Mated To The King’s Gamma by Jessica Hall Chapter 61

Read Mated To The King’s Gamma by Jessica Hall Chapter 61

They growl and snarl, watching him. But the council members were all Lycan, and I felt his aura demand them to submit, forcing them to remain where they were.

“Now, I am willing to let this slide, so back up.” Denali ordered.

“She may be King Kyson’s Queen, but she will be held accountable for her actions,” Denali snarls and Dustin laughs maniacally.

Denali turns his head to look at him as Dustin sits up, his arms still cuffed behind his back. He starts ripping at his handcuffs, once twice, thrice, and I hear his wrists snap and shoulders dislocate before he rolls his shoulders, bringing his hands around to the front, Kendrick runs at him, but Dustin moves quickly, sweeping his legs out from under him and pivoting on his knee, so he was suddenly on Kendricks’s back, his knee pressed to the back of the man’s neck.

“And who are you? Let Kendrick up now,” Mr.Crux growls, dropping me at Denali’s feet. Dustin rebreaks his wrist before gripping Kendricks hair and ripping his head back.

“No, wrong question Denali. The question you should be asking is, who is Azalea? Does her name ring any bells to you?” Dustin sneers.

Denali looks down at me, and Cassandra cowers behind him, clutching the back of his suit jacket. Denali looks at her, shoving her off and making her stumble. She shrieks, landing on her a*s.

Kendrick moves underneath Dustin’s knee, shifting, but Dustin growls before grabbing his head and twisting it so it faces him.

T heave, throwing up as he broke Kendricks’s neck. Dustin then gets to his feet and wipes his hands, pulling the darts from his legs and chest.

“Does the name Azalea Ivy Landeena ring any bells for you,” Dustin asks.

Mr.Crux, Denali, and the other man, Larkin, looked at me where I had collapsed on the ground, my blood was pooling around me, and I struggled to keep my eyes open, Kyson’s presence growing closer the only thing keeping me awake.

“The Landeena’s are d**d,” Denali states, yet he looked unsure as he glanced between Dustin and me. Though I had no idea why my heritage mattered to the council.

“Ask her who her mother is,’ comes Kyson’s voice, my head turns toward him, and he growls when his eyes meet mine. The Lycans standing around us moved out of his way as he marched through the gates. He stalked straight toward Denali, like he was prey before gripping his throat. Denali gasps as Kyson lifts the man bringing him nose to nose with him.

“You dare come into my Kingdom unannounced and attack my Queen,” He roared in his face. Denali grips his hands.

“The law states we can enter;” His words choke out entirely, and his face turns purple as Kyson’s grip tightens. Kyson nods to Dustin, who rushes toward me, pulling me up against him, so I am sitting up.

“Your laws are b******t, and you know it, she told you I ordered her to command them, and you still put your filthy paws on my mate.” Kyson says. Mr. Crux grips Kyson’s shoulder.

“Crux, I will give you two seconds to correct that mistake,” Kyson warns him, and Crux puts his hands up in the air, backing away in surrender, Kyson looks at him.

“You will mind your tongue around my mate, now as I was saying, Denali. You are now being sentenced for treason,” Kyson snarls, letting him go. He falls to the ground at Kyson’s feet, gasping and choking for air, s*****g in huge lungfuls while gripping his throat.

“Treason?” Larkin asks, rushing forward. Kyson growls at him, and he stops d**d in his tracks.

“Now, I would like to introduce my mate,” Kyson says, motioning toward Dustin. Dustin scoops my b****y body up in his arms, and I rest my head on his shoulder. Dustin crouches beside Denali, who lifts his head to look at me, his face flush and red as he gasped.

“Recognize those eyes, Denali?” Kyson asks, and Denali gulps, looking up at him.

“You made the mistake of thinking my mate was just an ordinary Lycan. Now you will be punished for treason and attempted m****r of her majesty Azalea Ivy Landeena, the rightful heir to the Landeena Kingdom. I may fall under council laws, but-”

“How is it possible,” Denali asks, looking to his brother Larkin before looking at Mr.Crux,

“That kingdom fell” Mr. Crux says, stepping forward.

“Yes, and now it rises,” Kyson says, motioning toward all the Lycans on their knees. They all growl, glaring at the council elders. Yet my vision was becoming blurrier as my wounds bled all over Dustin.

“Now, can anyone tell me why the Landeena bloodline is exempt from the council’s laws?” Kyson bellows, looking between the three men.

“My King, I swear had I known,” Denali stutters.

“No one knew. I knew the hunters would come after her. Only those in my castle knew her true identity, and you have not only harmed my

pregnant mate but broke the very laws you are supposed to uphold.” Kyson boomed.

“We were only-” Mr. Crux says but one look from Kyson makes him shut up.

“Looking for a way to punish me, I am not stupid. I know the council has been looking for a reason to take me down for centuries. Had she mentioned who she was, I know you would have k****d her before I got here, but now that I am. Who dares to answer the question I asked?”

Denali swallows, getting to his hands and knees. “Have leniency, I didn’t know who you were,” Denali says, gripping my arm, but Kyson puts his foot on his shoulder and shoves him back while Dustin stands with me, clutching me closer.

“My King, my brother didn’t know. Surely you can’t punish him for such an innocent mistake,” Larkin says, rushing forward to defend his brother. Kyson turns to look at Denali’s brother.

“He should have thought about that before he dares touch the Empress of Alpha’s,” Kyson growls before his foot comes down on Denali’s head as he stomps it. Larkin wailed as Denali’s skull crushed beneath his foot, and Crux ran at Larkin and grabbed him as he rushed toward Kyson. I lurched forward in Dustin’s arms, throwing up as brain matter splattered the ground.

Kyson, ignoring a wailing Larkin, turns his attention to me before taking me from Dustin. “Shh, I got you now,” Kyson whispers, his calling washes over me as he turns to face everyone.

*1 suggest you leave. Enough council members have died. Dustin, take that b***h to the dungeons,” Cassandra screams and tries to run, but Dustin grabs her quickly, and Kyson turns to the rest of the Lycan still on their knees.

“K**l the lot of them,” he says as my head rolls back, and I see what’s left of Cassandra’s pack start running, their screams ring out loudly when Kyson turns on his heel and walks toward the castle.

Kyson lifts me higher, burying his face in my neck, the sparks from his skin soothe the pain coursing through me.

“Hang on, love, I will take care of you,” he purrs.