Punished by His Love By Suzie Chapter 25

Read Punished by His Love By Suzie Chapter 25

The call was from Henry.

The old man’s tone was both commanding and consultative, “Sebastian, since you said that woman was there to console your mother, your grandma and I decided to arrange a casual family banquet this weekend. The girls of age from the noble and distinguished families of both South City and Kidon City would also come to the banquet…”

“I’m not going!” Sebastian mercilessly refused before the old man could finish his words.

The old man on the other end had no choice but to soften his tone even more. “Sebastian, don’t hang up the phone so quickly. Could you let grandpa finish words?”

Sebastian did not respond.


“I’m listening!”

“When it comes to the Ford family business matters, I would not intervene. However, I am already 96 years old this year, you couldn’t let me d*e before seeing you married and have children before that, right? If you take a fancy to one of the girls who would be coming to the banquet, then that would definitely be the best, but if you do not have any person you like, I would not force you.” The old man was almost pleading to Sebastian towards the end of his sentence.

Sebastian took a look at Selene, who was still drenched in the rain, and replied indifferently, “Fine.”

After he hung up, he said to Selene, “Prepare yourself in these few days and follow me to the Ford family to meet my grandpa this weekend.”

Selene’s surprised eyes lit up. “Master Sebastian, you… What did you say? You want me to go to the Ford family with you…”

“Yes, follow me to the Ford family to meet my elders,” Sebastian said, still without expression.

He was not going to pick any woman.

In his lifetime, it would be impossible for Sebastian to form profitable connections through marriages. It would be even more impossible for him to pick any girls from respected families.

His wife in this life could only be Selene, even if they did not have feelings for each other.

However, there was a sense of responsibility.

Sebastian would not let the woman he had slept with be like his mother, who had to be with his father but remained unrecognized and anonymous in her lifetime.

Since it could only be Selene in this lifetime, he should take Selene to meet the elders. He could also k**l any ideas the women who came to the party had on him.

“Meeting the elders, I’m really going to meet Sebastian’s elders. Hehe, so happy.” Selene muttered to herself. She had already forgotten that Sebastian was in front of her and she was still in the rain. She muttered to herself, “What would I wear? I must be the most well-dressed. I want to crush those women who would steal my husband!”

Selene suddenly remembered Sebastian was still in front of her while muttering, so she immediately shut up again. She then said to Sebastian in an ingratiating manner, “Master Sebastian, you can rest assured, I would definitely dress modestly and elegantly this weekend, and would never bring you shame. Also, I would always remember that I am Sebastian Ford’s woman. I would do as I am told! See you, Master Sebastian.”

With that, Selene dived into the rain again.

“Stand still!” Sebastian shouted in a clear voice.

He was going to tell her to wait and let the driver take her back. She was his fiancé, so of course, he could not let her go back in the rain.

However, Selene immediately turned around and looked at Sebastian with surprise. “Master Sebastian, did you want to ask me about Sabrina?”

Sebastian replied, “Hmm?”

“You had told me to be obedient, so I didn’t dare to tell you. However, me being your fiance, I still needed to remind you that Sabrina had already been misbehaving since she was in school. She spent all day fooling around with people in bars. As a result, an older man took a fancy to her and wanted to take advantage of her. She then k****d that man by mistake, which led to her imprisonment.”

“Later, when she was in jail, she also misbehaved…” Selene deliberately stopped the words halfway.

She was observing Sebastian’s expression.

Sebastian’s expression was calm and unreadable.

Selene continued, “She must have an agenda for approaching your mother. You must not let her deceive you… I…I also knew that for men, especially such a powerful man like you, having a few women around is normal, I would not be jealous.”

“However, Sabrina is really filthy, and her private life is very messy. I’m afraid she is not good for your health.”

“Master Sebastian…”

Sebastian had a calm face.