Mated To The King’s Gamma by Jessica Hall Chapter 46

Read Mated To The King’s Gamma by Jessica Hall Chapter 46

“You were willing to be mine before Abbie,” I tell her.

“That was before I discovered my mate, and you’re a Lycan. It would never work.”

“I would change you, make you a Lycan, but you need to reject Kade and come home with me.”

“I can’t, he..he… He loves me.”

“But do you love him? Think about it, Abbie. If he wasn’t your mate, and you are locked up here, would you stay or come back with me?”

“That’s not fair,” she says.

*Answer me,” I demand.

“That would be different,” she looks around at the place.

“You live in a castle. Who would choose this place over that?” she finally says.

“Fine, then if he wasn’t your mate, who would you choose, him or me?”

“But he is my mate!” she yells.

“Exactly, the mate bond tells you to love him, to stay with him it is not a d**n choice, but if you had one?”

She bites her lip. “I don’t know! — please, you have to leave, you’re confusing me, stop. It all needs to stop.”

“Come back with me, even for a little while. Just come back, come see Ivy. You wanted to see Ivy, right?” I beg.

“It’s unsafe; I have to stay here; Kade will take me to see her. He promised he would.”

“I’m a f*****g Lycan. What safer place is there to be than by my side?” I curse while shaking my head and pinching the bridge of my nose in frustration.

“He’s my mate,” she says, though even she looks confused at what she wanted. That stupid marking on her neck. I wish I could remove it so she could think clearly.

I move toward her, and she backs up, her bum hitting the kitchen sink. “Come back with me.” I ask, while rubbing her arms.

“I can’t, Gannon.”

“But you want to, don’t you?” I ask her, and she looks away.

“I can’t leave my mate. It would hurt him if I did.”

“What about the pain he causes you?”

“Ah, not this again. He wouldn’t do that; I’m his mate,” she says, trying to push past me.

“He has multiple wives, Abbie. Why do you think he keeps you out here?”

“You’re lying. I already asked him, and he said, you are just jealous.”

“Of course, I am jealous, but I wouldn’t f*****g lie to you,” I tell her.

“You need to leave,” she says, but I grab her, pushing myself against her and gripping her neck. My lips crashed against her plump ones, and she tried to shove me away when my tongue forced its way between her lips.

Abbie m***s as my tongue invades her mouth. Her attempts to shove me off stopped before her hands ran up my chest, and she kissed me back hungrily. I grip her t****s, placing her on the edge of the sink and pressing between her legs when she gasps, pulling away from me.

“Why would you do that?” she growls.

“Still think a mate can’t cheat on a mate?” I ask her.

She shakes her head. “No, it’s because you’re Lycan. You did something!”

“I didn’t make you kiss me back, Abbie.”

“She-wolves are attracted to men of dominance, it’s… it’s… it’s in our DNA! You need to leave,” she says, shoving me away feebly. But she is much too weak to move me.

“Abbie, he is no good for you.”

“He is my mate; he is who I am destined to be with, him,” she sobs before pointing at me. “You made me; I wouldn’t have if you…” she shakes her head.

“It’s okay to love someone else, Abbie.”

“I don’t; I love my mate, 1.” she looks around frantically, and her body trembles and fear crosses her features.

“Really, because back home, you seemed to like me, too.” I remind her.

“Yes, before I found my mate.”

“You still do!” I tell her.

“Of course I do, Gannon; you’re Lycan, my blood it makes …”

“Doesn’t make you love someone,” I tell her.

Seek us out, yes, but I can’t make her love me. It was in their DNA that she-wolves sought out dominant males for safety, but that didn’t mean they loved them. I know she loves me too, or she wouldn’t have always sought me out or let me follow her around like a d**n lost puppy. Damian even offered to tell me to back off.

Still, she refused, saying she liked me being around her, and she never reacted to Damian like this, and he was of higher rank than me. Everything was fine before Kade came into the picture.

“You need to leave; I want you to leave, please.” Abbie tells me.

“Come back with me.”

“No! Just go. You can’t force me. It’s against the law. I may be stupid, but I know that much.” she says, looking away.

“You are not stupid. Misguided, yes, but not stupid, Abbie. Don’t say that,” I tell her.

“Leave; I have asked you to, so please, Gannon. Don’t make this harder than it has to be,” she says, and I sigh. I pull my phone from my pocket and glance at the time. I was only granted an hour here, and I was already 15 minutes over.

“When you change your mind, you ring me; I don’t care what time it is; I will come for you. Do you still know my number?” She nods. “My number Abbie.” She sighs and rattles it off, knowing it by heart, Ivy had made her write it down after it mysteriously went missing from her phone. I kiss her forehead before nodding. “Answer my calls.”

“I will be okay. Just leave,” she says, and I chew my lip before turning and walking out the door. When I get in the car, I start the engine and look up to find her standing on the porch watching me. She waves before looking away, and I turn the car around. When I drive over the boundary, Damian rings.


“Are you on your way back with her?” he asks me.

“She wouldn’t come. There is no food in that place. It is a s**t hole.”

“She has to come willingly. You can’t take her.”

“It’s f*****g b******t; I should just command her,” I tell him and take whatever punishment Kyson delivers. She would have no choice. I am Lycan. She would do as I commanded.

“You do, and she will always question whether or not she made the right choice,” Damian tries to reason. I growl, and eventually, he hangs up when I come to the town I stopped in earlier. I nearly drive through it before I curse and pull into the grocery store. I fill a trolley with different foods before driving back, unable to get the thought of her eating bird eggs and whatever she could find in the forest out of my head.

Pulling up, I quickly unload them. I can see her asleep on the fold-out bed through the murky tiny window that had a crack in it. I place the groceries on the porch before knocking and walking away, unable to trust myself not to drag her out kicking and screaming.

I turn the car around, tearing out of the driveway, but catch a glimpse of her as she opens the door. She glances down, staring at the groceries before looking back at my retreating vehicle.

I would be in so much s**t for going back and being late, but I couldn’t leave her with no food, and Damian would lose his mind. Stuck in my thoughts, I knew Kyson wouldn’t break a law that would put the Lycan Kingdom at more risk of war, but maybe he would for Ivy?

If Ivy knew, I had no doubt she would go off about Abbie living like that and if she knew what Kade was doing behind Abbie’s back? I would find a way to tell her; I would accept the backlash from the King when she does.