Mated To The King’s Gamma by Jessica Hall Chapter 25

Read Mated To The King’s Gamma by Jessica Hall Chapter 25

My temper got the better of me as my fingers gripped his shirt, and I slammed him against the wall.

“Where is my f*****g queen?” I screamed in his face just as the door flung open, distracting me, only for him to punch me. I grunt before he kicks me, sending me flying backward into the bookshelf. The books rattle, and some fall off the shelving as I lunged at him. Only Damian gets between us and shoves me back. I growl, pointing at him, feral with rage.

“You have made a f*****g mistake, King or not; I won’t stand by this. Now, where is our Queen?” I snarl at him, my voice raising. Damian, caught between us, looked at us both, trying to figure out what was going on.

“Will someone tell me what happened and why you just made me put her in the f*****g stables?” Damian demands.

“You f*****g b*****d, you f*****g promised. She isn’t her mother.” I spit at him. He said he would speak with Damian, but he didn’t.

“Who, what in the world happened when you were gone, and who are you talking about?’ Damian demanded. Kyson could explain it to him as he should have when he got back. For now, I needed to verify that Marrissa was her mother because he very well may have done this for no reason, not that his motivation was good enough in my eyes.

“Fix it, I swear, Kyson, I have stuck by you for f*****g decades, never opposed anything you have asked, but if you don’t fix this, am walking, King or not, I am f*****g done,” I warn him before heading to the door.

“Where are you going?’ Damian demands as I move toward the door. I stop, my hand on the door handle.

“To see my queen,” I snap. The King growls at me. But he may be too stubborn to see the error of his ways, but I wasn’t going to continue watching him k**l himself because he can’t leave the past in the past. I refuse to watch him toss her aside and expect us to go back to living on eggshells around him.

“Wait, just f*****g wait until I know what’s going on,” Damian snarls at us both. I snap but close the door and fold my arms across his chest, worried I may just attack him again if I don’t.

“Now, explain,” Damian says.

“Marissa Talbot is Ivy’s mother,” Kyson tells him while shaking his head and muttering too low for me to hear.

“What?” Damian asks, clearly shocked by this information.

“The Werewolf hunter, the one that k****d my sister and the other Lycan bloodlines. Her mother was the insider. She was the one that k****d them,” Kyson growled as if we weren’t aware of her crimes.

“That’s what Alpha Dean had to tell you?” Damian gasps, looking between us. I snarl when I watch the King walk to his bar to drown my sorrows so he wouldn’t have to deal with them.

“Wait, that is why you sent her to the f*****g stables, Kyson. For something her mother did?” Damian asks, outraged.

“He f*****g said he would leave it, forget about it; she is innocent. She didn’t f*****g k**l your sister Kyson,” I snap at him.

“You think I don’t know that?” Kyson roared. Yet with the look on his face, I could tell he was conflicted. His heart was here with her, but his mind was trapped in the past with how he found his sister.

“What about her father?” Damian asks,

“They are trying to figure out his link, but we believe it was her partner, but we also think he wasn’t aware of the crimes bestowed on his wife. We found nothing on him. That’s why we are late,” I explain.

“And you’re sure it’s her parents?” Damian asks, sitting down and rubbing both hands down his face.

“He was supposed to show a picture to Ivy to make sure, but instead, I come up here and find out she has been taken to the f*****g stables,” I growl.

“Gannon enough, it may not be right what he did, but stop. Just let me think,” Damian says. I press my lips in a line, waiting for his orders.

“Go, take a photo to Ivy, verify it is her mother,” Damian says, and I nod, walking out. Abbie was waiting for me with Clarice at the bottom of the stairs. Liam had taken the guard’s position by the doors, and relief flooded me when I saw she hadn’t been removed from the castle.

“What did he say?” Abbie said, rushing up the last couple of steps as I walked toward her. “Nothing, I am going to see her now.”

“I will come with you,” she says, and I sigh. I wasn’t sure what state she was in, and I looked at Clarice, and she nodded to my silent message. That woman could read me like a d**n book.

“How about first we go clean up, then we can take her a cupcake for her birthday,” I almost groaned hearing that. That’s right. The Queen would shift any day now, and Damian had told me Kyson promised to be there. It was also why he was so hesitant to leave her, not wanting to miss it.

“No, I want to see her. She would be petrified, please,” Abbie pleads, and I grip her face in my hands.

“You will see her, I promise. Just stay with Clarice. I need to speak to Ivy, then you can come down.”

“Speak with her? You say that if she did something wrong, I have been with her all day. She has done nothing that-” she sighs, and I glance at Liam, who nods his head, and I know he must have told her to watch what she says because she doesn’t finish.

I tug her closer, and she pushes off my chest with her hands, but I hold her tighter. Not caring that we had witnesses, yet her body pressed against mine calms me as her scent invades my senses, and it seems to have the same effect on her because she stops struggling to get out of my grip.
“I promise. Damian, and I will handle the king, but for now, you just need to be patient.”

“I want to see her,” she says, and I kiss her forehead.

“Let me speak with her first,” I tell her before letting her go. She chews her lip before realizing we had witnesses, and her cheeks turn red. Liam and Clarice say nothing about it then Clarice waves her over.

“Come, you can help pick out which cupcake she wants, and we should find her something warm to wear,” Clarice tells her, and tears fill Abbie’s eyes, but she nods, storming off toward the kitchen. I sigh and walk toward the door when Liam grabs my arm.