Mated To The King’s Gamma by Jessica Hall Chapter 49

Read Mated To The King’s Gamma by Jessica Hall Chapter 49

Gannon POV

The moment I got back, I learned our assumptions were right about Ivy. She was, in fact, Azalea Ivy Landeena, the rightful heir to the Landeena kingdom, and the King’s broken bond because of his actions had caused what I hoped was reversible damage. The King was in a terrible mood because she was on the verge of her heat and denying him. She refused to forgive him. Yet as the days slipped by and Damian gave me every excuse under the d**n sun not to interrupt the King, I became more impatient. And I was on the verge of telling Ivy. or Azalea, I guess that would take some getting used to.

For so long, she was Ivy, and to think she was a princess all this time was astounding, though not completely unbelievable. We had our suspicions on something being off with her just merely by her eyes alone. That was the first thing that tipped me off that something was odd about the King’s mate. I hoped that really stung the King for his actions. Yet knowing this information only added to my need to tell Azalea about Abbie.

Azalea had no idea about how Abbie was truly living or about Kade’s infidelity, and if anyone could convince Abbie to come home, I knew it was her. So knowing this, I went in search of the King, finding him at his office. Yet no matter how hungover I was from last night, my mind was always clear when it came to Abbie. So I didn’t hesitate once I made up my mind that today whether he wants to see me or not we would be speaking.

“Gannon?” Damian asks when he sees me stalking toward the office. He rushes over and steps in front of the door as I go to grip the handle.

“Move Damian, and I need to speak to him,”

“He is not in the mood right now, Gannon. And you smell like a f*****g brewery. Are you drunk?” Damian asks. I wasn’t drunk, just extremely f*****g hungover, I wished I was drunk, then it would stop the nagging feeling pulling inside me telling me something was extremely wrong.

“He is never in the mood. Now f*****g move! It will take five b****y minutes.” I snarl. However, Damian doesn’t move, so I shove him aside and barge through the door.

The King groaned loudly when I entered. The door banged loudly on the wall as I entered, and Damian was right on my heels. Kyson clicks his tongue and tosses the document down he was looking at. Which only told me he knew exactly why I was here.

“Gannon, I have not got time for your drama with Abbie, right now.” There lay his issue he never has f*****g time to listen to reason.

“I wonder if Azalea would say the same thing?” I ask him as I drop into the chair across from him, and he growls at me. He looks at Damian as he wanders into the room behind me. I ignore his angry presence, as he comes to stand behind me.

*Not happening. Don’t make me order you off castle grounds. I am struggling enough with her going into heat soon. I don’t need you making it worse by causing an argument.”

“Kade is hurting her!” I snarl at him, punching the desk. “Enough! He is doing no such thing. Azalea spoke to her the other day, and she said she liked it there,” Kyson’s eyes go to Damian behind me who I could feel was nervously pacing the room.

“Because of the f*****g bond! She is blinded by the bond. I want your permission to go get her,” I tell him. However, the King shakes his head.

“I can’t do that, but-”

“You mean you won’t do it. You can override him, force them to reject each other.” I snarl and Damian grips my shoulder when I go to rise from my chair. I shrug him off but remain seated.

“Not without consequences, Gannon. We have been through this,” Kyson tells me. But f**k the consequences.

“Azalea is in the corridor,” Damian tells the King, cutting into our conversation. I peer over my shoulder at him before turning back to face the king, who was rubbing his temples as if he had a headache.

“I am willing to accept the consequences. I will do it, it won’t come back on you,” I try to reason with him, but still he shakes his head.

“My answer is no. Damian, get him out here before she gets here. I’m not dealing with this s**t right now,” The King waves me off dismissively and I get up.

“Then you leave me no choice. You won’t do it, then I will tell the Queen!” I snarl, walking toward the door. The moment I step past the desk, Kyson grabs my arm, his grip bruising. Damian is quick to get between us, trying to diffuse the situation.

