Punished by His Love By Suzie Chapter 26

Read Punished by His Love By Suzie Chapter 26

Sabrina called out again, “Master Sebastian…

Sebastian picked up his phone and dialed a set of numbers. “Kingston, come over and send Miss Lynn home right away.

Selene was speechless.

After he hung up, Sebastian said coldly and mercilessly, “Wait here, Kingston would be here in three minutes and he would send you home.”

He went into the elevator himself, pressed the [Up] button, and the elevator closed.

Selene was left stunned and alone in the rain.

Three minutes later, Kingston came. He backed up the car to the front of Selene, wound the window down and shouted, “Miss Lynn, get in quickly, don’t get wet.”

“Are you a d**d man?” Selene’s expression immediately changed.

Kingston looked puzzled.

“I am the fiancé of Master Sebastian. As his driver, shouldn’t you come down, open the door for me, and then bend your legs for me as a carriage step?”

Kingston was speechless.

After a few seconds, Kingston got out of the car without saying a word. He opened the door, then bent one of his knees and respectfully said, “Miss Lynn, please get in.”

Selene then arrogantly said, “That’s more like it!”

After everything that happened this night, Selene understood that Sebastian would take her as his wife no matter what she did wrong.

This is because Sebastian firmly believed that she was the woman who used her innocence to save his life that night.

Would it not be a piece-of-cake if she wanted to crush Sabrina in the future with this trump card?


Selene happily rode home in Kingston’s car.

On the other hand, Sebastian went upstairs. He opened the door, and when he passed by the bathroom from the entrance, Sabrina happened to exit the bathroom at the same time.

A refreshing smell that came out of the bath rushed to his nostrils.

The kind body foam and shampoo were cheap in quality, but both were light and clean types. They were not pungent but were easy to the nose instead.

Sabrina was wrapped in a white bath towel and dried her wet hair with another dry towel on her hands. She did not see Sebastian, and she continued to walk in the direction of the bedroom, then she bumped into Sebastian.

She even stepped on Sebastian’s shoes with one foot.

“Ah…” Sabrina was shocked and she panicked. “You…You…Weren’t you back in your own room? Didn’t your room have… all the facilities? Why…why did you come out?”

She was most afraid of meeting Sebastian.

She had been intentionally drying her body off the first past times in order not to meet with him.

However, she had not bathed for several days because of the kidnapping and really smelled, so she took a longer time in the bathroom.

She had never expected to bump into Sebastian again.

Sabrina was so incoherent that she forgot that her bathrobe had dropped, and Sebastian was surveying her with a sullen and cold face.

The first thing that came into view was the several glaring bruises and ligature marks on her delicate and slender arms.

There were bruises on her chest, back, legs, and everywhere. Those ligature marks that were present on her soft skin suddenly made Sebastian have a kind of impulse.

Sabrina also realized that her bathrobe fell at the same time. She used her hands to cover herself and screamed suddenly, “Ah…!”