Mated To The King’s Gamma by Jessica Hall Chapter 43

Read Mated To The King’s Gamma by Jessica Hall Chapter 43

Gannon POV

“Up, get out of bed.” Liam says, clapping his hands loudly. I tug my pillow over my head, trying to go back to sleep, when he strips the blanket back off the bed. “Oh la la, what have we here? Sleeping in the buff, I see, me likey,” he says moments before his hand slaps my a*s. The slap of his hand branded my a*s, and I could feel every d**n finger seared into my backside.

I snarl, rolling over onto my back and glaring at him. “Liam, you f*****g T**t!” I hiss, rubbing my a*s that I could feel was welted. “Get out of my room,”

“No, can do. I have a job to do, and you are coming with me.” he declares. I groan, reaching for my blanket and tugging it back up, and rolling back onto my stomach.

“Go annoy Dustin or Damian,” I tell him when he snatches my blanket, ripping it completely off the bed this time.

“Up, or I will make use of that a*s by turning it into my personal c*m dumpster.” Liam snaps and I snarl, sitting up and tossing my legs over the side of the bed while he strolls over to my drawers, grabbing clothes out and tossing them at me.

I snatch them, slipping them on. “And where are we going?” I ask.

“Anywhere but this room. I am sick of watching you sulk,” Liam says. Great, he woke me for no d**n reason. I yank my shirt over my head.

“Has Abbie called you?” I ask him as I slip my sneakers on. Glancing up at him, he shakes his head.

“When was the last time you spoke to her?”

“Days ago, a week, maybe more,” I shrug while placing my other shoe on.

“She’ll come around, Gannon. She will realize what sort of man he is,” Liam says. Grabbing my belt from off the bedside table, I pull it through the belt hoops before doing up the buckle and following him out of the room.

“Maybe ask Kyson for permission to visit her,” Liam suggests as we follow the stairs. I had no idea where he was taking me, but I followed him to the kitchens and down into the basement.

“Kyson wants me to find all the archives on the Azalea Landeena,” Liam tells me, and I nod. We had a sneaking suspicion Ivy may be the missing Landeena princess, the rightful heir to the Landeena Kingdom.

Which meant Kyson’s treatment of her was for nothing. He believed she was the daughter of infamous serial k****r Marrissa Talbot, but as of now, we had doubts because too much didn’t add up.

I had mentioned to Damian a few times that I thought something was off with how she acted. She acted more like a Lycan instinct-wise than a werewolf. Kyson, however, refused to listen to us. Until now.

Moving to the far cells, we were dragging boxes out, going through them looking for anything and everything on the Landeena’s and their missing daughter, who would be around Ivy’s age.

We find a few files and go through them quickly before deciding to show them to Damian to see if they are of any use. Unfortunately, we barely scratched a dent in the cell. It was almost inaccessible, and it was stacked high to the ceilings and there were six others like it.

When we were done, Liam dragged me to training with the men and some of the old Landeena guard that survived after their Kingdom fell. I tried to call Abbie before, eventually. We were on patrol until late at night. Liam, I could tell, was trying to keep me distracted or, more like babysitting me.

When the shift ended we headed back to the castle.

Stepping into my room. I groan when he follows me inside. “Come on, Liam, leave me be,” I growl, stalking toward the bathroom to shower. I showered quickly, yet when I stepped out, I found him still in my room and going through my stuff. I snatched the photo of Sia and Abbie out of his hands.

“Liam!” I snarled through gritted teeth. Liam exhales loudly before moving toward my bed and sitting down.

“By the way. Kyson granted you leave to visit Abbie,” Liam states, and I sigh, knowing he must have convinced him or had Damian convince the King.

“You didn’t have to get involved,” I tell him, placing the photos back in my folder.

“When you get her back, are you going to tell her about k*****g her aunty?” I s*****w, glancing away at his question.

“More importantly, are you going to tell the King about who Sia was?” Liam asks.

“It changes nothing. We handled her in the end and she never was able to go through with her plans. What is the point of dragging up the past? Nothing good ever comes of it,” I tell him.

“The King wouldn’t be mad that you k****d the woman and her mother.”

“Are you speaking about your part in it or overall?” I ask him.

“Kyson finds out he will k**l Abbie. Assuming guilt by association. Look what he has done to Ivy. I won’t risk it with Abbie,” I tell him, and he sits on the end of the bed.

“And what about Abbie?” Liam asks. “You have to tell Abbie about us. She will find out, Gannon. Secrets like this don’t remain hidden forever.”

“Tell her what? That my mate chose you over me? Or how I felt her Aunty for two years after she rejected me, felt the bond breaking every time she screwed my best friend? Or should I tell her how we both ripped her Aunty apart when we found out about each other?” I spit at him.

Liam sighs. “Abbie would understand. I just don’t want you getting her back, and then this one secret tearing you both apart again. She finds this out on her own. It will do exactly that.”

“The only person who knows Liam is you, so unless you plan on telling her, she has no way to find out,” I tell him. Liam sighs and shakes his head.

“Just think about it, Gannon; I will back you either way. But I think she needs to know why her parents were on the run.”

“We don’t know that for certain. We only just learned Sia had a twin. They could have been rogue for any number of reasons.”

“It makes sense, though. Why would Abbie’s parents become rogue voluntarily, Gannon? They were running from someone. We may not have known about them until Abbie walked into the picture, and you recognized the link after finding those files, but it is now clear who they were running from. Abbie has a right to know about that. Or at the very least that her Aunty was your true mate,” he tells me before walking to the door.

“Get some sleep, brother. I will make sure your car is ready, so you can leave first thing in the morning to see Abbie. Hopefully, you can bring her home.” Liam tells me, shutting the door.

I exhale before retrieving my clothes and slipping into bed. Tomorrow I will see Abbie, and hopefully, I can convince her to come back with me. If not, I had no idea what else I could do. Though I know if I asked Liam, he would help me K**l Kade and sweep it under the rug. Unfortunately, that would mean k*****g his entire pack.