“You will do no such thing!” Kyson snarls in warning. But I was sick of waiting, sick of waiting for her to see reason. By the time that comes, it could be too late.

Noise from the corridors reaches my ears I hear Azalea speak.

“The King doesn’t want you in there right now, my Queen.” I hear Dustin telling her, which makes the King jump at the sound of her voice. He peers at the door behind him.

“Grant my request, Kyson,” I warn him, knowing now was my only chance to let her know what was going on with Abbie. I knew he wouldn’t tell her, which left it up to me. I see his eyes glaze over and the mind-link opens up, and I know he is telling Dustin to take her away. I growl at him when my assumption is correct.

“Ivy! Call me Ivy.” she snaps outside. Clearly, she wasn’t the only one struggling to get used to her name.

“My Queen, the King • ” Dustin tells her

“I want to know what’s going on!” Ivy snaps at Dustin. Damian pushes between us as I walk toward the door. I sidestep him and move to open the door only for the King to shove me back, and the moment I move toward the door again. He shifts and attacks me, knocking Damian aside.

I know it was her coming into heat that made his temper short, but for Abbie I would take his anger. Either way, I was telling Azalea.

Yet the king wasn’t having it when he knocked the air out of my lungs and I hear the cracking of his wooden desk as he slams me down on it, just as the door bursts open. Azalea glances around, shocked while Damian picks himself up off the floor. His lip was bleeding where he smacked it on the corner of the table.

Dustin grabs her arm as if he is about to rip her out of the room and I shove Kyson off before swinging at him, only for Kyson to punch me and I hit the ground. I growl, trying to get up, stumbling from his blow. Once again, Damian tries to get between us when Kyson glares at him, and Damian backs away with his hands up.

“Stand down! She will see sense soon and come back! Stop this!” the King orders me and I grit my teeth at his command.

“This is f*****g b******t! And you know it!” I snap at him.

“My hands are tied, you know this,” Kyson says, letting me go, and glaring down at me.

“You’re the f*****g King! You can make him give her back.” I tell him before peeking at Azalea. I press my lips in a line, knowing it would cause world war three between them, but I didn’t care. He would either grant me permission or deal with his mate.

“I wonder what Ivy would say to that. Would you give her the same excuse?” I sneered at him.

“If I knew what?” Ivy asks, stepping through the gap in the door where Dustin was trying to keep her out of everything.

“Nothing, Ivy. Go back to our room, Love.” Kyson says before glaring at Dustin behind her.

“Don’t glare at him! I want to know what’s going on and why you are all fighting.” she demanded, stepping further into the room.

I open my mouth to tell her when the King turns, a furious growl tearing out of him, but I glare back at him. Kyson turns his attention to Dustin who I notice reaches for Ivy..

“Dustin, get her out of here and keep her out!” Kyson snarls, and Dustin grabbed her arm, trying to pull her from the room when I speak, making everyone stop.

“Kade is mistreating Abbie,” I tell her. Dustin tries to yank her out, but she shoves him off. She turns to Kyson, wanting to know what I am talking about when the King snarls, pivoting and in my hungover state I don’t see his fist until it is too late. He punched me so hard, instantly saw black.

I wake up moments later, head pounding to Ivy screaming at Kyson. The King had his hands locked around Dustin’s throat, and Damian was trying to break up the obvious fight while I tried to figure out what the f**k happened while I was out.

“Let him go, Kyson! You hurt him, and I will walk out those f*****g doors and out of your life faster than I stepped in it!” Ivy snaps at Kyson. Her hand grips his wrist.

“We will speak in the room. Now go!” Kyson tells her.

“No, I want to know about Ab…” she screams, ah so they were fighting over Abbie, and Dustin clearly got between them.

“Room now!” the King commands, cutting her off, and I instantly feel terrible, she still can’t fight his Alpha aura and is forced to leave. Dustin s****d in a wheezing breath, and Kyson let him go, shoving him away and glaring at him.

