Punished by His Love By Suzie Chapter 19

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Why would she be in the bedroom?

A bloodthirsty cold light flashed in Sebastian’s eyes.

After the wedding, he received an urgent phone call from Old Master Ford─ Henry Ford─ asking him to return.

Old Master Ford was 96 years old, and even though he had retired from his position as the head of the Ford family for almost 40 years, the Old Master was still an authoritative presence in the Ford family.

Similar to a king’s father.

A month or so ago, when Sebastian took control of the Ford Group in one fell swoop and eradicated all the hidden troubles, the old man gave him an order.

“Sebastian, since you have eradicated all the hindrances, then you should not take out the ones that are left behind anymore. If you could promise grandpa, I would never interfere with your affairs in the future.” Henry said. It was partly an order but also partly a plea.

Sebastian replied with a cold and dark expression, “Yes!”

Sebastian took charge of the Ford’s in the past two months, and the old man had never intervened in his matters.

However, when the wedding finished today and even before he had time to send his mother back to the hospital, the old man urgently asked him to return.

Sebastian thought that the old man had heard about his marriage, but when he arrived at the mansion, he saw his cousin, Nigel Conor, the son of Sebastian’s second paternal aunt, at the mansion. Nigel was seeking help from Henry.

“Sebastian, you had promised me that you would not eradicate anyone anymore,” Old Master Ford said as soon as he opened his mouth.

Henry had witnessed how vicious this grandson of his could be in the past two months.

“Sebastian… I, I really did not know she was your woman. I saw her wearing a bunch of rags and moving bricks on the construction site. I thought she was a pitiful little girl from the countryside… Forgive me, Sebastian, please?” Nigel’s legs were trembling, teeth were chattering, and his tongue was tied.

Nigel was unsure that Sebastian would not shoot him on the spot even if he used his grandpa help him plead to Sebastian.

He had ideas for Sebastian Ford’s woman!

The thought of it was simply asking for d***h.

Sebastian ruffled Nigel’s hair and said, “Nigel, help aunt and uncle manage the company more in the future. If you keep having the company of so many women at such a young age, your body would sooner or later be hollowed out!”

His cousin’s words were cold and solemn, but Nigel understood his meaning of pardon.

Nigel was so grateful that he wanted to kneel before Sebastian, “Thank you, thank you, Sebastian, for the kindness of sparing my life.”

“Sebastian, what was the matter with that woman Nigel was talking about?” Old Master Ford asked with a poker face, “I don’t intervene with your affairs, but you couldn’t just bring any random woman home! Your family should meet the woman you would like to marry, right?”

“The woman was a consolation to my mother before she passes,” Sebastian told the old man truthfully.

“After your mother’s funeral, you must cut all ties with this woman,” the old man said with an expressionless face.

“Mm,” Sebastian replied briefly.

“Your grandmother had not seen you for more than a month. Stay for a meal and then go back!” The old man said with a tone that indicated it was non-negotiable.

Sebastian received a text from Sabrina during dinner. He then remembered that Sabrina was still in the restaurant. He immediately asked his assistant, Kingston, to pick her up.

However, Sabrina was unexpectedly in his bedroom.

His bedroom was also the family room, which was connected to the study and the large terrace. The family room was full of secret security mechanisms. If someone barged in and touched anything, the first touch would result in a warning.

If the person touched the second time, the result would be a tragic d***h.

Moreover, the bedroom door was installed conversely to the average door. Any strangers could easily enter if they wanted to, as it would only take a push to come in.

If the person wanted to exit the room, it would be impossible.

It was like catching fish with a trap.

What exactly was this woman’s intention for him? How dared she broke into his bedroom when he was not home?

Sebastian’s perception of her would be refreshed every time he dealt with her.

He squatted in front of her and looked at her with a bone-chilling gaze.

Sabrina was still cowering in the corner, and the wedding dress was still on. Sebastian had to admit that this wedding dress suited Sabrina very well. The shallow V-neck design on the front and back outlined her faintly discernible beautiful back. Her shoulder blades were clearly visible as Sabrina was too thin.

Her short bob visually lengthened her slender pearly neck, and as she was in a position where she was half lying on her hands, her nape along with her exposed back formed an extremely beautiful arc.

The X-shaped design on the waistline of the dress cinched her waist into a prominent tiny waist that looked almost too delicate. Sebastian subconsciously spread his hand to have a look, and he then estimated that there would still be space in his hands even if he pinched her waist with both of his hands.

She hugged her knees in her arms, and her chin was resting on the back of her hands. She closed her eyes and fell asleep with tears hanging at the corner of her eyes. There was a difference in her when she was asleep compared to when she was awake. She was not as calm and composed when she was asleep.

She looked more like a panicking helpless child instead.

Those pearly teardrops, flustered eyelashes, and her slightly contracted eyebrows indicated that she was in fear.

This reminded Sebastian of that night more than a month ago. The body language Selene expressed that night was also this.

Sebastian subconsciously swallowed a little, and his protruding Adam’s apple rolled slightly.

Suddenly, he remembered that the person in front of her was not Selene.

She was a woman who sought trouble by taking advantage of his absence to barge into his bedroom.

Sebastian raised his large hand, fiercely pinched Sabrina’s chin without hesitation, and forced her to raise her head.

Sabrina was having a nightmare.

She had lost her parents, was penniless, and was being chased by a group of villains.

“Please let me go, okay? Let me give birth to my child and find a good family for him to be adopted, then you guys could k**l me, please…” She bitterly begged the other party in her dream.

The other party only smiled eerily at her.

They forced and closed in on her step by step.

She was violently pushed off the cliff by the leader of the villains the moment she shed tears of despair.

“Ah…” Sabrina woke up in pain.

When she woke up, she saw Sebastian’s cold, sharp, and deep gaze staring at her. “Talk! Why did you break into my room?! Are you looking for d***h?”

Sebastian’s tight pinch on her chin was so painful that her tears fell out.

“I…” Her eyelashes were covered in cloudy mist from her fearful tears. “I…The bracelet your mother gave me was expensive. I didn’t feel comfortable leaving it in the living room, so I wanted to…knock on the door to return it to you, I…only knocked lightly and the door opened by itself, I…”

Before she fell asleep, she already knew she would d*e today, no matter what.

She felt a deep sorrow in her heart.

What did she do wrong?

She needed to live on the charity of others for eight years, imprisoned for someone else’s mistakes, defiled by someone, and have a baby by some freak mistake. Although the child was a result of the unmentionable incident, the child was still the only biological family she had, so she wanted to give birth and spend the rest of her life with the baby. However, God would not even give her this opportunity.

Sabrina desperately looked at Sebastian. The original pitiful and helpless little face suddenly became as cold and bland as ever. “I’m at your disposal.”

The man let go of her chin, bent over and dragged her up by the waist. Her footing was unstable, so without thinking it, both her hands were wrapped around his neck.

The man’s lips slowly approached her.

Sabrina could smell a nice tobacco fragrance, instantly blushed, and her hands subconsciously pushed him away, “No…”