Mated To The King’s Gamma by Jessica Hall Chapter 53

Read Mated To The King’s Gamma by Jessica Hall Chapter 53


For two days, I listened to his screams when they finally cut out. Liam sighs and pouts,

“P***y! I wanted to feed him his bowel first.” Liam growls, looking down at Doyle’s limbless body.

“Well, maybe you should have thought about that before you removed his heart,” I say, pointing to his hand. Liam looks at the hand that is holding Doyle’s heart. “Oh, yeah, that would have done it,” he says, tossing it over his shoulder.

My skin itches from all the blood caked on it. Thick like gravy, I was surprised he lasted this long, and if it wasn’t for the blood bags Liam got, he probably would have died yesterday when we removed his arms. Liam whistles happily when the bell rings, signaling someone is here.

“Yes! Customers. Missed my calling, I did. I reckon my steaks look pretty good. Wonder if they want to try my marinated Doyle steaks or the Doyle sausage,” Liam says, excitedly taking the tray he had been placing his were-steaks on. He was taking the butchering too seriously. I laugh as he grabs his tray and races to the front of the store before I hear the shrill scream of a woman before the bells sounded as she rushes out.

“But it is a delicacy! Marinated him myself for 12 hours!” I hear Liam call out to her. I shake my head, taking my rubber apron off. I hang it on the hook next to the freezer door. Liam comes in with his tray in hand, looking rather upset that the woman, whoever she was, didn’t want to try his Doyle steaks.

“Wasted all that time marinating those,” he says, tossing the tray on the counter. He washes his knives and places them in his satchel. Grabbing the soap, I scrub my hands clean when Liam growls. Peering over my shoulder to see him glaring down at Doyle.

“B****y b*****d, look what you did! You owe me a new apron! You better hope I can wash this out!” he snarls, taking off his apron. I raise an

“What? He got his filthy blood on it. Look at this!” he says, trying to clean his apron in cold water. “He turned it pink. I’ll just say it is salmon. I can pull off salmon, right?” Liam growls, scrubbing his apron that he has come to love.

“I’d like to see someone tell you that you can’t,” I laugh before looking down at my jeans. Not even the apron could save them. I sigh, walking out through the shop to the car and retrieving the bag from the trunk. I always brought spare clothes. The town square was pretty quiet as I finally got outside. There are plenty of stares, but no one dared say anything. I was kind of waiting for them to break out in a dance, like a flash mob, with the way the noise stopped abruptly, and everyone froze.

Shaking my head, I pop the trunk, grab a fresh shirt, and pull it on. Hearing the butcher’s shop bell jingle, I glance over my shoulder, and a scream rings out from an elderly lady sitting out front of the bakery eating a scone under a blue and white umbrella.

Liam struts out n***d, drenched from head to toe in blood. He shakes off some congealed blood that has plopped on his foot as he shakes his head. His apron is clutched in his hand, and he shakes it out.

“That is not coming in the car. Put it in the trunk,” I tell him.

“But how will it dry?he whines.

“I gotta grab Logan and Oliver. The kids will freak if they see you like that,” I tell him when a shrtek reaches my ears, and a crowd forms around the old woman.

“Are you itchy?” Liam asks, scratching his b***s. I chuckle, shaking my head when people rush over to the small bakery. Liam glances over there, and so do I and I see the old woman choking. Another woman pats her back frantically, and Liam sighs and shakes his head before

He starts performing the heimlich maneuver on her, which was a sight to see. Everyone scatters as he grabs her. His arms wrapped around her, his n***d a*s tensing as he performed the task. A piece of scone flies from her mouth, and she s***s in a breath before he lets her go. The woman collapses on the ground and Liam clicks his tongue, sitting her up, his junk right in her face. She gasps, her eyes going wide when she realizes his d**k is like an inch off her face. She looks up at him with wide eyes.

Liam winks at her. “I got something you can choke on, love,” he says, blowing her a kiss. She looks at him, appalled, his d**k slapping her cheek as he turns to walk back to the car. I snort and shake my head at him as he leans into the trunk to retrieve some clothes.

He pulls on some shorts and a tank top before moving toward the passenger side, and I jump in the driver’s seat, starting the car. The engine revs loudly as I tear out of the town square, headed for the orphanage. Liam lights a smoke, and I click my fingers at him before he growls, pulling the smoke from between his lips and handing it to me and lighting another. I drawback on the smoke weaving through the streets to get the kids.

“So what do you plan on doing with them, anyway? Since when did you become fatherly?” Liam asks, and I shrug. I never gave much

thought to kids until I met Abbie. Maybe I could keep them? I shake the idea away. Abbie might not want kids. I suppose we would see when I got her back.

“I’m not keeping them,” I tell him.

“So, why are we taking them?”

“Clarice,” I tell him.

“Ah, I see, a fine woman. Too bad she could never have kids. She would have been an excellent mother if she was given the chance at having her own kids,” Liam says.

“Well, she is a mother. She practically raised Kyson and half the servant’s kids, yourself included. Clarice will look after them, and love them.” i tell him, and Liam nods.