“You know where you should be!” The King snaps at him, and he hurries off after Ivy. The King turns around to face us and Damian takes a step back just as I get to my feet. The King stalks toward me and grabs me. He shakes me and growls in my face.

“Do you have any idea what you have just done?” he snarls at me.

“She had a right to know!” I growled back.

“You disobeyed a f*****g order! I told you not to get her involved!” he snapped at me, his aura growing more potent by the second as fought the urge to submit to it.

“And what about Abbie? Ivy may be the only one that can make Abbie see sense. Abbie trusts her,” I tell him.

“That may be so, but now you have just caused me a giant f*****g headache. I didn’t want to deal with this right now. Not when she is so goddamn close to going into heat, and the bond has just f*****g forged! I had to f*****g command her, Gannon!” he yells at me. I did not make him command her, that is on him. Just as every bad decision he has made when it come to Ivy was. I refuse to be the blame for it.

“You didn’t have to do anything, Kyson. You chose to command her because you don’t like being challenged, so don’t blame that on me!” I tell him, I just simply told her what he was refusing to do.

I understood his reasoning for not wanting to break the laws he created. We have laws even the King must abide by, and until Abbie asks to come back, his hands were tied entirely unless he wanted a war with 80 nearby packs. And he already had enough enemies without adding them to that list. Yet I wasn’t asking him to break those laws. I would do it so it wouldn’t come back on him.

“I know you are mad, but we can’t afford this c**p right now. You want something to do, go back to Silver Creek!” the King snaps at me. I growl at him. What use would it be in going back there? I had already whipped Mrs. Daley an inch from her life for what those girls indured at that woman’s hands. He shakes me, and I try to shake his grip off.

“I already got that b***h. She can’t walk, for god’s sake! What the f**k else could I possibly do to her?” I snarl at him

“Not Daley. But make sure she is d**d before you return home. I have another job for you while we wait for Abbie to come back.” he says, his voice dropping low and the cruel glint in his eyes told me whatever he was about to tell me was going to be bad.

“No, Kyson. Not while he is like this.” Damian says, but the King smiles.

“You want revenge? Then take it out on the butcher. Daley will know his name,” the King tells me. My brows furrow at his words.

“The butcher?” Damian asks, and the King nods and looks at Damian over his shoulder before he turns back to me. My heart nearly stops at his next words.

“Yes. He’s Abbie’s rapist,” the King growls before letting me go. I blink at him, taking in his words, thinking back to how odd Abbie was with touch and nudity when I would take her on a run. The scars on her hips and t****s, when it dawned on me. My entire body trembled as my blood boiled, my canines slipped free of my gums and my claws extended and the noise that left me was more of a roar, as burning with rage and disgust forcing my shift.

I wanted him to take his words back. I wanted to unhear them. I didn’t want the picture of her so vulnerable and helpless like that stuck in my head. Someone touched her, did unspeakable things to her, and they were still breathing? Some part of me tried to tell me I heard him wrong. Yet the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach told me I heard right, yet still I asked.

“He did what to my Abbie?” I snarl.

“I won’t repeat it. It wasn’t my place to say, but I was planning to tell you, anyway. Find Daley, and you will know where to find the butcher.” The King tells me and my eyes dart to Damian who looks at me just as horrified by this information. I turn my gaze back to the King.

“I’m not bringing him in.” I warn him, my eyes flicker as a coldness settles over me, so strong I thought it would freeze my heart at the horrors my girl has had to endure. The butcher would wish for d***h long before he would receive it.

“He’s all yours,” the King tells me as I try to breathe around my burning rage. I s*****w and turn on my heel, slamming the door behind me. Walking back to my quarters, I head for Liam’s room, knowing he has been sleeping since he came off the night shift. My hangover was now long gone, and I was finding it hard to shift back. Shoving his door open, I rip his blanket off and he g****s, opening his eyes before seeing me shifted and he sits up.

“What is it?” he asks, rubbing his eyes.

“We’re going hunting,” I tell him, and he smirks instantly.