Omega’s Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 2

Read Omega’s Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 2

Thankfully, I let Thane cook; it was worth giving up my nonexistent chef’s hat for. Besides, if I gave them burnt noodles, it would have left a great impression on my in-laws and probably a bad taste in their mouths.

Dinner was quite pleasant, surprisingly. Leon and Rhen cleared the table, and now with nothing to distract me from speaking with the woman, I kind of wanted to flee, but then Rhen and Leon returned with a cinnamon and custard tart I hadn’t realized Thane also made. And no way was I missing dessert.

Thane snorts when I go to get up but then immediately sit down, seeing dessert. Grabbing my spoon, Elaine gets up, grabbing the bag Raidon retrieved for her, and I freeze. Instead of approaching me, however, she passes it to Raidon, who in turn passes it to me. I let out a breath of relief, knowing that she wouldn’t suffocate me by coming over.

“I got a few things for the baby and also a few sentimental things from when Raidon was a pup,” she tells me, nodding toward the bag.

“Huh?” Raidon says, leaning forward and looking in the bag. His mother slaps his shoulder.

“Let her open it,” she snaps at him, and I undo the ribbon pinching the top of the bag together. Reaching in, I pull out some pink crochet booties and a blanket. The wool is soft in my hands as I hold it up.

“I crocheted that for your little one,” she tells me, and I nod, thanking her. And Raidon pushes his chair back, and I refold it, setting it on his lap, so I don’t ruin it by placing it on the table. Reaching into the bag, I pull out a metal rattle with a teddy bear on it. Leon snorts beside Raidon, and Raidon g****s, making me look at him.

“Don’t you dare,” he hisses at his mother, making me glance at her while Thane tried and failed to contain his laughter on my other side. Charles shakes his head, sitting back in his chair and draping his arm over the back of Elaine’s chair. I looked at Elaine. It was quite heavy for a baby rattle.

“Raidon called that his Bam Bam; he had an obsession with the flintstones when he was a child,” Elaine chuckles, and Raidon growls.

“This was Raidon’s?” I ask her, and she nods, and Rhen snorts, making me look at him questionably.

“Always trying to embarrass me,” Raidon mumbles.

“I think it is sweet,” I tell him.

“Yeah, sweet, when he was a baby, he even took that thing to school,” Thane laughs beside me. I look at Raidon, whose cheeks turn a little red.

“Yep, he took it everywhere with him, had to all but pry it from his hands when he was ten after he smacked his teacher in the head with it,” Charles tells me. “That p***k deserved it, calling my mom a w***e,” Raidon grumbles.

“Hush, you,” she scolds her son before rubbing the side of his face with the back of her hand. “He used to be protective of his momma,” she chuckles. I couldn’t tell, I thought dryly. He still is! Thane snickers watching Raidon grow redder at his mother’s affections.

“I wouldn’t laugh too much, Thane, don’t think I have forgotten how you used to carry around that pink unicorn blanket, barely a piece of scrap left by the time your mother had enough and snuck into your room while you slept and binned it,”

“I was a boy,” he bites back.

“Sixteen is a boy?” she taunts. He huffs and folds his arm across his chest, sitting back. “Your mother had to sneak it to the bin like she was smuggling d***s over the borders. It had holes in it everywhere,” Elaine chuckles.

“It was sentimental,” he huffs.

“Unicorn blanket?” I chuckle, looking at Thane. Thane swallows but says nothing. It was Elaine who answered. “Wait, she doesn’t know?” Elaine asks, looking at Thane. He presses his lips in a line, and I glance at him, and he sighs.

“I had a twin sister. Her name was Scarlett. She died when she was four. The blanket was hers,” he tells me. I s**k in a breath, not expecting such a heavy answer. I was curious to know how she died but knew better than to pry, thinking he would tell me when he wanted to. Leon, I also knew, was a twin.

“Have you got siblings?” I ask Rhen.

“Two brothers, we aren’t close, and they are half brothers,” he tells me, and I look at Raidon.

“Only child,” he answers, and I nod.

“You had a twin too?” Elaine says, looking at Raidon. “Raidon told me about her. You recently reconnected?”

“Yeah, I thought she was d**d,” I tell her. However, it made me wonder if it was genetics for why so many twins were born from Alpha’s genes. Although, I am glad I was only having one because I was already the size of a house.

Turning back to the bag, I find a pink dress and a teddy bear. I thank Elaine for the gesture, and we talk more about baby stuff and appointments. Raidon’s father even goes over my medical charts Thane keeps, and Elaine also goes over my pathology results, telling Thane I was lacking some vitamin that he tells her he will get tomorrow.

When Raidon gets up to help do the dishes, Elaine slides across in his seat beside me. She starts fiddling with the gold bracelets on her wrist. “There is something else I want to give you,” she says, looking up at Thane, he nods to her, and she unclips the bracelet from her wrist along with a matching one which has a few different charms on it from the one she hands me.

It is quite heavy for a bracelet, charms cover one side of it, and I admire the shiny gold.

