Mated To The King’s Gamma by Jessica Hall Chapter 29

Read Mated To The King’s Gamma by Jessica Hall Chapter 29

With a sigh of disappointment, Clarice says to herself with a shake of her head, “What a waste of life.”. Silence falls over the room, and I was shocked to see heartache on the woman’s faces. They were Lycans, yet they mourned for those k****d, despite them only being lowly rogues and werewolves. Growing up, Ivy and I were constantly reminded of what scum we were for being rogue. Yet here we everyone considered us as people, not the dirt beneath their toes. It was odd and hard to get used to and I wasn’t sure if I ever would get used to it.

Everyone turns back to their tasks and Liam returns moments later, and Clarice looks up at him, and everyone stops what they are doing, waiting for him to answer the unspoken question from Clarice.

The King woke up to Ester touching him. He tossed her out and had Damian order her off the castle grounds,” he says, and Clarice lets out a breath. The tension in the room dissipates significantly at his answer. Clarice nodded her head while Liam climbed up on the bench beside me, helping himself to some fruit salad that Clarice was making. She slaps his digging fingers only for him to pout at her and she clicks her tongue giving him the bowl of fruit.

“I didn’t think he would, but with how drunk he was, you can never be certain,” she says, looking relieved as she eyes Liam devouring the freshly cut fruit salad. He watches eagerly as she retrieves another bowl and starts making more and I turn my attention back to Clarice. He stole one of her puddings earlier, yet she didn’t seem bothered by Liam. They actually seemed quite close.

“You all really care for Ivy, don’t you?” I blurt, shocked at their disgust of their King if he betrayed her by being unfaithful. I certainly didn’t think they would care since was a king and could do as he pleased.

“This castle has been the prison of the King’s depression for centuries. Since he found her, we can all suddenly breathe. No one wants to go back to the way things were,” Clarice tells me.

“Plus, none of us want to hurt him. He is a good King; despite current behavior, he is a good man just troubled by the demons that lurk in him,” Clarice says before telling the servants their chores, and I watch them all rush off.

“What do you mean, that none of you want to hurt him?” I ask, could they really hurt the King?

“Some of us have a blood pact with our future Queen. If he were to physically hurt her or try to k**l her, we would have no choice.” Liam says behind me, and I peer over my shoulder at him. He shrugs, yet still, I was confused by his words. However, turning back to Clarice, she answers.

“The King’s guard was originally made of 12 men. After his sister died, we lost a few guards, but those that remained and some of the staff were tied by a pact. The King asked us to swear to protect his future Queen no matter the cost, even his own life,”

” That was the Worst week of my life,” Liam growls.

“But I would do it again,” Clarice shrugs.

“You’re part of the guards’ pact?” I asked her, and she nodded.

“I am one of the few servants here that are.”

“Yeah, a week full of the King forcing his blood down our throats and us breaking his command,” Liam explains.


“For the pact to work, the King can’t be able to command us to harm his Queen. It’s a safety thing. When it comes to the King, she is the only one we can override his command on. He could tell us to k**l her, but we would do the opposite. We would k**l the King for her,” Clarice answers.

“But I have seen him command his guard before,” I answer.

“It only works if he asks us to threaten her life. We couldn’t. The King g can still command us though it is more painful when he does. We can resist it to a sense, but he pushes too hard. We would relent,”

“Unless it comes to the Queen,” Liam says that bond can’t be broken.

“I still don’t understand,” I admit. Though I didn’t know much about Lycans, so maybe that is why.

“The king’s blood was infused by witch magic,” Liam shrugs.

“Witches still exist?” I asked, a little shocked.

“Yes, of course, just not in plain sight,” Liam answers.

“So no matter what, you will keep Ivy safe even from the king?”

“Yes, assuming he doesn’t k**l us to get to her,” Clarice answers.

“So you and twelve guards?”

“It was twelve; some have lost their lives since the pact.” Clarice states.

“Whose left?” I asked curiously.

“Myself, Liam, Dustin, Damian, and of course, Gannon. A couple other but those are the main ones you will find guarding the Queen,” Clarice answers.

“Now Ivy must be starving, so we better get you on your way to her,” Clarice says, repacking and checking the picnic basket.

“Also, Abbie, I need to send you town a little we have guests coming this afternoon,”

“Who?” I ask.

“Alpha Kade, one of the packs with allegiance to the King, he is helping with the rogue children’s deaths,” I nod, wondering if Gannon can come since I still can’t read. Chewing my lip, I was about to tell her that is why Gannon came with me.

“I have already rung ahead. You just need to pick up the order. Though I am a little upset, you didn’t tell me you couldn’t read,” Clarice says, and I look at the floor.

“Had to find out from Damian when he told me the Queen couldn’t,” she says with a shake of her head.