Punished by His Love By Suzie Chapter 18

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The man on the other end of the line, Hayes, was a thug that worked this part of South City. All the d***y jobs before and after Sabrina’s imprisonment were operated entirely by Hayes.

The Lynn family had engaged with Hayes more than once.

Selene thought she might as well go big this time.

The Lynn family did not want to take Sabrina’s life before Selene and Sebastian’s wedding initially. They were afraid it would cause a huge trouble, and the wedding would be affected, but there was also another reason. Selene wanted to personally deliver the news to Sabrina that all the happiness she got was exchanged with Sabrina’s body.

Selene wanted to make Sabrina furious.

However, Selene could not care any less now.

She wanted Sabrina to d*e!

She wanted her d**d immediately.

On the other end, Hayes asked for ten million dollars at one go.

Selene was shocked, “Hayes! Your appetite is too big, no?”

Hayes, however, let out a peal of wicked laughter. “I know who the person you wanted me to take care of is. I would not only help you do a clean job but I would also let her have a terrible end. Your hatred would be resolved then, wouldn’t it? Also, if you are willing to, you could witness it yourself how I torture her. Don’t you think it’s worth the price I named?”

Selene agreed on the spot. “Alright. If it takes ten million, then ten million it is.”

Although that sum was not a small sum for the Lynn family, Selene thought about how she would be married to Sebastian soon and become the woman of the house in the Ford family, so Selene felt that ten million was not a problem at all.

After she made an agreeable arrangement with Hayes, Selene hung up the phone and sneered to herself. “Sabrina! Everything that was supposed to belong to you is mine, mine! You have completed your mission, so you should go to h**l, go d*e!”

Selene glanced back viciously towards Cloudella Restaurant, then quickly left. Sabrina happened to be pushing Grace in a wheelchair out of the restaurant.

“Mom, could you come home to stay today?” Sabrina asked. She knew that it was impossible, but she still had to ask.

Grace’s illness was so serious that even if she came to the wedding, she had to be accompanied by the medical staff, and the doctor only allowed her to come out for three hours. After three hours, she immediately had to go back to the ward.

Grace shook her head with a smile on her face, “Silly girl, today is your wedding day with Sebastian. You should be spending a good time with him alone, so how could I be the third wheel? I would have the medical staff accompany me back to the hospital so that I would be fine. You and Sebastian go straight home.”

“Okay, Mom.” Sabrina watched Grace as she got in the car. She kept her eyes on her until the car drove away. When she turned around again, Sebastian was already nowhere to be found.

Sabrina could not help but had a dejected smile.

It was only a deal, after all.

He was doing it all to please his mother.

On the other hand, Sabrina was doing it because Grace was the only warmth in her world.

Regardless of what misunderstandings Sebastian had towards her, no matter how harsh or cold, she would accompany Grace to walk through her last journey of life.

Sabrina dragged her floor-length wedding dress through the hall and headed for the dressing room. A group of attendants looked at her with a strange gaze. Sabrina rushed to the dressing room, but she did not see her clothes she had changed out of.

An attendant approached her and asked, “What are you looking for?”

“I…Where are my clothes?” Sabrina asked.


“A black pencil skirt and white blouse that was slightly d***y…”

“Oh, that? We thought it was trash, so we threw it out.”

Sabrina was speechless.

How could she leave and take the bus without changing into casual wear?

She could not just take the bus in a wedding dress and crystal heels, right?

She took her phone out to call Sebastian, but he did not answer.

Sabrina sat alone in the hall in her wedding dress, not knowing where to go.

An hour ago, she was the beautiful bride that everyone envied, but now, like Selene, she had become a joke in the restaurant.

She picked up her phone and typed a text to Sebastian. [Are you not going to let me go back to your place? Please advise.]

Sebastian did not reply to the text.

Sabrina waited for two whole hours in the restaurant.

It was getting dark, and it looked like she had to take the bus in her wedding dress to get back to Sebastian’s place. When she was about to get up, a polite voice said, “Miss Scott, Master Sebastian had something to attend to, so he had already left. I would be responsible for sending you back.”

After seeing the arrival of Kingston─ Sebastian’s assistant─ Sabrina finally said with a sense of relief, “Mm.”

When she got back to Sebastian’s place, the living room was quiet, so she guessed that he had already gone to bed.

Sabrina was about to go back to her bedroom and change out of her wedding dress when she suddenly saw the emerald green bracelet Grace had put on her wrist.

This bracelet should be worth quite a lot of money. Sabrina would never be so naive to think that Sebastian would give this bracelet to her. She took the bracelet off, stood outside Sebastian’s bedroom door, and knocked, but there was no sound inside.

Sabrina knocked again, but the door opened by itself.

Sabrina pushed further the door and looked. Sebastian was not in the bedroom.

He had not come back yet.

Sabrina guessed that Sebastian should be at the Lynn’s to comfort Selene at the moment. She would turn around and leave, but she felt that a valuable bracelet like this should be returned to him for storage as soon as possible. She walked in and put the bracelet on Sebastian’s bedside table. When she returned to the door to go out, Sabrina realized that the door would not open.

She panicked for a moment.

She tilted her head to investigate where the concealed lock on the door handle was but could not find it.

The door is no different from an ordinary room door and the door handle also had no concealed lock, but why wouldn’t it open?

She pushed and pulled hard. The door would not budge when she pressed on the door handle hard too.

Sabrina was all sweaty but she still could not open it in the end.

She could only return to Sebastian’s bedside table. She wanted to pull the drawer open to see if there was a key or door card. However, as she pulled the drawer open, a shiny dagger suddenly shot out of the drawer and flew straight in her direction.

“Ah…” Sabrina was so shocked and terrified, and the colors drained from her face.

However, nothing dangerous happened. The dagger only touched Sabrina’s body and then automatically bounced back.

The dagger was stuck to the wall, and there was a line above it.

Sabrina only realized what was written above after she paid close attention to it. ‘The first time was only a false alarm. If you dared to move anything in the room again, you would be hacked to d***h.’

Sabrina was frightened. She broke out in a cold sweat, and could not even stand still. She hardly recovered from the initial shock and wanted to hold the bed for support, but she quickly drew her hand back in fear when she almost touched the blanket.

She did not dare to touch anything and could only cower in the corner next to the door.

She thought she was done for.

Sebastian would not let her go when he returned, even if the hidden weapons in Sebastian’s room did not hack her to d***h.

She cowered in the corner as she hugged her knees, and she fell asleep without realizing it.

Sebastian─ who returned late at night─ came to the bedroom door and immediately noticed that someone had touched his door. Sebastian was alarmed and immediately pushed it open, and then he saw the woman cowering in the corner.