Punished by His Love By Suzie Chapter 22

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Sabrina buried herself in Sebastian’s chest in fear. Her whole body was shivering. She knew how vicious Sebastian was, but she has never witnessed it with her own eyes. Today, she finally experienced how unwaveringly vicious this man could be.

However, those people deserved it.

Nothing to pity about.

Sabrina, on the other hand, was almost tortured and k****d by Selene.

Sabrina, who was lying on Sebastian’s shoulder, slowly raised her head and looked at Selene with extremely innocent eyes.

Sabrina was sent to the hospital, and the doctor said after the examination, “Only soft tissue contusions were sustained, nothing serious.”

Sabrina breathed a sigh of relief, and her fears that were at an extreme level gradually calmed down. She had been kidnapped for several days, so she wondered how Grace was in the past few days.

“Mr. Ford, thank you for saving me. Is Aunt Grace…okay?” Sabrina looked at Sebastian gratefully and asked.

“Not good!”

Sabrina said, “…Aunt Grace… What’s wrong?”

“In the intensive care unit,” Sebastian said with a plain expression.

Recently, Sabrina visited and took care of Grace at the hospital every day, and Grace had already gotten used to it. Suddenly, Sabrina was not around anymore, so Grace’s illness got worse. Grace’s body that had been gradually getting weaker, became even worse that she almost died.

Sebastian initially thought Sabrina was driven by her greed and sold the emerald green bracelet and ran away with the money after she received the bracelet. Therefore, he initially planned to find and shred her into a million pieces.

However, he never expected that Sabrina was kidnapped by Selene.

“Aunt Grace, Is she…still alive? Is she still alive?” Sabrina agitatedly grabbed Sebastian’s hands and said, “Please, please take me to see Aunt Grace, I want to see Aunt Grace now.”

Sebastian took Sabrina to the intensive care unit. Through the glass, Sabrina could see that Grace was covered with tubes and was in a coma.

Sabrina’s face was covered in tears.

She had no family in this world, and Grace was the only warmth in her heart. She did not expect that she was also this important to Grace, for her disappearance made Grace’s condition more aggravated.

“Aunt Grace… I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry… Aunt Grace you must wake up, must wake up, let me take care of you again for a while, okay? I had no other family. My mother is also d**d, Aunt Grace…” Sabrina sobbed uncontrollably.

Behind her, Sebastian’s assistant─ Kingston─ could not help but felt moved. “Master Sebastian, after observing for some time, I felt that this…woman does not look like someone who approached Madam on purpose. I visited and interviewed many female prisoners after Sabrina got out of prison, and they all said that this woman indeed had a very good relationship with Madam when they were in prison. On the contrary…”

Kingston looked at Sebastian’s expressions and continued. “On the contrary, Miss Selene could unexpectedly do that kind of thing. If you arrived one second later, this woman, Sabrina, may have been…”

Kingston’s words stopped mid-sentence.

Sebastian looked ahead with no expressions and said after a while, “Go and find out what is the relationship between Sabrina and the Lynn family.”

“Yes, Master Sebastian.” Kingston left after he received the order.

Sebastian turned around and saw Sabrina was still standing outside the intensive care unit to wait. She was still crying.

At that moment, the doctor came out and said, “The patient is conscious.”

Sabrina was frozen at first but she immediately rushed into the intensive care unit, lunged at Grace’s bedside and shouted eagerly, “Mom, mom, mom…”

Grace gradually opened her eyes and saw that it was Sabrina in front of her. She immediately shouted in surprise, “Sabbie, you…Where had you been?”