. She was not raised on our values and customs, so she can and will be excused.” Marcus told the room. The flimsy compliment made me narrow my eyes.

“It is understandable that we might be eager to explore your abilities, Aurora. You are unique, incredibly so. Abilities such as these are gifted to the world for a reason. Think of this as an opportunity to discover that very reason. I very much believe that working with the High Table might provide you the answers you’ve been looking for, whilst aiding us in our endeavor to better our species.”

Marcus Novak was very good with his words, infecting the crowd with his subtle poison. There were murmurs of agreement and even those insisting I offer aid to smaller packs. I could feel my walls closing in on me, a million greedy hands tearing at my clothing, my hair and limbs. They all wanted something from me, each and every one. It took me a moment to realize that Marcus Novak wasn’t asking, he was insisting.

“I see the concern on your face, Ms. Aurora. I can only imagine what you must feel in this room, from each and every one of us. How truly incredible.” Marcus smiled softly, his perfect mask locked in place. “I have no intention of forcing your hand, though it has long been custom between the packs of the United States to exchange bargain’s and create deals. While I cannot speak for my fellow Alpha’s, I am very much interested in working with you. Should any of my fellow colleges wish to work with you, they will provide their terms. Now, if you wish to refuse us, we might speak again on what your future shall look like, and any other concerns we might have.”

It was this moment that I realized how dangerous Marcus Novak was. To the public he was this incredible figure of honor and prosperity, spouting his dreams about preserving our kind. In reality, he was a power-hungry sociopath with a knack for manipulation and good looks.

To many in the room, what Marcus said was generous. I should be elated that the regal High Table would want my services—that they would want to work with me. It was an incredible honor that I did not want. But to them, it was crime to simply want to live my life. All while Marcus offered me this incredible chance, my other mate was sitting in come cell. It made me want to scream, to throw everything I had at the five of them.

I could feel my power surge through my body, and dug my fingers into the wooden podium that stood before me. Jaspar Fox cocked his head, making his shaggy hair shift. He leaned forward in his seat and squinted his eyes. It was the first sign of interest I had seen in him. Even his emotions were disinterested and even bored. Now—now, he was curious. The power that bubbled in me vanished at the surprise, and Jaspar’s disinterest quickly returned.

“Let us adjourn for the time being, to think on these negotiations that will be the start of history for our kind.” Marcus Novak beamed at the room, “We will resume tomorrow. For those of you who wish to remain in our stands, please await further instruction.”

And just like that, my first meeting with the High Table was over. I desperately wished it were my last. This hotel was reserved solely for the High Table and its meetings, which meant we could stay here until a decision had been made. It was blindingly clear that the High Table would soon come to a decision, and that I might not like the outcome.

We met with Julian, Garrett and the twin’s parents after the meeting. I was becoming edgy without Alec, and I was sure the others could see me unraveling. Both Julian and Garrett dispatched their own fighters. I noticed how neither hesitated, even though Garrett still looked a bit sour. I appreciated the gesture, but nothing would soothe that madness inside of me except for Alec.

Afterwards, the three of us returned to our rooms. I was feeling a bit claustrophobic with all these guards around, a constant wall between you and everyone else. It only reminded me of the danger here. A servant was granted entrance to the room to serve us dinner. Tori, Kade and I sat around a small table, eating silently.

“That went to s**t pretty quickly.” Tori rolled her eyes, “So, you either work with them, or they say you’re an uncontrollable weapon?”

“At least I get to pick between the five of them.” I commented dryly, taking another bite of my burger. It tasted like ash after the meeting, but I needed something in my stomach.

“Does the food usually come with a note?” Tori asked randomly, lifting my plate to pick up a small note card. She flipped it in her hands and stared at the back. Her eyebrows grew closer with every second, until a scowl tore across her face. I could already tell from her emotions who the card was from, even though I hadn’t a clue what it said.

“What does he want now?” I frowned, plucking the card from her fingers when she turned her head sourly. The note read;

Room 412, 7:00pm. Do not be late, these meetings are hard enough as is.

  • N.

“As much as I’m beginning to loathe him, we need to get Alec back.” I sighed sharply, pinching the bridge of my nose when my head began to ache. I gave Tori an apologetic look, “If you want to miss this meeting, I understand. If not, you’re welcome to come with us.”

“I know, Aurora. You don’t have to explain yourself to me.” Tori’s smile was small, but friendly. “I’m not going to hide from the p***k. He’s not important enough for that.”

We stood outside of room 412 nearly two hours later. It had taken ages to divert the guards, but my abilities had come in handy when it came to detecting anyone nearby. Turns out, I could sense emotions up to a certain distance away. With some concentration I could feel how far and close those emotions were, they helped a lot when trying to identify the oncoming guards.

We slipped inside the room, and my eyes tried to adjust as we stepped into low lighting. Only two small lamps were lit, the light dull and yellow. Zayne was leaning against the countertop, his arms crossed over his chest. His suit jacket was folded over the chair in the small dining room.

“You look ruffled.” Tori noted a bit indignantly, arching an eyebrow at him.

“This was the first meeting, and it’s already going to s**t. Are you not also ruffled?” He sneered, pushing off the counter to approach Tori.

“Working with her is only the beginning. Once she steps foot on my father’s territory—she is gone. Do you think there will be proof? Maybe you believe one of the other members will help her. If so, you’re a fool. You’ll waste your own resources trying to get her back, and destroy your pack in the process. It is absolutely, Fcking hopeless. The ship is sinking, and you can either jump the Fck off, or go down with it.”

I paused with bated breath, stepping back from the tension that radiated off the two of them. That kind of hostility—it would come to a head, and soon. Whoever had made them mates, I wondered if they knew how explosive they would be.

“Nothing is hopeless, Novak. There will always be a way. You have to keep fighting to change things.” Tori scoffed, “You might be jumping ship, but I plan on staying behind to fix the d**n thing.”

“Let’s not prolonged this. I’d like my brother back before the month is up.” Kade’s snarl rippled through the room, cutting through their tension and dismantling it. “Fight when this is through.”

“It’s time to hold up to your end of the bargain.” Zayne grimaced, the fire in his eyes fizzling out. I felt a flash of worry in his emotions, but he had smothered it rather than give it life. “There are a few white wolves I know of that need safekeeping, and I need them to stay in your pack.”

Kade was just as stunned as I. This wasn’t what we expected, not by a long shot.

“You want us to hide some white wolves?” I reiterated a bit slowly, “Why these specific white wolves?”

“They aren’t very powerful. If they were, they’d be noticed.” Zayne commented gruffly, “I owe a friend a favor, this is that favor.”

Kade paused for a long moment and looked my way, “We’re going to need more details if we’re to transport them to our land.”

“You’re willing to risk war if we’re caught?” Zayne asked, his head tilted just a bit. It was a slight show of interest in his sour demeanor.

This time, Kade’s answer was immediate.

“This agreement will not change the war that’s sure to come.”