Punished by His Love By Suzie Chapter 20

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“Listen!” The man’s low mellow, and cold voice articulated the following few words. “Barge into my room without permission again, you’re d**d!”

Sabrina looked like a lost deer, her long curly eyelashes fluttered rapidly, and she nodded her head with all her might.

The man turned around and picked up the emerald green bracelet from the bedside table. He then carried Sabrina, pushed the door open, entered Sabrina’s room and placed her down. After that, he put the bracelet back on her wrist and said, “Wear it tomorrow to visit my mother, she would be happier.”

“I…got it.” Her tiny and faint voice was caught in her throat as she answered him warily.

The man turned around and left.

Sabrina then flew to have the room door closed and leaned her whole weight on the door. Her legs no longer have the strength to support her, so she dropped onto the floor and breathed heavily.

She felt like she had walked through the gates of h**l.

Fortunately, it was just a false alarm.

After she calmed herself down, she took off her wedding dress and crystal heels, and washed up before going to bed.

The following day was going to be her first day at work, so she must be in good shape.

Sabrina got up early and went to visit Grace the next morning. She deliberately showed Grace the bracelet with a bashful expression on her face.

Grace was indeed happy to see it.

Sabrina accompanied her to talk for a while and then wanted to leave. “Mom, I have to go to work today, so I couldn’t accompany you, but I would see you again in the evening.”

“Sabbie, you are only on your second day of marriage, why are you going to work?” Grace asked, puzzled.

Sabrina pretended to be angry and said, “Mom! Who told you to swoop in and gave me a wedding without telling me first? I’ve just found a job, and it’s architectural design, which is what I like, and you know it’s my dream too.”

“Alright, alright, alright, I congratulate you for finding a job you like, go to work and remember to come and talk to mom after work,” Grace replied in a very doting tone.

Sabrina went to report to her new company without any problems.

As Nigel─ who sent her back yesterday─said, after Sabrina arrived, the leader of the design department sent her to a construction site in the suburbs in South city. The person said it was to allow Sabrina to adapt for a while, but Sabrina was sent there to do odd jobs on the site in reality.

However, Sabrina was extremely happy.

She was on a salary of an Architectural Assistant, which was a much higher pay than general workers on site. As long as she worked for a full month, she would be able to get her salary, and then she could do a second pregnancy check. She would also have enough to pay for a ticket back to her hometown to investigate her mother’s cause of d***h.

Therefore, Sabrina did not care how tough the work would be.

Sabrina worked odd jobs at the construction site for three consecutive days.

She had to make a trip to visit Grace every morning, went for her manual work during the day, and revisit Grace after work. Hence, after three consecutive days, she was so tired that she did not want to eat dinner and fell asleep the minute she laid in bed.

When she woke up the next day, she realized that her time to leave the house was nearly an hour later than yesterday. Sabrina quickly got up to clean up, and ran straight to catch the bus to the hospital. At the hospital, she could only spend a little time with Grace before heading to the construction site.

She got off the bus and ran to the construction site at full speed to not be late and leave an initial good impression on her boss.

When she was almost at the place, she collided with a stranger.

“Sorry, I’m sorry, I’m in a hurry,” Sabrina hastily apologized and left in a hurry.

The man she bumped was Hayes.

Hayes looked at Sabrina’s back with a sinister smile on his face. “I’ve been looking for you for a few days, and I can’t believe I bumped into you here!”

Hayes followed Sabrina and watched her get to work on the construction site before he took out his phone to call Selene. “Miss Lynn, I’ve found the person you wanted, guess what she’s doing? She’s working as a construction worker on the site, and that’s the kind of work for roughnecks! Are you sure she’s the one who’s stealing your husband?”

Selene sneered in triumph. “Sabrina is working odd jobs on the construction site? Haha! I’m laughing my *ss off! She indeed wants to steal my husband and ruin my happiness, but how would it be possible for my fiancé to fall in love with her?”

“Do you still want her life then?” Hayes asked.

“Of course I do! Not only do I want her life, but I also have to play some tricks on her. Didn’t you tell me last time that you could let me watch you torture her with my own eyes?” Selene hummed a light-hearted tune and asked Hayes.

“As long as the money is in place, say the word, and you could torture her however you want!” Hayes said.

“That would be a real treat, hehe!” Selene felt extremely contented.

Since Sabrina was just a tool that Sebastian used to console his mother, Selene’s desire to inform Sabrina of the truth before she died became even stronger.

She would soon be able to see Sabrina’s surprised, angered, painful, discontented yet helpless face.


Sabrina was waiting for the bus after work when she was snatched away in a van without a license plate. The van took Sabrina to an abandoned warehouse before undoing the cover on her head.

Sabrina was terrified.

The nightmare that she had in Sebastian’s bedroom a few days ago came true, and a gang of vicious people kidnapped her.

The man that seemed like the head of the group was a dark and rough skinned man. He looked like those villains who b****d, k****d, and robbed at first glance. The man reached out to snatch the bracelet off Sabrina’s wrist, then said to his men, “Don’t touch her!”

“Boss, she is going to be d**d anyway, why don’t you let us have some fun with her?’’ one of the men lewdly begged.

When she heard those words, Sabrina closed her eyes in despair, and two rows of tears slipped down her cheeks.

“I would definitely let you guys have a good time, but this woman is still our goods now. Let Miss Lynn come and see with her own eyes. Afterwards, you guys could dispose of it. Whoever dared to touch this thing, even a little, would be doomed!” Hayes ordered.

“Yes, Boss Hayes!” No one under his command dared to disobey Hayes.

After he gave his orders, Hayes took the bracelet out to inquire about the price. He then found out the bracelet was worth several millions after inquiring clearly.

The person at the jewelry store did not even ask where it came from, and wanted to acquired it in cash.

Hayes immediately sold the bracelet to avoid unnecessary troubles from the delays.

However, Hayes never would have expected that after he left, the store that acquired the bracelet immediately contacted Sebastian. “Master Sebastian, the bracelet has emerged, and we have placed a tracker on the person who sold it. We should be able to find Miss Scott if we follow him.”

“Keep an eye on him! I’ll be right there!” Sebastian ordered over the phone with an incomparably cold tone.

This time, he must have Sabrina dismembered into a million pieces!

After he hung up, Sebastian took his assistant along with some of his best men and followed Hayes to the abandoned warehouse. They had the warehouse surrounded from all corners, and then they entered stealthily.

At this time, Selene was angrily staring at the test result in her hands inside the warehouse. After she finished reading it, she viciously threw Sabrina a slap. “D*mn! You were actually pregnant! Sabrina, you should be d*mned!”

Selene retrieved this test result from Sabrina’s bag.

Sabrina was tied to a concrete pillar. Her tears of unparalleled despair flowed down her pale little face. “Thanks to the Lynn family, I am pregnant.”

Selene suddenly burst out a peal of gleeful and reckless laughter. “Sabrina, let me tell you whose child you are pregnant with, okay? Why don’t you have a guess first?”