“I can’t accept this,” I tell her, but she shakes her head. “Hana was going to give it to you. She had the charms rearranged a few weeks before she passed. She told me the other side was for you to fill with your own charms,” she tells me.

“This was Hana’s?” I ask, definitely thinking I can’t keep it. This should go to Thane, not me.

“Yes, she had the bracelet rearranged for Thane’s Omega. She told me she was going to bid in the auctions, find him a mate since he was too stubborn,” she chuckles.

I look at the charms on it when Elaine speaks, showing me hers, which is almost an identical match besides a few different charms.

“All four of us had matching bracelets,” she explains. And I remember Jake telling me how Elaine, Hana, and his mother were all friends. Yet he never mentioned the fourth woman.

“Jake’s mother, Hana, and you?”

“Yes, originally, there were four of us. Me, Hana, Sofia, and Harper. Now only two of us remain. We never found out what happened to Harper. Hana got her out before she was auctioned off or put into rotation,” Elaine tells me.

“These bracelets were all given to us when we were all in the Omega facility together,”

“My father bought them for my mother when he was dating her,” Thane tells me, and I peer at him over my shoulder. “I thought your mother was auctioned?” I tell him. He nods his head.

“My father was one of the main sponsors for the facility. While doing a tour of it, he met her. They dated for a bit,” Thane answers.

“Headmaster Waylen was so mad, scolded her for drawing his attention,” Elaine chuckles.

“Anyway, when she went to auction, he and his mate, who at the time were only partners in business, made sure to be the winning bid,” Elaine chuckles. Raidon comes back in and clears his throat, but I hold up my hand. “No, I want to listen,” I tell him. It helped me understand Elaine better, we weren’t so much different, and I realized I had forgotten that. She ducked her head, staring at her bracelet, and I knew she thought the same about me.

“Anyway, Hana came back for us, she gave us these bracelets, she tried to bid on us, to set us free of the facility, but then politics came into play,”

“And my fathers had just filed bankruptcy. Their business collapsed,” Thane tells me, and Raidon takes a seat beside his mother, and I glance at her husband Charles, who has a somber expression on his face.

Elaine shakes her head and makes a strange noise. “Anyway, after we all left, we decided to get charms to represent each milestone,” she tells me, showing me hers. She pinches a charm between her fingers. A flower, the one in my hand of Hana’s, had the same.

“The flower represents our time in the facility and us blooming, the same facility she got you from Harlow,” she tells me, and I am taken aback. Some strange emotion chokes me hearing that, knowing that we were connected in a way I never imagined possible.

“The carousel represents my three years on rotation before Hana set me free,” she grabs the next one; it is a little birdcage with the door open. “This one represents my mate setting me free of the cage Omega’s are put in when in the system,” The next one was a medical symbol caduceus and a tassel; these two represent my time in medical school and graduating.” The next was a ring, “Me finally marrying Charles, and this one,” she holds up an R. “Is for having Raidon, and this is the last one,” she shows me the charm of a baby. “Hana and I got together. It represents our future grandchild,” she tells me, and I nod, looking down at the same charm on Hana’s bracelet.

Hana’s also had the ring. Also, the letters T and S, which I now know, must represent her children. Elaine leans forward, showing me the other Charms on Hana’s bracelet. One looked like a tiny little mirror. “Hana got this one, said what she sees in the mirror does not define her, she was more than an Omega, she refused to conform,” Elaine tells me before moving to the next one, it was a little book. “This represents the history of Omegas,” she tells me, and my brows furrow.

“History?” Elaine nods. “Yes, we weren’t always s****s to the system. Omegas were celebrated; revered not how it is today,” she tells me. Hana also had a tiny birdcage, and then I saw a little unicorn. “This she got after Scarlett passed,” she moved to the next, and it was a little gavel. “This one was for her fight against the system. She tried everything to get the laws changed,” Elaine tells me, and I peek over at Thane, who is staring at the table.

“And this one?” I ask, holding up the little crown. Elaine smiles sadly. I remember she was happy when she got this one. She was in shock at first,” she whispers.

“What’s it represent?” I ask her.

“Becoming equal to her mates,”

“When she took their serum?” I ask her. Elaine shakes her head.

“No, that didn’t make her equal. The serum doesn’t make you of equal power. This made her more than them. It was an older tradition, one that was long forgotten,”

I tilt my head to look at Thane. “I told you my mother was their equal.”

“I thought you meant the serum,” I whisper, and he shakes his head.

“This one represents something more than the serums, more than marriage ever could,” Elaine tells me.

“It takes a very strong Alpha to do that. It’s not in our nature. It goes against everything that makes us Alpha,” Charles chimes in, smiling sadly at his wife. “I have never expected it of you,” she tells him, and he nods while I turn my attention back to her.

“This one was to represent her becoming their Luna,” she tells me.

“Luna?” I ask. It wasn’t a word I was familiar with. Elaine nods her head, but it is Thane who answers.

“My fathers submitted to her. She became the Alpha,” Thane tells me, and I didn’t even think that was possible, it went against nature and instinct, so I understood what Charles meant by his words. “It also caused an uproar when the city realized they would now be answering to a woman in charge,” Elaine tells me.